Mini Face LiftMini face lift is the cosmetic procedure which can be applied to those with low and medium level of skin drooping in lower face. This intervention that makes facial lines tighter can be made to people at any age group. Depending on the preference and need, patients may also have procedures of under eye bag removal, eyebrow lift and fat injection into cheekbone, along with mini face lift. Mini facelift which brings pretty effective results when combined with the other operations gives people a young and fresh facial expression.

What is a Mini Face Lift?

Mini face lift operation is a procedure that is performed for the age group known as the middle age group in general. A mini-incision is made where the patient’s ear lobe front line is. The aim of the mini face lift operation applied to the patient is to make the face look younger and more dynamic. Mini face lift operation can be performed with local anesthesia, but if another operation is to be performed in combination with mini face lift, general anesthesia method is especially preferred.

Who are Good Candidates for Mini Face Lift?

Mini face lift can be applied to prevent drooping +35 aged people. Age factor, sun, diet, skin quality and smoking play an important role in skin drooping. Collagen tissues in our skin reduce by time. Defeated by gravity, facial lines gain an older and tired look over time. To prevent such a look, you can have a mini facelift. Intense drooping is not treated with a mini face lift, but only minimal touches are made. A more natural result is created, compared to full face lift. Mini facelift is generally preferred by women between ages approximately between 30 and 60.

How is Mini Face Lift Operation Made?

Mini facelift can be made under local anesthesia, but if it is combined with the other aesthetic procedures, all procedures are combined under general anesthesia. In a mini face lift, an incision from right in front of the earlobe to the scalp is made and it can be concealed inside of the ear. The length of this incision varies from 5 to 7 cm. Through this incision, fat and soft tissues which moved downwards are moved back up and fixed in their new location with sutures.

From the incision made for this operation, the skin is tightened up and by pulling sideward, a natural and young look is created for the person. If the person needs, excess skin is cut out and skin is wrapped up. Because only a certain skin tissue is removed in a mini facelift, the patient’s natural expression is not disrupted. Nerves are not cut during the operation, so no loss of feeling is observed afterwards. The operation generally takes an average of 2.5 hours.

Advantages of Mini Face Lift

Mini face lift is completed within a shorter period than the classical facelift. The recovery process will be faster. Bruises and edema seen after the operation disappear within a short time, and the patient can rapidly return back to normal life.

Because mini face lifts are applied to younger patients than classical face lift, the skin will recover very fast after the surgery.

What can I Expect After a Mini Face Lift?

  • After the mini face lift operation, the patient should never smoke, stay away from blood thinners and foods, as before the operation.
  • After the mini face lift operation, the patient should not do housework, especially in the first week, and should only rest.
  • The patient’s sutures are completely removed 3 or 7 days after the operation.
  • Two weeks after the mini face lift operation, it is returned to daily, business and social life in a controlled manner.
  • The patient can do sports approximately 6 weeks after the mini face lift operation.
  • It may vary between 1 and 6 months depending on the combined operations performed or the wound recovery speed of the patient during the process of the swelling occurring due to the mini face lift operation to disappear and become natural.
  • After the mini face lift, loss of sensation in the cheek skin of the patient may occur in the first months and the loss of sensation returns over time.
  • In the first weeks after the operation, the incision scars can be hidden, especially in women, to be combed over the hair.
  • Patients can use concealer on the scars and it may take approximately 1 year for the scars to reach their final state.
  • The patient should not sunbathe actively for at least 2 months after the mini face lift operation.
  • In the first weeks after the mini face lift operation, asymmetries occur on the face of the patient while the edema on the face passes.
  • These edemas may not be symmetrical, and it is necessary to be patient in this process.

What is the Best Age for a Mini Face Lift?

Age is not the most important factor when deciding on a mini face lift operation. At this point, the most important factors are; The degree of aging signs on the patient’s face and the patient’s expectation from the mini face lift. 

The signs of aging may appear on the faces of people aged 35-40, and mini face lift operations can be performed from this age. Some people may apply to the operation after the age of 50 years, after the signs of aging on their faces begin to appear. Some people prefer mini face lift operation at a young age before the signs of aging begin to appear, because they are active in their business and social lives. 

