Butt Enhancement Butt enhancement is one of today’s most popular plastic surgeries. Thanks to this aesthetic procedure applied by helping people’s own fat, women gain a more attractive and plumper butt. Butt enhancement by Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) has been seen to create more natural and permanent results. At the same time, because the patient’s own fats are transferred to the butt in the Brazilian butt lift, the person’s body also gets slimmer. Women who want to get slimmer and gain a plumper butt with a single operation choose BBL, that is, Brazilian butt lift.

What is the Ideal Butt?

There are multiple methods using butt enhancement. The method to be used varies according to the patient’s butt type, butt condition and what kind of result is desired by the patient. The methods used are liposuction, fat injection and silicone prosthesis. 

In general, there are 4 types of butt types in people. These; It is round, rectangular, A-shaped and V-shaped. The most common butt type in society is the round shaped butt. Round shaped buttocks have been observed in approximately 40% of individuals. The type of butt, which is defined as the ideal butt, is the butt shape similar to the letter A. 

Butts with this shape expand in an oval shape as they go down from the waist. 30% of the society has this type of butt. This type is seen in 30% of the population. 

At the same time, the ideal butt is defined as a diamond-shaped gap between the legs of the person at the point where the under-butt fold starts on the inside of the legs, and the under-butt fold is curved upwards and has a crescent shape, after slightly moving downwards. In the light of this information, a detailed and careful analysis should be made in the evaluation of the butt enhancement, and the expectation of the person should be kept in the foreground.

Who is Suitable for Butt Enhancement Surgery?

Brazilian butt lift operation is not suitable for everyone. First of all, the persons’ butt has to be fit for getting plumper and being lifted up. In cases where the butt volume is completely lost, butt lift with fat transfer is not recommended. At the same time, Brazilian butt lift is not applied to people with a very flat and low butt. Because Brazilian butt lift is made with the person’s own fat, the patient has to have excess regional fat.

In some cases, fat injection is combined with silicone prosthesis. Upon the specialist physician’s recommendation, combined operations may be made for persons with a very low butt or slimmer persons.

What are Butt Enhancement Methods?

There is not only one ideal method in buttock aesthetics, the most suitable method is the one specific to the person. Butt enhancement is determined according to the shape of the butt and the desired change according to the person. 

Generally preferred methods in butt enhancement; If there is excess fat tissue in the person, it is liposuction, if the tissue is low and there is no advanced degree, it is fat injection, and if there is a significant lack of tissue in the person and the butt muscles are not prominent, it is a silicone prosthesis. 

In order to get effective and beautiful results in butt enhancement, it is very important to make the right analysis. It is very important to detect even the smallest detail by a specialist and experienced doctor. If the person wants her/his butt to be larger or more prominent, fat injection or silicone prostheses are used. With silicone prosthesis, oval, round or drop-shaped soft prostheses are used, which are selected according to the length and width ratio of the butt enhancement person’s butt muscle. Among the silicone prostheses used, there are soft solid prostheses that do not contain free gel silicone. Prostheses are placed inside the muscle of the person, not under the skin. With this method, the result of the operation is natural and effective. 

Fat grafting (fat injection) is applied for butt enhancement for filler purposes. The difference between these two different methods used is that 30-40% of the fat grafts are absorbed over time and the remaining 60-70% remain alive. With this information, when butt enhancement is mentioned, it is not necessary to understand only silicone prosthesis. There are different methods than this, and the prosthesis is only one of these methods.

Get a Permanent Effect in Butt Enhancement by BBL

Nowadays, Brazilian butt lift is one of the highly popular body shaping operations. The reason for such popularity is its slimming effect. Thanks to fats taken from the patient’s belly, waist and thighs, the patient gains a slimmer body after the operation.

Another advantage of the Brazilian technique is its permanent effect. Thanks to special cannulas used in this operation, fat cells are injected between butt muscles. Fat tissue transferred by the specialist physician is injected into the butt in layers to catch the perfect projection. This way, fat tissue in the butt will be permanent, and the risk of melting down will be reduced.

How is Butt Enhancement Surgery Made?

Brazilian butt lift operation is performed under general anesthesia. Fat transfer to the butt takes 4-5 hours on average. Through tiny incisions of 2 mm, people’s own fats are transferred to the marked areas in the butt.

After the operation, patients must wear a special pressure garment to keep the butt’s shape. In this process, patients should not apply much pressure on their butt. Not sitting directly on buttocks and sleeping face down will protect the butt’s new shape. Post-operative edema completely disappears and the butt gains its new shape within 3 to 6 months.

Butt Enhancement What is the Recovery Process After the Butt Enhancement?

The recovery process after butt enhancement varies according to the method to be applied. For example; If silicone prosthesis is applied, the patient should be away from pressure on the hip for 2 or 3 weeks and use a BBL pillow. During this period, the patient should not sit on the buttocks and is required to lie face down. 

After this process is over, the patient can return to her/his daily routine life. Sports such as gymnastics can be performed approximately 6 weeks after the operation. After liposuction and fat grafting (fat injection) operations, this recovery period is much shorter. Compression to the butt area should be avoided for only 2 or 3 days, and daily living, sports activities can be started after 2 or 3 weeks. 

After liposuction and fat grafting (fat injection), there is hardly any scar. The reason for this is that the procedure is performed with incisions as small as 2-3 mm. Silicone prosthesis application is applied with 7-8 cm incisions applied on the inner parts of the butt surfaces facing each other. This scar does not extend over and above the butt, so it does not cause a problem.

Is There an Age Limit for Butt Enhancement?

Butt enhancement can be applied to all adults, women and men, who are 18 years of age or older.

How much does Butt Enhancement cost in Istanbul, TURKEY?

There are multiple factors that affect butt enhancement surgery prices. 

These factors are; The patient’s buttocks structure, the operation method that is suitable for the patient and the operation method to be applied are like the patient’s expectations and wishes. The butt structure of each person is different and the butt enhancement method to be applied to each person may therefore be different. Butt enhancement covers the area from the waist to the bottom of the person. 

In butt enhancement surgery, fat taken from one part of the person’s body is placed in another buttock region, so that one region is tightened and the other region is obtained the desired aesthetic appearance.

If you want to have an aesthetic butt look, butt enhancement is the most suitable operation for you. Today, with technology and developing aesthetic surgery methods, it has become very easy to achieve the desired buttock appearance. You should be examined by our doctor to get more detailed information about butt enhancement and to answer your questions about the appropriate technique. You can learn your price information in the most accurate way at the end of the examination. It is not legal to specify prices on websites for centers accredited by the Ministry of Health. Therefore, please call 0212 241 46 24 to contact Quartz Clinic and to get information about Butt Enhancement Prices.

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