It has been known for years that the intense oxygen support created by the OxyGeneo skin care that easily heals sever wounds. Today, purifying, rejuvenating and refreshing quality of skin is used by several skin care specialists.

OxyGeneo + distinguishes characteristics among the other currently available applications that provides the skin by oxygen not from outside, but from inside, through blood circulation. OxyGeneO + simultaneously ensures an effective face application. It gently purifies the skin from dead cells, provides the skin with oxygen and ensures thorough skin rejuvenation. OxyGeneo skincare is completed with the provision of basic nutrients for the skin. The OxyGeneo technology offers outstanding anti-aging results. It is a safe application for any skin type.

Give Back OxyGeneo Skin Care Back To The Oxygen That It Lost!

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What is OxyGeneo+?

OxyGeneo is a skincare consisting of calcium, carbonate and citric acid. Inspired by oxygen’s cleaning power, this skincare method thoroughly cleans the skin. After a medical gel is applied to the skin, OxyGeneo head is massaged on the skin. As the gel gets foamy, carbon dioxide occurs on the skin. And the skin tissue produces more oxygen in order to balance that. Necessary amount of oxygen cleans the skin thoroughly. Thanks to this procedure called oxygenation, spots on the skin reduce and the skin enters into the process of rejuvenating itself.

How is OxyGeneo + Skin Care Applied?

OxyGeneO is operated with an effervescent-like head consisting of well-combined mixture of calcium, carbonate and citric acid. After the gel mixture is applied to the skin, that head is massaged on the skin. Slightly foaming gel initiates carbon dioxide formation of the skin surface. As a reaction to that, the skin increases the amount of oxygen in the superficial blood circulation, in order to balance the increased amount of carbon dioxide on the skin surface. The skin is purified and cleaned by the increased oxygen and becomes ready to receive all nutrients to be given. This is called Oxygenation.

What Does OxyGeneO+ Do?

Exfoliation: As the effervescent head applied on the gel gets foamy and melts, it gains an uneven surface which allows peeling the dead cell layer on the skin. The resulting smooth and rejuvenated skin is ready to receive active nutrients.

Infusion: The gel applied to the skin has pretty rich active substance content. Full of peptides, color evening substances, vitamins and herbal extracts, the gel perfectly nourishes the skin that became “hungry” thanks to the oxygen support provided. Because the effervescent head allows the dead cell layer to be removed, these nutrients can easily get into the depths of dermal layers. Two different treatments applied with Geneo+, namely Neo bright and Neo Revive, are applied once a week in 6 sessions. In the first session you can easily and painlessly obtain a smooth, rejuvenated and well-balanced skin and see the difference immediately.

What Are the Advantages of OxyGeneO + Skincare?

  • Eliminates the dryness in the skin and provides moisture.
  • Provides younger and fresh skin look.
  • Eliminates the pale and matt look on the skin.
  • Helps to the skin tighter look.
  • Fights against the pores.
  • Reduces skin spots.

Why Should I Get OxyGeneo?

If you cannot get the effect you desire from the other skincare applications and obtain short lasting results merely, what you need is OxyGeneo skincare. OxyGeneo treats the wide pores on your skin and make them disappear permanently. It removes the matt and pale look brought along by aging, and makes the skin look shiny and lighten up with the glam from inside. You will look much healthier and well-groomed with OxyGeneo application, even if you do not wear any makeup. OxyGeneo also helps the skin to get tighter, and aims at treating spots. However, if there is an excessive sagging in your skin, you may prefer surgical applications instead of skin care.

How Much Does OxyGeneo Skin Care Cost?

For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website.  Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact our polyclinic and get information on our Skin Care prices.