Today, classical liposuction method is replaced by more comfortable techniques requiring minimum surgical procedures, thanks to the advanced technology. Vaser Liposuction is the procedure of removing fat from certain parts of the body by using ultrasonic sound waves. Fats are broken with the help of ultrasonic sound waves, and taken out in liquid form.

Say Goodbye to Regional Fats with Vaser Liposution!

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Vaser Liposuction What are the Advantages of the Last Technique Vaser, Compared to Conventional Liposuction?

With classical liposuction, fat is removed by pulling off the nerves and veins with the grater-like knives on the tips of the cannulas. This is why subdermal bleeding followed by excessive bruises, postoperative pain, numbness in the skin that takes time to recover and wavy looks can be observed due to the subdermal bleeding. Today, these problems are eliminated to a great extent with Vaser applications. The probe with no sharp part on its end wander around fats, moves through the path opened by sound waves, and after this stage, fats in liquid form are sucked and removed from an incision of 3-4 mm with the help of a thin straw-like cannula (Vent X cannula). Fats removed are not damaged and can be used for fat injection into the other parts of the body, when required. People can combine a Vaser Liposuction operation with breast augmentation or breast reduction operations.

Furthermore, the skin is heated by applying the ultrasonic probe under the skin, in mode V of the Vaser device. This way, skin tightening is increased and probability of sagging is reduced. Because the veins are not to be damaged, bleeding and bruises are observed very slightly. And because the nerves are not to be damaged, pain in the short term and numbness in the long term will either not occur or occur slightly. This way, wavy surface look that might be observed with the conventional Liposuction method is not observed.

How is the Pre-Operative Procedure?

No special care required before the operation, so one does not need to make a special diet or use medicines. As in general surgeries, avoiding herbal teas and blood thinners, reducing alcohol consumption for 1 week or 10 days before the operation and not consuming alcohol at all in the last days would be required. Smoking after the operation delays wound recovery.

The suitable method of anesthesia is general anesthesia. Because Vaser Liposuction is generally applied to wide areas, general anesthesia is preferred for the patient’s comfort.

For whom is Vaser Liposuction suitable?

Vaser Liposuction is suitable for the regional excess fat that cannot be eliminated despite diet and exercises, in persons over 18, without any severe medical problem, with a normal body-mass index, and it is a safe and effective fat removal method, given its low complication risk.

How is the Post-Operative Recovery Process?

You are recommended to stay at the hospital for one day after the operation. Because it does not damage muscular and connective tissues, Vaser Liposuction has a faster recovery process than classical. Less bruises and rashes are observed. Edema disappears after one month, and positive effects of the operation start to appear. After the operation, wearing special medical corset for 2-3 weeks depending on the skin elasticity increases effectiveness of the operation result.

After the Vaser Liposuction operation, the patient has to mind his/her diet and exercising habits. Otherwise, it is inevitable to gain weight. In this case, fat formation will not concentrate in certain regions, but will spread to all regions equally. As long as the patient minds the regular diet, a healthy, well-shaped and fit look is gained.

How much does Vaser Liposuction cost?

For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website.  Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact our polyclinic and get information on our Vaser Liposuction prices.