PRP for Under Eye If you complain about dark circles on your under eye, you can get rid of them with PRP for under eye treatment. Because PRP is obtained from the person’s own blood, it is a treatment method that is fit for everyone and that does not have any side effects.

Under eye problems cause people to look tired and sleepless. You can constantly receive comments such as “Are you sick?”, “You look tired” from your friends, even if you are not sick. Although under eye problems are tried to be hidden by concealers, it is not possible for men to hide it. 

The skin of men is more prone to oiliness than women, but despite this, dryness and dark circles occur around the eyes. When the seasons change and the skin is dehydrated, the under-eyes of men tend to look lifeless, especially. Especially in men, tired appearance, wrinkles and bags under the eyes can make their skin look older. There are treatments for younger and healthier eyes in men and women. One of them is PRP for the under eye. 

The skin under the eyes always needs delicate care. If the patient has problems such as bruising, dryness and redness under the eyes, PRP is the most effective treatment method at this point. Depending on the patient’s skin condition and the severity of the problem, combined treatments with PRP can be performed. With the PRP for under eye treatment performed by an experienced doctor, it is now very easy to get rid of the tired eye area.

What is PRP?

PRP gets its name from the initials of the words in the English expression ‘Platelet Rich Plasma’. PRP; It is applied in the form of injecting the substance obtained from the patient’s own blood and treating the patient. The injected substance in PRP is plasma enriched in platelets. Enriched plasma contains special cells called platelets or proteins that help blood to clot. In plasma, there are various proteins that support cell growth. 

According to the research, plasma was isolated from blood and concentrated, and a component called PRP, which is richer than platelet cells, was obtained. PRP is injected into damaged tissues in patients. With this injection, new, healthy cells are formed in the area where the patient is treated. With PRP, the damaged tissue is recovered. Tissue growth factors are very concentrated in the concentrated injection prepared. In this way, the recovery in the tissues is rapid.

What is the Purpose of PRP?

Platelets are blood components that contain “growth factors” that help repair damaged tissues in the patient’s body. If there is any damage to the tissues of the person, the patient’s circulatory system starts to restructure by collecting the platelets in this tissue, in short, it repairs. 

The purpose of PRP treatment; The aim is to place a much larger number of platelets than the amount that can be transported to the target tissue by blood circulation. As a result, the repair of damaged tissue is done quickly.

Which Areas Can be Treated by PRP for Under Eye?

  • Pigmentation deficit and dark circles under the eye
  • Dark pigmentation or under eye hollows
  • Fine lines, wrinkles and weak tissue under the eye
  • Under eye wrinkles, loss of flexibility
  • Under eye bags

PRP is the most effective treatment option for the aforementioned problems. PRP uses Thrombocyte Rich Plasma (PRP) regenerative treatment for rejuvenating the skin.

How is PRP Used for Under Eye Treatment?

PRP treatments for the under eye and upper eyelid are regenerative treatments which help the body to create a healthy skin with its own collagen and elastin stimulation through PRP injection. PRP renews the skin tissue and gradually makes you under eye smoother.  3 sessions of PRP in 2-3-month intervals are recommended for under eye darkness.

What are the Expectations from PRP for Under Eye Treatment?

PRP for the under eye can meet many expectations in patients. These features are as follows:

  • PRP treatment is effective for a long time.
  • With PRP, a person’s skin is naturally regenerated and repaired.
  • PRP treatment is an easy application and is applied safely.
  • With PRP treatment, all vital functions of the skin are supported with the formation of new collagen.
  • While PRP treats wrinkles and lines, it does this by rejuvenating it.
  • Create a long-lasting rejuvenating effect that can be in 10 or 12 months after 3 or 4 sessions of PRP.

PRP Under Eye Recovery Process

PRP treatment takes one hour on average and no anesthesia is used. When PRP is injected into the under eye, your under eye will look more voluminous for 2-3 days. Then, this volume is absorbed by the body. Gradual tissue treatment commences and this treatment automatically continues for 3 months. You can see the most effective result 3-4 months after the PRP treatment.

PRP treatments treat not only under eye darkness, but also all implications of aging (fine wrinkles, loosened skin, loss of volume, deep wrinkles, pigmentation).

Treating Under Eye with PRP

Under eye tissue that has dark pigmentation has pretty much loss of volume. In order to reduce under eye hollows and to obtain better results, you can have under eye light fill, in addition to the PRP treatment. This way, under eye hollows disappear and your under eye looks smoother.  While under eye light fill gives volume for 6-10 months, PRP stimulates collagen and elasticity for skin thickness, hardness and tissue development.

How Many Sessions of PRP for Under Eye Treatment are Applied?

For PRP for under eye treatment, the age of the patient and the condition of the patient’s skin determine the amount of session to be applied. As a person ages, the number of stem cells in her/his body decreases. Therefore, more sessions are required for treatment. PRP sessions are given to the patient at intervals of 2 weeks on average. 

In this direction, it is performed as 3 or 4 sessions on average, depending on the needs of the person and the under-eye problem. PRP for the under eye can be combined with applications such as mesotherapy in patients. It should be repeated once or twice a year after the patient has finished all PRP sessions.

What are the Side Effects of PRP for Under Eye Treatment?

PRP for the under eye can cause unexpected side effects with the injection applied to the skin of the person. Since PRP consists of substances taken from the person’s own body, the risk of allergic reaction is minimal. However, there may be some risks arising from the injection.

These possible risks include:

  • Pain in the injected area
  • Bleeding condition
  • Tissue damage may occur
  • Possibility of infection
  • Facing with nerve injuries

PRP for Under Eye Combined with Mesotherapy for Beautiful Looks!

Under-eye problems can be caused by many factors. These; It can be caused by factors such as drinking less water, insomnia, staring at the screen for a long time. These factors reduce the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin around the eyes and cause dryness and bruising. PRP application is very effective for bruises under the eyes. 

However, with combined PRP application with mesotherapy; Vitamins, amino acids and illuminating liquids prepared for this purpose are injected into the middle layer of the skin with thin needles. As a result, the regeneration process of the skin under the eyes begins. With applications such as PRP and mesotherapy, bruises and circles under the eyes are illuminated. And in addition, by increasing the content of hyaluronic acid, the lines will decrease as there will be plumping in the application area. With all these, the persons under eye looks younger. After 4 or 6 sessions of application, approximately every 10 days or 2 weeks, the person has a brighter eye area.

How Much does PRP for Under Eye cost in Istanbul, TURKEY?

PRP for Under Eye prices; It varies according to the area to be applied, the type of PRP treatment, and the number of sessions of PRP. PRP for Under Eye prices in combined applications and single session PRP prices vary. You can reach the healthiest information about PRP for Under Eye prices by calling our clinic. For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact Quartz Clinic and get information on PRP for Under Eye Prices In İSTANBUL, TURKEY.

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