Genital Aesthetics Genital aesthetics procedures can be applied by using laser and surgical treatment methods. Because the wound recovery is fast in this area, it can be combined with the other aesthetic operations. Labiaplasty and vaginoplasty are the most frequently applied surgical aesthetic procedures.
Womens’ outer genital organs consist of the bony part under the belly called mons pubis, outer labia (labia majora), inner labia (labia minora), the upper joint site of the labia minora (clitoris) and the membrane called hymen. The problems in the genital area are divided into three as those developed during and after birth and developmental ones.
Congenital problems may be outer or inner genital organ abnormalities, non-development or abnormal development. This may be noticed at the time or birth or may manifest itself with menstruation problems during puberty.
Developmental problems are over development or under development of the genital anatomy that was in a normal structure at the beginning and occur as a result of hormonal effects.  This directly affects the psychology of person in puberty.
Hormonal effects that increase during pregnancy, removal of the hormonal effect during and after giving birth, birth trauma or surgical intervention called episiotomy lead to undesired views in the genital area. Furthermore, loss of elasticity and sagging occur in that region due to aging.

Genital Aesthetics

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What is Vaginoplasty (Vagina Tightening Operation)?

Loosened vagina and vagina’s losing its elasticity may bring along sexual dissatisfaction and loss of sensitivity and feeling. Loss of feeling leads to the problem of not having orgasm. The operations made for retightening the loosened vagina are called vaginoplasty.
Vaginoplasty operations provide people with both functional and aesthetic benefits and ensure satisfaction of the patient.
The main reason of this operation is to tighten loosened and widened vagina, increase vaginal tightness by ensuring vaginal narrowness and to increase pleasure during sexual intercourse for both men and women.

What are the Benefits of Vaginoplasty?

  • Both the look and shape are improved, thanks to vaginal plastic procedures.
  • Functions of the loosened vaginal muscles are taken into order.
  • Tightness, resistance and tonus in the vaginal canal are improved.
  • Vaginal canal tightness helps to increase pleasure for men and women.

How is Vaginoplasty Applied?

Vaginoplasty operation takes 45 minutes to 1 hour on average, under general anesthesia (regional anesthesia) or sedation (slight sleep). Because most of the sutures are in the lower region, they are not visible, and it is a pretty painless and risk-free operation. You can get back to your everyday routine 2 days after the operation. After this operation, no severe pain is experienced by patient. The pain can be eliminated with painkillers.

How is the Post-Vaginoplasty Operation Recovery Process?

It is very important to pay attention to personal hygiene after vaginoplasty. Sutures must be dressed regularly, and prescribed medicines must be administered. Sutures are automatically removed after 15-20 days.

Genital Aesthetics What is Labioplasty (Inner and Outer Labio Altering)?

Labioplasty is the operation made for making the inner or outer labia smaller and removing sagging for genital aesthetics.
Inner labia are rich in sweat glands, and in some cases, it is easier for germs to reproduce there due to moisture. Infections may lead to pain and foul odor, and this negatively affects couples’ sexual life.
This operation is made, in case where the outer big and inner small labia are bigger than the normal. Outer labia are shaped as the continuation of the pubis, and 1/3 or 1/4 of the labia are visible when one is standing up, and covered in hair. A big part of the inner (small) labia are mucosal forms that cover clitoris hidden under the outer labia. These regions wrap around the vagina and have no hair.  The most frequently experienced aesthetic problems are drooping down and empty inner labia when one stands up, having a mass look from the front or too apparent inner labia between the outer ones. Although these problems occur with aging and in the postpartum period, they can also be observed in young women.

How is Labioplasty Operation Realized?

Labiaplasty operation takes approximately 30-40 minutes, and can be realized under sedation (sedatives) or general anesthesia, depending on the mutual decision of the patient and physician. After labiaplasty, sitz bath with an antiseptic is recommended for almost 15 days. Sutures will be automatically removed within 3 weeks. Slight blood leakages may last for almost 1 week after the operation. One can get back to her sexual life 3 weeks thereafter.

What Should One Pay Attention to After the Labioplasty Operation?

