Radiesse FillerRadiesse filler, that is, mineral filler, is made especially after the age of 35 and the duration of action is between 12 and 18 months.

Especially in our facial area, there are important changes with aging. The most important change is the thinning that occurs in the muscle and fat tissue under our skin. In this case, facial volume loss, deep wrinkles and sagging skin occur. 

Radiesse filler contains a substance called calcium-hydroxy-apatite. Radiesse filler is a new generation filler. Radiesse filler, that is, mineral filler, is different from the hyaluronic acid filler used in other filler applications. The capacity of the mineral filler to lift the skin tissue is very high. Radiesse filler provides the production of collagen under the skin. Therefore, it provides regeneration of the skin, especially in young patients. In middle and older patients, it prevents sagging due to the tension of the facial tissues.  Mineral filler is also used to rejuvenate the skin of the hands. Hand tissue, which weakens with age, is supported by mineral filler application.

What is Radiesse Filler?

Radiesse fillers contain Calcium Hydroxyapatite globules produced from subcutaneous minerals. When applied, the patient’s own natural collagen production increases. Collagen fibers of the skin form a tense network structure inside the skin. Depending on aging, the collagen fibers in the network structures of people break. Therefore, the tension of the connective tissue is reduced. Fibroblasts, which lose the tension on them with the breaking of the fibers, lose their activity. For this reason, they produce less collagen. As a result of this situation, sagging and wrinkles occur on the skin. With Radiesse filler, fibroblasts that lose their activity under the skin are fed and collagen and elastin production takes place again.

Which Areas is Radiesse Filler Used?

  • In the case of sagging in the cheek area, the sagging heals with a natural lift effect.
  • The prominence of the smile lines is decreasing.
  • The visibility of marionette lines descending from the lip edge to the chin decreases.
  • Fatal loss in the face is decreasing.
  • It has an effect on moderate and intense wrinkles.
  • It is effective in volume losses in hands.

How is Radiesse Filler Injected?

Before the Radiesse filler application is applied to the patient, the patient’s skin is completely cleaned and then a local superficial anesthesia is applied to the area to be treated. This Radiesse filler application takes approximately 30 minutes. After the Radiesse filler application, the patient can immediately return to her/his daily life. However, the person should stay away from heavy activities and sun rays that will tire her/his body for 24 hours. After the application, the face can be relaxed by applying a cold compress. Mild swelling, formation of small bumps and bruises are rare side effects after the application.

Radiesse FillerHow Long does the Radiesse Filler Effect Last?

The effect of Radiesse filler lasts for 12 to 18 months on average. Since mineral fillers are very compatible with human body tissue, the immune system does not react. Because of this situation, the effect is long-lasting.

Is the Radiesse Filler Injection Painful?

Radiesse filler application is a painless and easy procedure. Anesthesia is applied superficially as a local for filler application. The patient does not feel pain during the application. This application may be needed for the application to be comfortable. After the filler application, the patient can continue her/his daily life. After the procedure, the patient can return to work or social life on the same day. Filler application to the face takes between 20 minutes and 30 minutes on average. Ice compresses are recommended for edema or swelling that may occur. Its permanence lasts between 12 and 18 months.

What Should be Considered Before and After Radiesse Filler?

Radiesse fillers are examined by the doctor before being applied to the patient. All the details that should be known about the Radiesse filler are explained to the patient by the doctor before the filler application is made. Before having the Radiesse filler procedure, the patient should be examined by a doctor by making an appointment. If the patient has any health problems during the examination, it must be stated. 

Radiesse filler starts to show its effect a few days after it is done correctly and completely by the doctor. The patient can easily continue her/his daily life after the procedure. There are some important points that patients should pay attention to after the application. After the procedure, the patient should not strain the facial muscles. The patient should stay away from too many mimic movements. If the patient pays attention to these points after the procedure, they recover faster. In summary, attention should be paid to the following issues:

  • Alcohol and cigarettes should not be used before Radiesse filler.
  • Before and after Radiesse filler, the patient should not take blood thinners such as aspirin
  • After the application, especially the first 2 hours, green tea should not be consumed.
  • Two hours after the filler, the patient can take a warm shower and hot water should be avoided.
  • Procedures such as massage should not be performed after the application.
  • The patient should prefer to lie on her/his back with high pillows on the first day after the application.
  • After the application, the patient should consume plenty of water.

How Much Does Radiesse Filler Cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

Radiesse filler prices vary according to the amount of filler to be used in the application to the patients. However, factors such as the experience of the doctor, the location of the clinic, and the areas where the patient will be treated affect the filler price. While determining the Radiesse filler price, a charge is made according to each 1 cc filler. 

During the application, a special filler is opened for each patient and this method of application is of great importance in terms of hygiene. It should be noted, however, that no patient receiving the same amount of treatment pays more than any other patient, since the same amount of work is paid for the same amount of treatment. It is not legal to specify prices on websites for centers accredited by the Ministry of Health. For this reason, you can contact Quartz Clinique by calling 0212 241 46 24 and get information about ISTANBUL Radiesse Filler Application Price Turkey.

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