The most important detox organ in the human body is Liver. Liver cleans the immune system and produces the most important enzymes for the body. If liver cannot outperform, toxine would not be gotten rid off easily from the body that affects negatively all organs.  Harmful effects of workload, bad eating habits, and aging damage hepatic cells called as “source of life”. This hepatic care support protocol purpose regains vital functions of hepatic system.

What type of ingredients does include Hepatic Care Support Protocol?

by intravenous way

  • Glutathione
  • Alpha Liphoic Acid
  • Folic Acid


  • “Best antioxidant ever”
  • Supports high detox on body
  • Protects brain and body cells from harmful effects of free radicals
  • Supports getting rid of materials which comes from toxic and cancerogenic
  • Strengthen immune system
  • High positive effects on anti – aging
  • Increase level of concentration & decrease level of forgetfulness
  • Provides getting rid of heavy metals from body
  • Helps to prevent formation of approximately 80 illnesses
  • Supports work of organs by protecting health of liver

Alpha Lipoic Acid

  • Uses for getting rid of toxic materials that affect hepatic system
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • High effect of anti-aging
  • Supports reproduction of antioxidants which are become defuse because of free radicals
  • Helps to keep brain cells after stroke
  • Hepatic cells is protected by harmful changes of cells
  • Provide to be young for vascular system by preventing embolism

Folic Acid

  • To be located in formation of DNA & RNA
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Powerful effect for anti-aging
  • Support re-producing antioxidants which defused because of free radicals
  • Helps to protect brain cells
  • Helps to keep brain cells after stroke
  • Provide to be young for vascular system by preventing embolism

How to apply?

  • Apply with intravenous injection method
  • Last approximately 1 hour
  • Need help of nurse
  • Apply under doctor control

Session Frequency!

Determined by the Doctor according to the patient’s needs!

Who are the good candidates for hepatic care support protocol?

  • Who wants to keep strong, healthy and young
  • Who wants to decrease risk of aging
  • Who gets sick often
  • Who has cancer story on their family