Q Switch Laser Q Switch laser method is a technology that can be used mostly in the treatment of tattoo removal, sunspots, freckles, age spots and all other types of stains, as well as in pore and blackhead cleaning with carbon peeling, drying acne, triggering collagen, equalizing skin tone and hair yellowing.

The most important organ that affects the appearance of person is the skin. Temporary or permanent damage to the surface of the skin, i.e. skin defects, leads to dissatisfaction with the appearance of the person. Skin problems are among the most disturbing health problems of the person. Skin blemishes, acne and acne scars, which usually increase in old age, and sunspots that occur with excessive sun exposure disrupt the inequality in the skin tone and cause imperfections on the skin that we are not satisfied with. Today, with the ever-developing medical technologies, new treatment methods have emerged for the elimination of skin problems, as has occurred in many other areas. One of these treatments is Q Switch laser therapy. In the Q Switch laser method, laser beams are activated and it is aimed to eliminate skin defects.

In the Q Switch laser process, laser beams are applied only to the damaged area. Thus, the areas around the treatment area are not affected by the procedure. In this procedure, anesthetic cream is applied to minimize pain, and cooling application can also be used during the procedure. Sessions usually last between 10-15 minutes. Session intervals, duration and number vary depending on the skin structure, color and width of the treatment area.

What is Q Switch laser?

Q Switch is a laser technology. The most important difference from other laser applications is that it is mostly used in tattoo removal processes and in the treatment of skin blemishes. Q-Switch laser beams act directly on the damaged area. This system is a system designed to cure many skin problems thanks to its 1064/532 nm wavelength, 3 different heads and various operating modes. Safety is optimal with the Q-Switch laser. It produces high quality laser beams.

What are Q Switch laser usage areas?

Q Switch laser technology is widely used in tattoo removal and skin blemishes treatment. However, it is preferred in other fields as well. The items listed below reflect other application areas of this method:

  • Skin rejuvenation treatment (in this treatment method, it is aimed to increase collagen production in order to eliminate the signs of aging.)
  • It is often used in the treatment of skin blemishes. (Age spots, sun spots, birthmarks, nevus of ota and nevus of ito, Mongolian spots, freckles, light brown spots called cafe-au-lait)
  • Tattoo removal operations.
  • Carbon peeling process
  • Feather bleaching process

Where is Q Switch laser applied?

Q Switch laser is a widely preferred treatment method especially in birthmarks and subsequent blemishes, tattoo removal processes and acne scar treatment. Laser technologies are very successful in tightening the pores on the skin. By heating the collagen tissues under the skin with the Q Switch laser, the renewal of the collagen is triggered and helps the skin to have a healthier and younger appearance. Q Switch laser average session intervals usually last 1-4. Applying between 6 and 10 sessions is sufficient for most people. However, there may be an exceptional situation in the treatment of birthmarks.

Q-Switch laser technology is also useful for yellowing fine but dark hairs. However, a slight stinging sensation may occur during the application, but this will pass quickly. Feather bleaching does not leave any stains on your skin. The area where the hair bleaching process is applied the most is the face. In addition, the arms, chest and back are among the most preferred areas. An immediate effect is observed after the procedure, but this process is not permanent. It was observed that the yellowing effect decreased after about 1-1.5 months, it may be necessary to do it again.

Is it possible to completely get rid of age and sunspots with the Q Switch laser?

With Q-Switch laser technology, unwanted spots such as aging and sunspots can be completely eliminated if sufficient sessions are applied. With the help of this method, people have the chance to completely get rid of these spots that develop in the hand and face area. The duration and number of sessions required to completely remove the spots vary according to the skin structure of the patient and the severity of the spots. In advancing age, new spots may appear and the process may need to be repeated.

How does the Q Switch laser work?

With the Q Switch laser, it quickly penetrates the target area with laser beams and breaks up the pigment. Thus, heat escape to the surrounding tissues is minimal and the surrounding tissues are not damaged. Q Switch laser treatment method is a locally applied method. It is used in arrow spots, age spots, sun spots, tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation applications.

How is Q Switch laser spot treatment applied?

Before starting the treatment, the skin must be thoroughly cleaned under appropriate hygienic conditions. Anesthesia is not usually used in this treatment method. Sessions last for a maximum of 15 minutes. After an average of 4-5 sessions, the treatment is completed. It is possible to have a more vibrant skin a few months after the end of the treatment. After the treatment, side effects ranging from slight redness to crusting can be observed depending on the type of stain and the energy given to its depth. But these side effects usually do not exceed 3-7 days.

