Leg aesthetic is one of the effective interventions that have become popular in recent years. The problem of leg curvature creates an unaesthetic look over time. As a result of that, women lose their self-confidence, do not want to wear skirts and feel bad in leggings and slim-fit pants. It is difficult to hide crooked legs particularly in warm weather. While sunbathing, you may feel uncomfortable and get stressed thinking that everyone is looking at your legs. Today, the leg aesthetic surgery is easily realized. You can get that operation at a young age and have perfect legs.

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Leg AestheticWho are good candidates for Leg Aesthetics?

Leg aesthetic surgery is fit for those who have crooked legs and have aesthetic problems in their legs. It can be applied to not only women, but also men. Crooked leg, asymmetrical leg, thin leg and thick leg problems can be eliminated with leg aesthetic surgery.  Leg aesthetic surgery can also be applied locally to a part of the leg only. For example, aesthetic touches can be applied to calves or ankles, where needed. Knees of some people look abnormally convex. This problem is eliminated with leg aesthetic surgery.

What is the Reason of Crooked Legs?

Every woman dream of perfect legs. There may be several medical problems underlying imperfect legs. Lack of sufficient sunlight at young ages and vitamin D deficiency are some of these reasons. Vitamin D deficiency problem affects the bone development and leads to leg deformity.  Poliomyelitis may also lead to crooked legs. Overly thin or overly thick legs problems may arise due to genetic reasons as well.

Crooked Leg Surgery

One of the most important aesthetic problems that women have with their legs is crooked legs. The crooked leg surgery aims at giving person symmetrical legs and correcting the crookedness. To eliminate the crooked leg problem, the patient’s excess regional fats in his/her belly or waist are used.

Crooked leg plastic surgery is performed under general anesthesia. It is completed within 1 hour on average. Firstly, fat is taken from the patient, and then, the fats taken are used for filling the crooked parts in the patient’s legs. Crooked regions are practically made symmetrical with fats.

Leg Shaping

Frequently losing and gaining weight may lead to sagging particularly in the inner legs. This sagging is often seen in the femur. Because the skin in femur is relatively thinner, it tends to get saggy with the effect of gaining and losing excessive weight.

Leg shaping operation is performed under general anesthesia. First fat removal can be applied, if the patient needs that. After the fat removal procedure, the person’s excess skin is removed. Then, the incision lines brought together and sutured. This way, the person’s legs look thinner and better shaped. Scars of the leg shaping operation are in the underwear. After the operation, the patient should pay attention to using toilets and rules of hygiene. Sutured area should be protected against potential infections.

Treatment of Varicose

Varicose not only overshadows your legs’ aesthetic look, but also leads to medical problems. To get rid of varicose, you should get it checked with a detailed ultrasound imaging technique and identify your varicose veins. One of the most effective methods of varicose treatment is Sclerotherapy. In this treatment, a medicine is injected into the patient’s varicose veins and it is aimed that these veins destroy themselves. This treatment brings permanent results. After varicose treatment, it is recommended for the patient to wear varicose socks.

How Much do Leg Aesthetic Operations Cost?

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