  • If the patient applies ice compress on the operation site for the first 48 hours after the operation, swelling and blood leakage reduce.
  • For slight leakages, the patient may need to use hygienic pads for almost 1 week-10 days.
  • For the first 10 days following the operation, the patient should do toilet cleaning with an antiseptic diluted with serum.
  • One can have a shower after the next day, but it is recommended not to get a bath in the bathtub and to use a diluted antiseptic for cleaning the genital area.
  • The person has to mind her nutrition during the 3 days preceding and 3 weeks following the operation and not to have constipation, because straining will stretch the genital area. This causes pain.
  • The patient should not have a sexual intercourse for 3-4 weeks.

What is Pubisplasty?

Pubis is the region that is below the belly, bony, protruding and continues with outer labia, and is the only part that can be entirely seen from outside when one is standing up. While this region has a hard and tight look at young ages, it may droop down, get empty or become more protruding due to increased fat mass, with aging.
In pubisplasty, if there is a sagging, the pubic area must be taken upwards and excess skin must be removed. This operation not only can be combined with abdominoplasty, but also can be applied alone, if the person does not need abdomen tightening. The scar is like that of caesarian’s and remains underneath the underwear.  If the pubis is empty, it may be decided to make a fat injection, after the tightening is made. Such an operation is generally made under general anesthesia, and if fat injection is added to the tightening operation, general anesthesia is more convenient for the patient’s comfort.
If the pubic region is very prominent (this can be seen in young people), the patient’s most important problem is the look when she wears trousers. In this case, liposuction to be applied to the pubic region will solve the problem to a high extent.  This operation can be applied under local anesthesia and sedation. With the effect of sedatives to be given to the vascular access, the patient does not remember the time of the procedure and the operation is completed without any pain or ache.  The element to pose the biggest problem in pubisplasty  is taking the region up more than required, which creates a look with big labia taken up. Therefore, the operation should be made by a specialist physician.

How is Pubisplasty Applied?

Pubisplasty which is reduction of pubis peak is removal of fats in the vaginal region by making a surgical incision like the one made for caesarian operation, in case where that region is excessively fatty and thick. The methods used the most in the current technology are non-surgical laser lypolysis and liposuction.
Pubisplasty operations are generally made by removing fats with the method liposuction. This way, it is aimed at making the region smaller and to give it a more beautiful look.

Non-Surgical Genital Aesthetics

The woman’s natural processes such as hormonal changes occurring over time or due to giving birth and aging may lead to physiological changes as well as several medical problems such as urinary incontinence, vaginal looseness, vaginal dryness and recurring infections. This way, implications of illnesses may negatively affect women’s quality of life and may prevent them from having a quality lifestyle. No matter in what stage your life cycle is, Femi renew supports you in regaining your self-confidence, improving your personal life and regaining your former form. Femi renew is an application that offers fast, safe, effective results for several problems regarding women’s health, that requires minimum surgical procedures, that is based on outpatient treatment, that does not make the patient lose time and that does not require anesthesia.

Genital Area Whitening

Color of female genital area may get darker over time due to pregnancy, using contraceptive pill, cystic illnesses polycystic ovary syndrome and hormonal irregularities, increase in estrogen and some skin diseases. Particularly after giving birth and for patients with a dark skin, this darkening can be more prominent. Even if such reasons are not present, congenital proneness and epilation on the genital area may lead to darkening. Some of the epilation methods may make the color of the genital area darker by increasing the production of the pigment ‘melanin’ in the skin. Undesired color change does not cause any physical problems, but for those who want to regain their former look and to get an aesthetic look in their genital areas, it is possible to get the desired results with laser. Through peeling with fractional carbon dioxide laser, color of the genital area can be whitened. Thanks to the laser ray used, ‘melanocyte’ cells producing the melanin pigment that is in the dermis and that leads to darkening are inactivated. With a superficial peeling procedure through laser, color of the genital area can be made lighter up to 2-3 tones.


Upon menopause, changes in hormones causes thinning, drying, reduced elasticity in and swollen vaginal tissue. It is the application femirenew that makes the vaginal tissue younger, makes vagina walls thicker and gives the vagina its former slipperiness. The aim of the treatment is to reduce the disturbing indications such as itching, burning and friction and to help improvement of the sexual activity.

Postpartum Rehabilitation

As the most important part of the life, giving birth leads to several physiological changes in women’s bodies. After pregnancy, one can feel tension and dryness in the vaginal region and her pelvic base resistance may get weaker. The application Femi renew strengthens the vaginal tissue, gives it a form, heals the vaginal region and brings it to its former form.

How Much Do Genital Aesthetics Procedures Cost?

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