Every women imagine beautiful and upright looking breasts. However, pregnancy and frequent weight gains and loses may overshadow this dream. Aging, genetic factors and giving birth may lead to drooping breasts. Drooping breasts may be corrected with breast aesthetic operations. Besides that, deformations are reshaped in the scope of the breast aesthetic operations as well. Unequal look of breasts is balanced, and breasts can be reduced or augmented, depending on the patient’s need.

Natural and Perfect Results in Breast Esthetics

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What Is Breast Lift?

Breast lift surgery is the procedure of lifting and reshaping breast (removing the excess tissue) and repositioning the inframammary fold and nipple. In some cases, this procedure can be combined with a breast augmentation operation. Droopy look is fixed and a tighter and younger appearance is obtained. It is generally applied to the patients who are fine with their breast size, but have a droopy look.

Performed to reduce or eliminate these problems, breast lift surgeries’ purpose is to get a firmer skin and tip-tilted breasts by shaping the breast tissue.

Breast Aesthetic What Is Breast Augmentation?

Women who have small breasts can have bigger and sexy breasts with implants or those with sagging breasts due to aging or pregnancy can make their breasts upright with mammal prostheses.

Speaking of breast aesthetic surgery, silicone breast prosthesis and breast augmentation pop up in minds at first. In the breast augmentation surgery, prostheses are in different sizes, shapes and have different surfaces. You can choose a smooth or rugged surface. The shape of mammal prostheses is divided into two as round and drop. The size of the prosthesis may vary depending on your body and preference. You and your physician together must decide on the location to place the mammal prosthesis.

The results are permanent lifelong, except the natural aging process. Size is adjusted as desired, placement is checked during the operation, and a nice result is obtained, as all breast prostheses are manufactured in good forms.

The measure of a high-quality breast prosthesis operation is reaching “natural looking” results. Consequently, for a woman with breast smallness problem, silicone breast prosthesis is the only fast, good method to bring beauty without leaving any scar.

What is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is an operation fit for patients whose mammal tissue is bigger than desired. At the same time, in case of mammal hypertrophy or macromastia, breast reduction is applied. For women, oversize breasts not only lead to aesthetic problems, but also cause backache.  Dirt and moisture accumulated under oversized breasts lead person to have hygienic problems and a foul odor. Big breasts also cause self-esteem problem for women.

In the breast reduction operation, excess mammal tissue is removed, excess breast skin is wrapped up and upright breasts are created.

How Much Do Breast Aesthetic Procedures Cost?

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