Who is suitable for Q Switch laser therapy?

Although the Q Switch laser treatment method is mostly applied in tattoo removal, it is also extremely effective in facial spots, age spots, sunspots, and hair yellowing. Laser application is applied to people who suffer from this type of stains. In addition, spot creams are treated for acne spots or darkened areas. It can be combined with cream treatments depending on the type of stain.

Is the Q Switch laser a painful procedure?

Q-Switch laser treatment can be painful when applied to tattoo removal. It’s normal. Most laser treatments, including epilation applications, are mildly painful. Even a little pain occurs. In order to minimize this pain, the person can be anesthetized or various pain-relieving creams can be applied.

How long is the Q Switch laser session?

Q-Switch laser treatment is a treatment method that does not produce results in a single session. As the session is applied, the condition of the skin gets better. After the last session like this, your skin will get the look you want and there will be no problem on it. In order to get an effective result in Q Switch laser treatment, it is necessary to continue the treatment in the interval of at least 4 to 6 sessions. However, this number may increase or decrease from time to time. The skin structure of the patient and the type of the problem are among the factors affecting the number of sessions. In tattoo removal procedures, if the patient’s tattoo size is quite large, the number of sessions can go up to 15. The size of the problem and the number of sessions progress in direct proportion. For this reason, your doctor should decide how many sessions should be.

Q Switch Laser In which seasons is the Q Switch laser applied?

It is possible to have Q Switch laser treatment in all seasons and weather conditions. However, there are some rules that people should pay attention to during and after the treatment. If the patients absolutely follow the rules recommended by the doctor, this treatment method will benefit the person in every season. After this treatment, people should definitely protect the treatment area from the sun. In addition, people should avoid applications that irritate the skin, such as solarium.

What should be considered before Q Switch laser treatment?

Before and after the procedure, it is necessary to be protected from the sun. This is very important. The operation area can be shaved by specialist doctors if needed. It would be beneficial not to use drugs such as aspirin or blood thinners one week before the treatment. Before the procedure, local anesthetic cream is applied to the area where the application will be made.

What are points to be considered after Q Switch laser treatment?

– It is dangerous to be exposed directly to the sun’s rays as the treatment is applied.

– During and after the treatment, one should not enter the solarium and go out with sunscreen creams and lotions.

– You should not take a very hot shower on the day of the treatment.

– Alcohol-containing wipes or irritating, peeling cosmetic products should not be used on the treatment area on the day of treatment.

– After the treatment, the person should be protected from the sun’s rays very well. He should take care of the skin and apply care that protects the health of the skin.

– Creams and drugs recommended by experts should be used during treatment, and no medical products recommended by experts should be used.

It is possible to have a successful treatment process by following the rules listed above.

What are side effects of laser?

Laser technology emits laser beams. Thus, this energy transforms into heat energy in the targeted area and destroys the damage in the target area by burning it. As a result, mild redness or edema may occur after the procedure, but these complications are temporary and harmless. If we want the side effects to disappear immediately, the doctor’s recommendations should be followed and only the products recommended by the doctor should be used. Certain side effects may develop after aggressive high-dose treatments. In such a case, the doctor must be informed. These side effects are very low when applied by specialist physicians.

Is Q Switch laser therapy recommended for spot treatment?

Q Switch laser spot treatment is used in spot treatment. In addition, each stain should have a different treatment. Depending on the type and depth of the stain, the treatment is planned together with the dermatologist. It is not suitable for every stain. The time taken for complete healing and the number of sessions vary according to the size and depth of the stain and the skin structure of the person.

What should be considered after laser treatment?

Especially after the treatment of sunspots, if the treatment area is exposed to the sun, the same area may darken again and create a stain. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the application area from the sun very well. In the treatment of stains, the winter season is more preferred than the summer season. After all laser applications, cold application is made and some creams and lotions are used for sensitive skin. After the procedure, sun exposure should be avoided, and sunscreen creams should be applied to the skin, even in winter.

How much does Q Switch laser treatment cost? Q-Switch laser prices

The number of sessions in this treatment method varies from patient to patient. Laser pigment load and color affect the number of sessions. However, there is usually an ongoing session between 4-8 sessions. These sessions may take longer for tattoo removal. Pricing options vary depending on the session duration, the skin structure of the person, the reason why the person wants to have this application, the type and depth of the stain. It is not legal for centers approved by the Ministry of Health to specify prices on their websites. You can reach us by calling 0212 241 46 24 for the most accurate price information for you and for all your other questions.

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