Almond Eye SurgeryAlmond eye surgery is one of the most preferred aesthetic operations, especially in recent years. However, the almond eye is one of the new trends of today. It is now possible with a daily surgical intervention without having the almond eye structure congenitally.

Eyes are the most attractive part of an aesthetic face. Sagging eyelids and asymmetrical eyes may make the face look older than actually it is. Particularly due to the Bella eyes trend that emerged recently, everyone wants to have slanted and uplifted eyes. Almond eye surgery gives you more slanted and bigger eyes as Bella Hadid’s. Meet almond eye surgery and permanently eliminate downturned eyes and make your eyes look more slanted!

Almond Eye Surgery is a cosmetic surgery designed to change unwanted eye shapes into almond shaped eyes. With almond eyes, the outer corner of the eye is slightly higher than the inner corner of the eye. Both the bottom and top eyelids just touch the iris, covering most of the surrounding white area.

What is Almond Eye?

Almond eye is the most popular eye shape, especially preferred today. The structure is defined as the most ideal eye structure cosmetically; There are eyes where the outer edge of the eye is higher than the inner edge. This eye structure is called almond eye because it resembles almonds, as it has taken its name. 

In the shape of an almond eye, the outer edges of the eye are slanted upwards and therefore appear more prominent and remarkable. Since the almond eye and the eye structure have a more slanting appearance, the gaze in the eyes is deep and meaningful. This gives the person a younger and more attractive appearance. The almond eye shape is very popular, especially in Hollywood and among celebrities.

Almond eye surgery is an aesthetic procedure that gives you slanted and bigger eyes like almonds. After this aesthetic operation inspired by Bella Hadid’s eyes, you get rid of the droopy and downturned look in your eyes.

Almond eye surgery is an aesthetic operation to give you a secret youth. You can gain Bella’s eyes right after the surgery. Your eyes will look bigger and this will give you an energetic look. Your gazes will be deeper after the surgery.

Does Almond Eye Surgery Leave Scars?

Scarring is rarely a problem, as the Almond eye procedure is undertaken through internal incisions on the inside of the eyelid.

Is Almond Eye Surgery safe?

Yes, almond eye surgery is safe. It is a very delicate procedure that can be even more complicated in patients who have had prior eyelid surgery or who have protruding eyes, so consulting a specialist oculoplastic surgeon is vital.

Almond Eye SurgeryWho are Good Candidates for Almond Eye Surgery?

Almond eye surgery can be applied to everyone over 18. We recommend almond eye surgery particularly to those who have downturned eyes, under eye bags and droopy eyelids.

Because Almond Eye Surgery also removes wrinkles around eyes, it creates a natural eye tightening effect for middle aged persons. By the way, your skin seems younger and smooth. To postpone the face lift operation, you can reward yourself with an almond eye surgery, when your wrinkles become prominent.

People with the following conditions are good candidates for almond eye surgery:

  • Having wrinkles around the eyes
  • Having a droopy eyelid
  • Desire to have attractive, prominent and slanting eyes
  • Sagging around and under the eyes due to aging
  • Have small eyes
  • Having languid eyes
  • Asking for a youthful eye
  • Don’t like your own eye shape
  • Disproportionate eyes
  • Problems with the lower or upper eyelid

How is Almond Eye Surgery Applied?

Almond eye surgery and the correction of lower lid sag requires complex procedures with very narrow margins of error. Such procedures should only be performed by highly skilled surgeons, who will carry out meticulous planning and examination of the eyes themselves. The eyelid is a complex multi-layered structure so as with all eyelid surgery, this procedure requires a detailed biomicroscopic assessment of the ocular surface before proceeding.

Almond eye surgery is performed under local anesthesia. After the eye region is anesthetized, eyes are lifted up with medical yarns. After gaining almond eyes, medical yarns are fixed on the bone membrane and 3-4 sutures are applied. Because these sutures are hidden among follicles, they are not visible after the surgery. Your sutures are removed 1 week later and you can gradually start to wear makeup. Almond eye surgery takes 1 hour on average. If you wish, you can combine this surgery with an eyelid operation and create a wow-effect in your eyes.

Is Almond Eye Surgery Suitable for me?

Generally, patients who have drooping, sagging or baggy lower eyelids would be a good candidate for this type of procedure, particularly if the current appearance and shape of the eye are causing them distress.

There is, however, no one-size-fits-all when it comes to eyelid surgery, and what many patients feel they need may not actually be the type of surgical procedure that is right for them.

Surgeons must carefully analyze each patient’s lower lid function, tone, laxity and position, as well as their overall facial structure during an initial consultation. He normally does this in consultations with patients wishing to undergo blepharoplasty and may suggest the need for canthal suspension at the same time In some cases, surgeons might recommend a different type of procedure altogether, which would be more appropriate for addressing the patient’s concerns.

It is important to only have this procedure performed by an experienced, highly-trained oculoplastic surgeon, as the results of a poor surgery can be very difficult to correct.

What are the Advantages of Almond Eye Surgery?

