Hollywood Cheek SurgeryNowadays, Hollywood cheek surgery is one of the most popular aesthetic interventions. As the key part of the facial line, cheeks may look more attractive and slimmer with Hollywood cheek procedure. This operation makes your cheek line slimmer. This way, you can create the ideal triangle face by chin-cheeks, just as Hollywood stars’. After obtaining the divine proportion, your face will look younger, more attractive and slimmer.

What is Hollywood Cheek Surgery?

Hollywood cheek is the term used for faces by providing more angular facial contour and less fat tissues. The operation called bichectomy reduces fat tissues and makes people’s round facial lines more angular. Women generally have a rounder face. Thanks to this operation, you can bring a more attractive look to your face.

How is Hollywood Cheek Surgery Applied?

Hollywood cheek surgery is applied from inside the mouth. It leaves no visible scar A 1-cm-incision is opened inside the mouth and the excess fat tissues in cheeks are removed from there. Operation takes 30 minutes in average, and is applied under local anesthesia. It is a quite easy operation.

During the preliminary meeting between patient and doctor, it is discussed how facial lines should be shaped and how much fat should be removed. The important point in Hollywood cheek procedure is removal of fats in a manner fit for the person’s facial lines and shape. When right amount of fat is removed, the ideal chin-cheek triangle can be obtained.

Effects of Hollywood Cheek Surgery

Hollywood cheek surgery can be applied to 20+ age. Genetically drooping cheeks are wrapped up and made more aesthetic and attractive with Hollywood cheek procedure. Large cheek problem inherited from one’s family is solved by reducing fat tissues. Having large cheeks is not directly associated with being overweight. Hollywood cheek procedure can also be applied to slim or overweight people.

Process following the Hollywood Cheek Surgery

Because Hollywood cheek surgery is applied from inside the mouth, you must consume only liquid foods for the first few days. You can prevent infections on sutures by keeping your mouth clean for the first 3 days. For this reason, it is recommended to use mouthwash for the first 3 days. After the 3rd day, one’s pain reduces and they even forget that they had an operation. Sutures inside the mouth automatically melt down. Although the cheeks are sensitive for a few days, this is temporary. Persons can get back to work on the day of the operation. You can see the real form of the cheeks 3 weeks later.

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