To strengthen the immune system, your body needs high quantity vitamins and minerals that is immune system support protocol.

Body needs a strong immune system to continue in good health. Every day, our body fights with bacteria’s, foreign materials, viruses and toxins. We cannot feel but our immune system works permanently. Immune system’s number of cells began to decrease and lose their function because of bad effects such as smoking, stress, sleeplessness, malnutrition and alcohol. By the way, an un-functional immune system becomes open to all inflectional diseases.

Immune System Support What type of ingredients does include Immune System Support Protocol?

by intravenous injection

Vitamin C
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B6

Vitamin C
Supports Immune System
Collagen constructive effect
Protects from free radicals thanks to antioxidant properties
Protects from the harms of smoking
Facilitates iron absorption so support anemia’s treatment
Support to protection some types of cancer
Beneficial for gum health
Speeds up recovery of scars
Support decreasing of blood pressure

Vitamin B1
Has role on metabolism of carbohydrate
Supports brain functions
Supports work of immune system
Hold blood circulation
Support heart and digestive system by protect muscles
Guardian against hardening of the arteries
Shows positive influences against bad effects of smoking and alcohol

Vitamin B6

In comparison with other all vitamins, B6 has the biggest role on vital function
Located in metabolism of carbohydrate, oil and protein
Has a role on formation of hormones, red blood cells, neurons, enzymes and prostaglandins
Essential for formation of serotonin which affects sleep pattern, psychology, pain threshold, appetite
Strengthen ımmune system, protect heart by prevent cholesterol, prevent formation of kidney stone


Strong antioxidant
Delay getting old
Protect cells
Helps to protection health of cardiovascular by increasing elastin of texture
Production and living of sperms affected by selenium
Decrease harm of toxic materials in the body
Contribute to continuity of function of hepatic


Provides working of organs, regeneration of cells
Delay getting older
Starts a war bacterias and viruses and decreases danger
Beautify skin, strengthen hair, nail
Prevents herpes
Supports formation of leukocytes and anticors
Protects ımmune system from virus by diminishing toxicants

How to apply immune system support?

Apply with intravenous injection method
Last approximately 1 hour
Need help of nurse
Apply under doctor control

Immune system Support Session Frequency!

Determined by the Doctor according to the patient’s needs!

Who are the good candidates for immune system support protocol?

Who wants to keep strong and healthy immune system
Who wants to decrease risk of having sickness
Who gets sick often
Who has cancer story on their family
Who has a low immune system because of severe illnesses