Temporal LiftIn temporal lift, excess skin in the temporal area is cut out and the face is given a young look. One of the most affected regions is the temporal area of face by combined effects of aging, genetic heritage and gravity. Particularly after 35, skin’s elasticity reduces. And this leads to deformations in the skin. Skin starts to get loose and droop. Downward movement is seen in the temporal area and this puts pressure on the outer part of eyes and eyebrows. As a result of this drooping, skin in the temporal gets deformed. The only solution for drooping skin in the temporal area is temporal lift. 

What is Temporal Lift?

Temporal lift is one of the fastest facial surgeries. Temporal Lift is applied under general anesthesia. In general, a temporal lift procedure takes 30 to 60 minutes.

Temporal lift starts where the temporal unites with the scalp. From incisions made in the scalp, temporal skin is lifted up. If the level of drooping on a patient’s temporal is high, excess skin should be cut and removed. Some people want to have eye surgeries along with temporal lift. Particularly those who have intense wrinkles around eyes have eyelid surgery, temporal lift and eyebrow lift in combination. If you want to see a noticeable change around your eyes, you may consider combined surgeries.

Temporal lift operation is defined as a minimally invasive procedure performed in a short time. After the temporal lift operation, sutures are placed on the incisions and bandage is applied to the patient’s head area for approximately 1 or 2 days. While the patient is discharged, she/he is informed about the dressing care, and the bandage is removed 1 or 2 days after the operation. 

After the temporal lift operation, the patient should sleep with her/his head up for a week. The reason for this is to reduce swelling and bruising. There may be bruising around the patient’s eyes and forehead. This situation disappears within a week or 10 days. The bruise and foggy make-up can be camouflaged if the doctor deems it appropriate. Applying ice for 1 day or 2 days after temporal lift operation is effective in reducing swelling and bruising. Ice should not come into direct contact with the skin. The patient’s sutures are removed on the 10th or 14th day after the operation.

Who is a Good Candidate for the Temporal Lift?

Temporal lift operation is suitable for people who are generally satisfied with their forehead but have a sad and worried expression due to aging, but also have drooping eyebrows for droopy eyelids. Temporal lift is the ideal operation for many patients who want minimally invasive facial rejuvenation. If the person has Botox application to revitalize their forehead and eyebrows, a temporal lift will be very suitable for looking younger.

If the patient does not need a full eyebrow lift surgery, but only the eyebrow tip needs to be lifted, the temporal lift is very suitable. Temporal lift is effective in elderly-looking people with deep lines at the eyebrow tip and around the eyes. Along with all these, temporal lift surgery is very effective for people whose eyebrows and skin are drooping due to genetics and aging.

What age is the Temporal Lift Suitable for?

The age limit for temporal lift operation is generally over 35 years for women and 45 years for men. If there is a small subcutaneous fat layer on the face of the patient, much more effective results are obtained. If there is more than 1 cm of skin on the face, the skin is suitable for temporal lift operation.

Why Does the Temporal Area Droop?

Due to the general deformation on the face, the temporal area can drop by time. For sure, one of the most important reasons for this drooping skin is gravity. Skin tissue that cannot block the effect of gravity gets softer, loosen and droops over time. In addition to gravity, aging, skin quality, smoking, not exercising and an inordinate lifestyle lead to temporal drooping at early ages. Despite the fact that people have temporal lift in their late 30s, because of external factors, they may also be seen drooping also at younger ages.

What are the surgical Temporal Lift operations?

Skin lifting: This surgical method is applied in less sagging.

SMAS face lift: With this surgical method, the layers under the skin are stretched. In this way, a longer-lasting and effective temporal lift is achieved. In the temporal lift performed with the SMAS facelift method, the surface layer of the brow is pulled under the skin and is applied.

MACS removal: It is applied by stretching the layers under the skin. The result of the procedure performed with this stretching is much more permanent. And with that, a natural appearance is formed.

Temporal LiftBefore the Temporal Lift operation

Necessary medical tests are performed before the patient undergoes temporal lift operation. 10 days before the operation, blood thinners, aspirin, various herbal teas, and vitamins should be stopped. Alcohol and smoking should be stopped before the operation. In addition to all these, eating and fluid intake should be stopped at least 8 hours before the operation.

After the Temporal Lift operation

After the temporal lift operation, there may be temporary swelling, numbness and pain in the skin. Swelling becomes maximum approximately 4 or 5 days after surgery and disappears on the 10th day. If bruising occurs, it takes approximately 10 or 12 days. The patient returns to his daily life 14 days after the operation.

Temporal Lift recovery process

After temporal lift, patients in the recovery process are recommended to avoid mimics pushing their temporal, eyes and eyebrows. Temporal lift recovery process is generally 2 weeks. At the end of the second week, bruises and swelling are going to disappear. After temporal lift, no change is seen in your facial expression and your face is given a younger and glamorous look.

What are the Risks of Temporal Lift Surgery?

There is a risk of damage to a branch of the facial nerve, especially as a result of swelling or a peripheral lesion during the temple lift operation, but it disappears after the operation. Infection is a risk after surgery. Since the post-operative scars are behind the ears or on the hairy parts of the head, they are hardly noticeable.

What is the Difference Between Temporal Lift and Eyebrow Lift?

The temporal lift operation is a less invasive procedure that only lifts the outer corner of the eyebrow located in the temporal region. In the eyebrow lift operation, the entire eyebrow and forehead area is lifted. It is aimed to correct forehead wrinkles, eyebrow lines, deep wrinkles between the eyebrows and sagging eyebrows. 

The temporal lift operation does not change the middle of the eyebrows or the forehead area at all. With this feature, it lifts the cheek tissues of the patient and is effective in alleviating the sagging formed around the eyes. If you do not want to look like you have undergone an aesthetic operation according to the characteristics of your face and you want to have a younger and more dynamic look, the temporal lift is the most effective operation for you.

How much does Temporal Lift cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

Temporal lift operation price varies according to some factors. Temporal lift is a surgical operation performed to rejuvenate the face. Temporal lift is a very effective operation. The temporal lift not only stretches the facial skin, but also the layers under the skin. If necessary, combined surgeries can also be performed. 

In temporal lift surgery, the experience of the doctor, the skin of the patient, and the condition of the combined operations, if it will be applied, can be factors that affect the price. Due to this situation, the price may vary from person to person. 

The price is the same for our patients who will do the same job. That way, no patient pays more for the same amount of work and doesn’t feel bad. Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. 

In order to learn about the prices for Temporal Lift in İSTANBUL and to get detailed information, you must first be examined. After the examination, the appropriate technique will be determined for you. You can contact us directly at 0212 241 46 24 to get an examination appointment or to learn about Quartz Clinic Temporal Lift prices in general and to get information about Temporal Lift in TURKEY.

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