Those who have downturned eyes know how it is hard to do eye makeup. For instance, when you apply eyeliner on downturned eyes, your eyes may look older. To eliminate this, we recommend you to consider almond eye surgery and check before-after photos. mascara only. Because your eyes will naturally look slanted after Bella eyes operation, you will look energetic all the time. After the surgery, wrinkles around the eye will reduce and if you have downturned eyes, this will also be eliminated.

Almond Eye Surgery Recovery Process

After almond eye surgery soreness, bruising and swelling are common after surgery, but these should subside after 7-10 days. Try to keep the head elevated and get as much rest as you can initially. Patients should avoid exercise, rubbing the eye area, or applying make-up for a week.

In some cases, people might notice an alteration to their eyesight, but this should only be temporary, with normal vision returning without medical intervention.

It is recommended that patients put as little strain on the eyes as possible after surgery, such as avoiding staring at their phones, reading or watching TV. Contact lenses should not be worn for several weeks after surgery.

Full recovery for canthoplasty is normally between 2 to 4 weeks, during which time it is extremely important to follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions and attend any scheduled follow-up appointments.

What Should Be Considered Before and After Almond Eye Surgery?

Before the almond eye surgery, the general health status of the patient is examined. The doctor, together with the patient, correctly decides how to make a shape suitable for the face and eye structure of the person who will have almond eye surgery, which may prevent the operation of the person to be operated on. At this decision stage, the patient’s opinion and the doctor’s recommendations are evaluated together and are very important. Before the operation, if the patient has a chronic disease or a medication that he regularly uses, her/his doctor should first know about this situation.

After the almond eye surgery, it is necessary to pay attention to some situations in order for the patient to recover quickly and the scars to disappear. Almond eye surgery is not a very long and difficult operation. No complications were observed in the patients after the operation. If the patients pay attention to some points after the surgery, a much faster recovery is seen.

There are some important conditions that patients should pay attention to, such as:

  • After the surgery, since the surgical area is closed with strips by the doctor, this area should not be in contact with water for 3 days.
  • Ice should be applied to prevent swelling and bruising on the first day of surgery.
  • On average, it is not recommended for the patient to lie face down for 1 week.
  • The prescription given to the patient by the doctor should be used.
  • If edema occurs on the face of the patient, it passes in approximately 7 days.
  • The patient can return to her/his daily life a few days after the surgery.
  • Post-surgery scars should be kept away from sun rays and solarium-like applications for approximately 2-3 months.

What are the Results of Almond Eye Surgery?

When performed by an experienced surgeon, the results of almond eye surgery are natural and long-lasting, avoiding any drastic changes to the eyes or facial appearance. As such, most patients are happy with the outcome of the surgery.

Typically, the elevation of the lateral and central parts of the eye can be as much as 2-3 mm. Although this seems like a small amount, the normal palpebral aperture is between 8-9mm, which means the change after surgery represents a remarkable improvement.

Is Almond Eye Surgery Permanent?

The most important thing to know about almond eye surgery is that the body ages over the years. Almond eye structure obtained by almond eye surgery in young and middle-aged people, regardless of male or female, can droop because the eye area can be defeated by gravity, and the eye area can become smaller. This can happen over the years. That’s why genetics come into play here. Some people are genetically aging later, and almond eye persistence can last for years. Almond eye surgery does not lose its effect on its own. Only sagging parts can be seen as the body ages.

Which Operations Can Be Performed Combined with Almond Eye Surgery?

Combined medical procedures can be performed in order to obtain the most effective results from almond eye surgery. For example, Botox procedure can accompany almond eye Surgery to remove the wrinkles around the patient’s eyes. With this combined procedure, the patient is happy with a more effective and beautiful result. If the patient’s eyebrows are low, almond eye surgery and eyelid-temporal stretching surgery can be combined with the patient. However, in order to have young and attractive eyes, operations such as eyebrow lifting and under-eye light filling are combined with the patient’s youthful appearance.

How much does Almond Eye Surgery cost in Istanbul?

Almond eye surgery price subject generally varies according to the method preferred by the person for the procedure that is suitable for the person. Since the permanence and effect of some almond eye methods are much higher, the cost of the surgery is also higher. Permanence is less in some operations. Depending on the method chosen, almond eye surgery price differences may occur. For example, if the operation will be performed with rope suspension methods, the quality of the rope to be used determines the price of almond eye surgery. If you want to have almond eye surgery and are wondering about the price, it will be very useful for you to contact us for the most accurate and best price information. However, it is very important that you talk to the doctor and decide together which method will be applied to you. Especially the number of patients applying for almond eye surgery from abroad is very high. The number and interest of patients coming to Turkey to have almond eye surgery from Europe and many countries of the world is very intense. Almond Eye Surgery is also a very important center. For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. The appropriate treatment plan is made in line with the needs and demands of the people, and you can learn a net price after the examination. You can contact Quartz Poliklinik directly at +90212 241 46 24 to learn about Almond Eye Surgery prices in general and to get more information about Almond Eye Surgery in Istanbul.

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