Since the deformations caused by the operations performed at an early age are less, the surgical operation to be performed is small in size. If you are also simulating a facelift with your cheeks in the mirror and the non-surgical procedures are no longer sufficient for you,

Mini Face Lift Operation may be suitable for you!

How Painful is a Mini Face Lift?

The patient may feel pain after the classical face lift operation, but the pain is much less during the recovery period of the patient after the mini face lift operation. The pain felt after the mini face lift operation can be easily taken under control with simple painkillers recommended by the doctor to the patient.

How Long does a Mini Face Lift Last?

Mini facelift operation: It may vary according to the technique applied to the patient, the skin structure of the patient, the age of the patient and the lifestyle of the patient. The duration of the mini facelift operation can vary between 2 and 15 years.

Does Mini Face Lift Leave Scars?

In the mini facelift operation, the scars that may occur are generally on the scalp and anatomical folds of the patient. Therefore, after the operation, there is no visible and obvious scar in the patient. In the mini face lift operation, smaller incisions are made compared to the traditional face lift operation, and the sagging of the patient’s face is collected with stitches without cutting the facial muscle. Therefore, after the mini face lift operation, there is no dense scar on the face.

How Long does it Take for Mini Face Lift Scars to Fade?

In plastic surgery, as in all surgeries, mini face lift operation also requires a skin incision. These incisions always leave scars. At this point, the important thing is to recover the scars as best as possible and to hide the secrets so that they cannot be seen. 

In the mini face lift operation, the skin is sutured with very thin suture materials and without damaging the patient’s tissue. The suture materials used in the operation are even thinner than the eyelashes of the person. The scars are inconspicuous and remain under the patient’s hair. In the mini face lift operation, the recovery process of the scars may take time and may be red, especially in the first 3 months. The recovery process of the patient’s scars can take approximately 9 to 12 months.

How Long does it Take to Look Normal After a Mini Face Lift?

Mini face lift operation is performed under local anesthesia and in some cases, it is performed under general anesthesia. It may be recommended that the patient stay in the hospital overnight. For 3 or 4 days after the mini face lift operation, the patient uses bandages that can be easily removed and cleaned, and the patient can take a shower from the second day of the operation. 

Mild swelling and bruises on the face of the patient recover in a week. At the end of a week, the patient continues her/his daily life comfortably. After the mini face lift operation, the patient should stay away from the sun, especially for two months.

Does a Mini Face Lift get Rid of Jowls?

Over time, sagging and loosening occur in the soft tissues of the face and neck, and losses occur in the fat tissue under the skin. These problems can be reduced with fillers or fat injections in the early stages, but face lift and neck lift operations provide a permanent solution. 

With surgical operations, the loose and sagging tissues of the patient are removed, while the supporting tissues of the face and neck are strengthened. As a face lift is performed as a mini face lift, an operation can be performed in combination with a mini face lift for jowls problems. Stretching can be performed on the connective and muscle tissues of the patient, and if deemed appropriate, combined liposuction can be performed.

How does a Mini Face Lift Differ from a Traditional face Lift (Rhytidectomy)?

Mini face lift operation is performed in the 40s and 50s of the people when there is not much sagging on the face of the patient and especially in the post-middle age period. 

While deep structures of the face are traumatized in the traditional face lift operation (Rhytidectomy), in the mini face lift operation, only the suspensory connective tissue is applied on the face. In this way, the patient recovers faster. The middle and lower parts of the patient’s face are gathered around the chin edges. Patients get more natural results with the mini facelift operation, and however, the incision scar is not visible on a visible part of the patient’s face.

How Much does Mini Face Lift Cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

Mini Face Lift operation prices may vary according to some factors. While determining the Mini Face Lift operation price, factors such as the experience of the doctor, the hospital where the operation will be performed, the date of the operation, whether there are additional aesthetic procedures to be performed on the face, and the degree of deformation on the patient’s face can change the price. 

The prices of Mini Face Lift operation vary according to the technique to be applied. For the most accurate price information for you, it would be appropriate for you to be examined first. You can contact us directly to make an appointment for an examination and to get general information about the prices of Mini Face Lift operation. For Turkish Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. Therefore, please dial +90212 241 46 24 to contact Quartz Clinique and get information on Mini Face Lift prices in Istanbul, Turkey.

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