Under Eye Light FillerUnder eye darkness is one of the most common aesthetic problems today. No matter how healthy our diet is, sometimes it is impossible to avoid under eye darkness. Under eye darkness is not only women’s, but also men’s nightmare. Dark circles under the eye are treated with  filler and people are given a more confident look. Under eye filler lightens up the area around eyes and makes patients look healthier and more energetic. Under eye bags can also be treated with under eye filler. If you think the problems around the eye make you look tired and older, when you look at the mirror, it is time to get an under eye light filler procedure. With a tiny touch, you will look more energetic, younger and dynamic.

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What is Under Eye Filler?

Before introducing the under-eye filler, let’s check why under eye darkness is formed. Particularly after the age 25, under eye circles are seen in one in every two people. The reason for the darkness around the eyes may be insufficient sleep, vitamin deficiency, malnutrition, alcohol consumption and smoking. For some, on the other hand, under eye darkness is completely genetic.  It is very difficult to treat under eye darkness in a short time with natural methods. It will take long for under eye darkness to disappear, even if you change your lifestyle.

You can use today’s most effective methods to get rid of the under-eye darkness. Under eye filler consists of hyaluronic acid filler and multi vitamin complex. Hyaluronic acid affects and removes bags and darkness around eyes. Multi vitamin component, on the other hand, makes renewed cells to be permanent for a long time, and extends the life of filler application.

To Whom Can Under Eye Filler be Applied?

Under eye filler aims at treating under eye darkness, bags and dark circles.  These under eye problems are not associated with aging. Young people may also have under eye darkness. For this reason, under eye filler can be said to be fit for everyone. Anyone with under eye darkness and circles can get under eye light filler application. Under eye darkness makes you look more tired and paler than you actually are. If your friends keep asking you ‘Are you sick? You look pale, are you okay?’, then it is time for you to get an under-eye filler application.

Under Eye FillerHow Does the Under Eye Filler Work?

Because the under-eye filler is a new concept, there is much info pollution. With the effect of aging, our facial bones move backwards. When facial bones move backwards, fat around the eye reduces and the orbital septum protecting that fat is pushed towards barriers. This change brought along by aging leads to slight hollows under the eye. Hollows under the eye make these areas look more shadowy. For this reason, after the age 30, we start to notice that our under eye looks darker in photos.

Under eye filler application fills these hollows and removes the shade or darkness under the eye. It makes eyes look brighter. At the same time, it removes small bags under the eyes.

How is the Under Eye Filler Applied?

Under eye filler is different from the normal filler application. Filler is not applied under the skin, but on to the bone. Gradual application of the filler will create a more natural result. Anesthetic gel is applied before the application for patients to feel minimum pain. With its tiny injection needles, under eye light filler application is completed within 10 minutes.

How Much Does Under Eye Filler Cost?

For Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website.  Therefore, for Under Eye Filler Cost, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact our polyclinic and get information on our under-eye filler application prices.

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