Prominent Ear SurgeryThe prominent ear basically has no effect on the general functioning of the human body. Prominent ear is not exactly a disease. Especially nowadays, with the development of medicine and the ease of aesthetic operations, prominent ear problems can be treated with the use of modern and very simple techniques. Prominent ears cause psychological problems such as lack of self-confidence in patients, since they create aesthetic problems.

The purpose of this cosmetic surgery called otoplasty is to solve the asymmetry problem in protruding ears and to make ears look normal. Protruding ear problems are generally due to genetic reasons. Protruding ears are divided into two groups in general. In some the angle between the head and ear is wider than normal, while some people’s ears’ curve is almost flat. Protruding ears are given an aesthetic look with surgery. Thanks to these surgeries posing no risk, the entire facial beauty is created.

What are Prominent Ears?

Prominent ear, also known as sailing ear, is a very common ear deformity nowadays. Prominent ear results from loose cartilages in the ear area or insufficient ear folds. The ears, which have a loose structure resulting from such reasons, bend forward or to the side and cause an appearance that is not liked by people. 

The prominent ear can generally be seen in both ears or it can be seen in only one ear. In cases where women have prominent ears, the prominent ears can be hidden with open hair. However, since this is not possible in men, men often need plastic surgery to correct the prominent ear problem. Due to the psychological problems caused by the prominent ear, there are solutions with aesthetic operations, which are very easy and simple with the opportunities provided by modern medicine.

How do You treat Prominent Ears?

The prominent ear deformity affects the facial appearance of people negatively. There is a situation where the ears of the prominent ear people are too prominent and attract too much attention. Prominent ear surgery solution is provided for the prominent ear problem surgically. In this way, the ears that seem very large and very prominent in people are corrected. With this; Ears that are out of shape, deformed or have not completed their development are also treated. 

Prominent ear surgery is called Otoplasty. Prominent ear surgery is performed with local anesthesia or sedation. Prominent ear surgery takes approximately 1 hour. During prominent ear surgery, correction procedures are applied to the ear by entering through an invisible incision made behind the ear.

How do you Fix Prominent Ear with Surgery?

Otoplasty is generally performed under local anesthesia. However, general anesthesia is recommended for children. An incision is made behind the protruding ear and thanks to cartilage rasping, the region is made thinner, sutured back and otoplasty is completed. Because the sutures are going to remain behind the ear, those who face you will not see any operation scar.

What to Expect for a Prominent Ear Correction Procedure?

After protruding ear operation, patients may be discharged on the same day. A small dressing applied on ears helps the operation site to stay clean. Temporary swelling and rash may occur in the recovery process. Patients get rid of their complaints and their operation scars within one week.

One month after the protruding ear surgery, the ears’ size is going to be shaped as desired. Upon complete disappearance of swellings, actual size of the ears will be seen.

Do Prominent Ears get Better with Age?

Prominent ear problems are a common problem in men and women. Prominent ears start to become a problem in people from childhood. Especially in children, it is very curious whether the prominent ear problem in adolescence can be corrected with tape or bandana. Misunderstood solutions are sought as prominent ear non-surgical treatment, but it should be known that prominent ear problems cannot be treated without surgery and do not go away with age. 

The treatment of prominent ear problems is performed with a surgical method called otoplasty in the medical literature. Ears that stand out too much cause a lot of discomfort to people because they cause a disorder in appearance. It is now very easy to regain normal-looking ears with otoplasty, especially since the person does not feel comfortable in the society. Prominent ear does not cause any problems in health. However, especially in childhood, it can cause psychological problems when peers make fun of it. Therefore, it is beneficial to get the necessary medical support with prominent ear surgery for prominent ear treatment. Although the prominent ear problem is generally seen in men, it is often seen in women. Prominent ear surgery is a preferred treatment method for both women and men.

How can I Reduce Prominent Ear?

In patients presenting with prominent ear problems, the ear is analyzed first. According to the face of the person, the placement of the ear, earlobes and dimensions are examined. If there is a real problem in the patient’s ears, this problem is determined and explained to the patient. In line with the problem, ear problems are corrected respectively.

One of these problems may be that the patient’s auricle is large. The patient may have prominent ear problems, the auricle may be large, or these problems may occur separately in the patient. In some cases, the earlobes and ear appearances are normal, but the ears may be large compared to the patient’s head structure or head standards. In this case, it is ensured that the ears are reduced and the ears are brought to normal sizes. In some patients, the individual parts of the ear may be large. In the ear type literature, it is divided into 3 parts as upper, middle and lower, and size can be in one of these sections. It may be possible to reduce them surgically.

Is Ear Correction Surgery Painful?

There is no serious pain complaint after prominent ear surgery. If deemed necessary, pain is generally relieved with simple painkillers. After the prominent ear surgery, a bandage is applied on the patient’s ears and the bandage can be changed several times within 7 days according to the patient’s needs. It is removed as a result of the doctor’s approval and follow-up. If the stitches that need to be removed during the prominent ear surgery are used, these stitches are also removed during the first week’s control.

After the surgery, patients should keep their ears in the appropriate position for two weeks continuously and for a month while lying down or use the headband recommended by their doctor. Recovery of the patient’s tissue after surgery takes approximately two months. In surgeries where the patient’s ear is shaped with stitches, it is very important to protect the auricle against traumas such as pulling, especially for six months.

What is the Best Age for Ear Surgery?

It is recommended that patients are at least 6 years old to have an otoplasty. 85% of ear development process is completed until age 6. For this reason, people can have an otoplasty before starting primary school.

How Much does Prominent Ear Surgery cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

Prominent Ear Surgery prices (Otoplasty prices) vary depending on age, the treatment method to be applied, and the surgical procedure. However, the pricing is the same for our patients who will do the same job. That way, no patient pays more for the same amount of work and doesn’t feel bad. 

Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. In order to learn about the operation prices for Prominent Ear Surgery and to get detailed information, you must first be examined. After the examination, the appropriate technique will be determined for you. You can contact us directly at 0212 241 46 24 to get an examination appointment or to learn about Quartz Clinique Prominent Ear Surgery Prices (Otoplasty prices) in general and to get information about Ear Aesthetics (prominent ear surgeries) in Istanbul, Turkey.

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