Barbie Vagina Barbie vagina aesthetics is highly preferred in genital aesthetics in western societies and in Turkey in recent years. The other name of the barbie vagina aesthetics is called ‘barbie doll vagina’ in the USA. The vaginal appearance is the baby vagina, which is known as the Barbie doll vagina and is very popular abroad, especially among young and middle-aged young girls and women. 

In the Barbie vagina appearance, the inner lips of the vagina and the clitoris bumps are reduced to the maximum amount and there is no skin tissue hanging out. It is also intended to be a straight, vertical line in the middle of the vagina. The most basic feature of the baby vagina is that the dark inner lips of the vagina and pink vaginal tissues are not visible when viewed from the outside. When viewed from the outside, there is only the slit shape. The name of this visible slit is the Venus line.

What is Barbie Vagina Aesthetics?

In Barbie vagina aesthetics, most of the inner lips of the vagina are removed. The clitoral head is reduced and the perineum is brought closer. In the last stage, fat injection is applied to the outer lips of the vagina. It is preferred by young and middle-aged women around the world.

How is Baby Vagina Aesthetics Applied?

There are basically 3 stages in baby vagina operation. These stages are as follows:

Labiaplasty; In order to prevent the inner lips of the vagina from being seen when viewed from the outside, the inner lips of the vagina are reduced, especially more than the back part.

Clitoral hoodoplasty; The excess parts of the skin covering the clitoris, known as the clitoris cap, are removed as deemed necessary. Fluffy and wrinkled appearance of the clitoris in the vagina is corrected.

Outer lip fat injection; The labia minora of the vagina appears more puffy and fuller, especially in women who are overweight. The reason for this is that the outer lips of the vagina are used by the body to store fat. After overweight women lose weight, wrinkles and drooping occur on the outer vaginal lips. This appearance can also be observed genetically and structurally in some women. The aim of Barbie Vagina aesthetics is a fuller appearance from the outside and the appearance of the Venus line between the outer lips and the outer lips. For this purpose, thin outer lips are filled with fat taken from the woman’s own body.

In addition to these 3 stages, combined operations can be performed if the doctor deems it appropriate. For example: applications such as vaginal tightening, G spot injection, vagina rejuvenation injection can be performed.

Baby Vagina “Barbie Vagina”Operation Recovery

Hospitalization is generally not required after the Barbie vagina operation. Since the operation is performed with local or general anesthesia, the patient does not feel serious pain and pain on the day of the operation. After the operation, the patient rests for a few days, and then she can easily return to her daily life and business life. Bed rest is not required. The patient should not stand for a long time after the operation. The most important issues after Barbie vagina aesthetics are the patient’s wound care and the proper use of the prescribed drugs. Sexual intercourse should be avoided for the first 1 month after the operation. The patient should stay away from the swimming pool, sea, sauna and heavy sports activities.

Vagina Tightening Operation with Barbie Vagina “Baby Vagina” Aesthetics

Vagina tightening operation can be performed in combination with Baby Vagina aesthetic operation. If the patient has a problem with the width of the vagina and wants to rejuvenate the vagina, the vaginal tightening operation can be applied in combination. Normal birth, aging, weight gain and genetic features cause weakening and enlargement of the vaginal tissue in women. During the vaginal tightening operation, the vaginal muscles that have lost their tone are tightened. And the loosened vaginal tissue is strengthened and narrowed. The duration of the operation is on average 30 or 45 minutes. The important point is to narrow the entire vagina along the vagina.

Are There Risks to the Barbie Vagina Operation?

As with any operation, Barbie vagina surgery can have risks such as bleeding, infection and opening of stitches. These risks are minimized when performed with the right technique by an experienced doctor. Patient expectations should be fully understood before the operation. Afterwards, the satisfaction is quite high as a result of the Barbie vagina aesthetic performed by an experienced doctor with the right technique.

Can Barbie Vagina Aesthetics be Applied to Virgin Girls?

Barbie vagina aesthetics can definitely be done to virgins. All labiaplasty operations do not harm the hymen, and these operations can be safely performed on virgin girls. If the operation will be performed for aesthetic purposes, it is recommended that the patient turns 18 years old.

How Much Does Barbie Vagina “Baby Vagina” Aesthetics Cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

Baby vagina, Barbie vagina cost is a subject that is researched all over the world. Barbie vagina is known as a genital cosmetic-aesthetic operation. The price of baby vagina aesthetics may vary according to a number of factors. 

The cost of Barbie vagina aesthetics varies according to the doctor’s experience, the clinic where the operation will be performed, and whether there are other genital aesthetic operations that can be performed together with the Baby vagina operation. Barbie vagina aesthetics is an aesthetic operation with very satisfactory results among genital aesthetic operations. 

For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. You should make an appointment and be examined, and as a result, the techniques to be applied to you should be determined. You can contact us directly at Quartz Clinique 0212 241 46 24 to learn about abdominal and Baby Vagina prices in general and to get information about Barbie Vagina in Istanbul, TURKEY.

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