Comedone TreatmentWhat are comedones? How is comedone treatment applied?

Comedones are black and white dots. The black and white dots that form inside the pores are called comedones. It mostly occurs in the form of skin-colored bumps or black dots. It has a different structure from acne.

Comedone is the name given to hair follicles that are clogged with excess dirt, oil (sebum) and dead skin cells on the skin surface. They appear as tiny, flesh-colored bumps on the skin and are considered a mild form of acne. These are also called non-inflamed pimples. Most inflammatory acne starts with comedones. If they become infected and left untreated, they are likely to develop into painful, red bumps such as papules or pustules.

Comedones do not pose a serious health threat. However, treatment planning is recommended by dermatology specialists in order to prevent progression and appearance. Comedones are a formation that affects both young people and adults. It differs from classical acne in that it can turn into inflammatory cysts in advanced cases. It is most commonly found in the nose, chin, forehead and genital area.

How about comedones?

Comedones can appear as blackheads or white blind pimples. It occurs as a result of the oxidation of sebum and keratin residues accumulated and clogged in the pores by external air, and appearing as blackheads or as whiteheads or blind pimples if they are not oxidized.

What are the causes of comedonal acne?

Oily skin is the most important cause of comedonal acne. Hormonal imbalances are also effective in the formation of comedones. Sometimes acne can occur during menstruation. In addition, excess testosterone triggers excessive lubrication in men. Apart from this, genetic features also play an important role in the formation of comedonal acne. Apart from these, skin cleansing, peeling and moisturizing products that are not suitable for the skin structure and continue to be used may increase the use of pillowcases for a long time without changing them.

What is an Open Comedone?

They are known as black dots. Keratin and sebum secretion accumulated in the open comedones type oxidizes and turns black.

– It is one of the most common skin problems.

– It is common among both women and men.

– It occurs mostly in the face area.

– It occurs in areas where hair follicles are dense, such as back, nape, neck and chest, especially in men.

– They have a structure that is very suitable for inflammation.

What are closed comedones?

These are the white dots known as blind spots among the people. Its tip is closed under the skin. Contrary to black dots, it cannot be emptied easily when squeezed. Generally, they are not noticed under the skin unless they reach the visible stage.

– It is one of the most common skin problems.

– They occur intensely, especially during adolescence.

– It occurs at the same rate in both men and women.

– Deep scars may occur on the skin when the white comedones are treated incorrectly.

Comedone TreatmentHow do comedones go?

Comedones can be treated by dermatologists with some applications, treatments and establishing the right skin care routine. Comedone treatment is very important both for the complaints not to progress and not to turn into acne. Comedones cause the skin to appear rough. The skin care products used to get rid of these structures should have the phrase “non-comedogenic” or “non-oily”. Skin care products that do not contain this phrase cause an increase in whiteheads on the skin, which leads to a rougher skin appearance.

What does the phrase “non-comedogenic” mean? Non-comedogenic skin care products do not clog pores. Thus, the skin does not become heavy. Especially people who are oily or whose skin structure is suitable for lubrication should pay attention to whether the products they will use are comedogenic.

How is comedone treatment applied?

In the treatment of comedones, the dermatologist first determines the problem, starts the appropriate treatment (usually creams), creates a skin care routine.

Comedone cleaning care should be done by professionals. Squeezing the wrong way causes scarring and inflamed acne on the skin, inviting bigger problems. There are various methods in the treatment of comedones. These:

Comedones extraction: Resistant comedones can be drained with sterile special instruments by professional practitioners.

Chemical peeling: The chemical peeling method (salicylic acid, glycolic acid, etc.) recommended by the dermatologist is planned for the discharge of comedones, in accordance with the skin type and condition.

Comedo treatment with Hydrafacial: It is one of the most effective methods in the treatment of comedones. This method is one of the most advanced skin care techniques that deeply cleanse the skin.

Comedones treatment with carbon peeling:

  • Carbon peeling helps clean the comedones as dead keratin accumulated in the pores is removed.
  • What should be considered after comedones treatment?
  • Non-comedogenic products and make-up materials should be chosen.
  • The treatments recommended by your dermatologist should be continued to prevent recurrence.
  • Skin care routine should be taken care of.
  • Towels and sheets should be changed regularly.
  • Make-up must be removed at night.
  • The skin should be cleaned with gel cleansers twice a day.

What is the most effective comedones treatment?

The comedone treatment to be applied according to the skin structure also varies. There are comedone treatments for oily skin, for dry skin, and for combination and sensitive skin. Each skin type should determine the most appropriate treatment method. At the same time, factors such as age group and the frequency and density of comedones on the skin determine the treatment method, apart from the skin structure.

Is it harmful to squeeze blackheads?

Blackheads are one of the most common skin problems. When the black spots in the nose, forehead, chin and cheek areas are squeezed, this situation turns into acne and then spots and scars after a while. Therefore, squeezing blackheads is a harmful habit.

What should be done to prevent comedonal acne?

– Facial cleansing is very important. The face should be cleaned twice a day to purify the skin from dirty and dead cells.

– Warm water should be used while showering and cold water should be used when washing the face.

– Plenty of water should be consumed.

– Cosmetic products containing mild chemicals should be preferred.

– During peeling, the skin should be treated gently.

– Before going to sleep, face cleaning should be applied.

– Non-oily, light-textured moisturizers should be preferred with the recommendation of a doctor.

– Sunscreen creams must be applied when going out.

– Attention should be paid to the diet. Foods containing excessive fat and sugar should be avoided.

– Pillow covers should be changed frequently. Clean pillowcases should be used.

– Black dots should not be squeezed.

– Make-up should not be applied to the face for 24 hours after each treatment phase.

Can comedones be treated during adolescence?

Comedone TreatmentComedones are a skin condition that can be seen at any age, from youth to adulthood. But it is most common in adolescence. During this period, the skin begins to produce new oils and sebum. In addition, individuals in this age group are more likely to squeeze black and white points. Comedone treatment can be applied during this period in order to both end this situation and ensure the healthy development of the skin. All types of acne (comedonal acne) should be treated at any age, including. Dermatologists plan age-appropriate treatment.

How to clean comedones?

You need to know very well what not to do when cleaning comedones. Black or white dots should never be squeezed. Infection and associated scarring may develop at the site of the squeezing points.

Blackhead tapes, vacuum blackhead devices are not recommended. Because even if these processes remove blackheads, they disrupt the skin barrier in the long term and because the underlying problem is not treated, blackheads reappear in a short time. Due to the deterioration of the skin barrier, redness, sensitivity, and capillary increase can be seen on the skin.

How much is the comedone treatment? Comedone treatment prices

Comedone treatment, which is applied differently according to each skin type, may have different prices depending on the method used during the procedure and the age of the patient. Care and treatment opportunities are available for every budget. It is not legal for centers approved by the Ministry of Health to indicate prices on their websites. You can reach our clinic by calling +902122414624 for the most accurate price information for you and for all your other questions.

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