What are Non-surgical Aesthetics Procedures?

Non-surgical esthetics applications gradually increase and let patients lean towards non-surgical esthetics. To give a perfect and more esthetical look to your skin without having an operation, we recommend you to keep a close watch on advancing technological applications. Medical esthetic applications can create effective changes both on skin and body. Thanks to these medical esthetic applications that are more practical, painless and more economical compared to aesthetic surgeries, you can have the body and face you dream of.

Medical Skin-Care Treatments

Skin-care methods consist of in-depth cleaning and moisturizing steps applied depending on the skin’s need. We recommend every adult to regularly have skin-care, no matter how well their skin looks. Hydrafacial skin-care, OxyGeneo+ skin-care, BabyFace Beauty (Thulium Laser) skin-care methods allow the skin to shine up and let pores to be cleaned. Combined with the advanced technology, these skin-care methods are adjusted to the person’s skin and makes prominent the properties such as anti-aging, acne treatment or moisturizing, depending on the need. If you want to have skin-care application for treating the scars or sunspots in your skin or your body, we recommend Fraxel Dual laser care to you. Thanks to this skin-care method using radio frequency waves, you can permanently get rid of the scars in your face or your body.

Medical Body Shaping and Slimming Methods

Do not let the fats you cannot burn despite exercises bother you! Thanks to non-surgical aesthetics as body shaping methods, you can gain the sand glass form you dream of. Technologies such as Prime Slimming, Ultrashape V3 and Velashape help the skin to get tighter and gain a good shape. Non-surgical body shaping methods are not a slimming method. Thanks to non-surgical slimming methods, you can shape your body faster and more efficiently see the effects of exercising and diet. If you cannot get rid of fats in your waist, belly, back, arms and legs at the end of your exercising and diet program, we can recommend medical body shaping methods to you.

Medical Rejuvenation Applications

Non-surgical rejuvenation is possible, thanks to medical methods! You do not need to have an operation to have a younger, smoother and wrinkle-free skin. Ulthera, Salmon DNA vaccination, Thread lift, Thermage CPT, Mesotherapy, PRP, Dermapen and Botox applications fight against the wrinkles in your skin and brings you a younger and tighter skin. You can improve the quality of your skin by starting medical rejuvenation applications in your 20s. Thanks to medical rejuvenation applications, you can postpone surgeries with a challenging recovery process such as face lift, and take your elder ages under control aesthetically. Non-surgical aesthetic applications are pain-free and almost have no recovery process at all. Working people can spend their lunch break for getting a non-surgical aesthetic procedure, and get back to their everyday lives in a younger and more natural form.


Filler application is used for creating a younger, fuller and more symmetrical face. Thanks to hyaluronic acid filler, you can get rid of undereye hollows and make your lips look fuller. Filler application’s results are visible from 16 to 18 months. If you wish you can have other filler applications and preserve your young and full facial lines.