Fotona Vector LiftFotona Vector lift application is a laser eyebrow lift process. Thanks to Fotona Vector lift, the person has the smooth and impressive eyebrow appearance that he/she wants without surgery. 

Today, with technology, many applications in the fields of beauty and aesthetics are done with lasers and give effective results. You can safely choose laser technology for eyebrow lift treatment. Eyebrow lift with a Vector Lift laser is a comfortable and practical application. Along with aging, there is a low appearance in the form of eyebrows due to the physiology of people and environmental reasons. 

People with low eyebrows have an old and tired appearance. This appearance also causes people to feel bad. Vector lift application with laser is often preferred because surgically performed eyebrow lift can be long and it takes time to return to daily life. Because Fotona Vector Lift is applied without surgery and in a short time. If you have a problem with low eyebrow mass and you are avoiding surgery, Vector Lift will be the application for you.

What is Fotona Vector Lift – Laser Brow Lift?

Fotona Vector Lift application is done with a Fotona SP Dynamis Laser device. Vector Lift is an eyebrow lift application. In Vector lift application, low eyebrows are lifted upwards by using a laser device. Vector lift is applied to the end of the eyebrow and the upper part of the muscle. The aim here is to create a stretching effect and make the eyebrows of the patient appear more raised. In this application, the process is applied to the forehead area. By providing the tension of the muscles in the forehead, it is also possible to make the forehead and the surrounding areas look more tense.

How is Fotona Vector Lift – Laser Brow Lift Applied?

In laser lift applications, it is aimed to increase the production of collagen by stimulating the collagen cells in the skin tissue. In vector lift – laser brow lift application, the eyebrow edges and around the eyebrow are treated with the Fotona SP Dynamis laser device. 

Fotona Vector Lift is a very comfortable and short-term operation. The patient does not feel pain during the application. Redness of the skin may occur. This redness is temporary. The application is generally done in 4 sessions. Session intervals are made at intervals of 3 or 4 weeks. The patient can return to her/his daily life after the procedure.

What are the Advantages of Fotona Vector Lift- Laser Brow Lift?

  • The forehead looks more tense and tighter than it is.
  • Eyebrows appear more raised.
  • The eyebrow expression of the person is strong.
  • There is a tight appearance around the eyelid and on the eyelid.
  • In the upper part of the forehead, the hairy area is tightened.
  • Collagen production is increasing, with the effect of this, the person looks much younger than she/he is.

Is Fotona Vector Lift Effective About Brow Lift?

Fotona Vector Lift application gives very effective results in eyebrow lift in people. People with low eyebrows may be more unhappy because the general appearance of the face is affected. And they look older and tired than they are. With the vector lift – laser brow lift application, the appearance of the people’s low eyebrows is corrected by laser brow lift. People’s eyebrows are more tense and stand up. In this way, the expression of people gets a much better look.

Are There any Side Effects and Risks of Fotona Vector Lift – Laser Brow Lift?

If the person to be treated has an allergic disorder, the Fotona Vector lift – laser brow lift application gives risky results. Therefore, the person’s health status is evaluated before the application and the procedure is performed. After the procedure, slight redness may occur. This redness that may occur is a situation that goes away on its own within hours.

What is the Age Limit for Fotona Vector Lift – Laser Brow Lift?

The age limit for Fotona Vector Lift – laser brow lift is +18. This application is recommended to be done after the age of 25.

Is the Fotona Vector Lift Application Suitable for Men?

Vector Lift application is suitable for both men and women.

Is Fotona Vector Lift- Laser Brow Lift a Painful Procedure?

Before the Fotona Vector Lift application, local anesthetic cream is applied to the area where the procedure will be performed, about an hour before the patient. Thanks to the local anesthetic cream, the patient does not feel any pain during the application. Since the application is a non-surgical procedure, it is not too painful.

Is Fotona Vector Lift- Laser Brow Lift Permanent?

Fotona Vector Lift application is not a completely permanent process. The purpose of the Vector Lift application is to increase the production of collagen and to restore the lost elasticity of the skin. In this way, the person’s eyebrows appear more raised than they are. The effect of the application passes after a certain period of time. When the effect of the Vector Lift application wears off, it can be re-done as a total of 4 sessions. Application intervals should be 3 or 4 weeks.

How Much Does Fotona Vector Lift – Laser Brow Lift cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

Fotona Vector Lift application is applied by people who are experts and experienced in their field at Quartz Clinique. The price of Vector Lift varies according to the experience of the person who will do the application, the doctor’s experience and the quality of the clinic where the application is made. For this reason, the clinic to be chosen is very important in order to have a Vector Lift application and to get effective good results. You can contact us for accurate information about Fotona Vector Lift Prices

In order to get more detailed information about the subject and to get information about the session suitable for you, you should be examined by our doctor. You can learn your Fotona Vector Lift Prices information in the most accurate way at the end of the examination. For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. If you want to have a younger look , you can get an appointment and information by contacting us at Quartz Clinique 0212 241 46 24.

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