What is Body Aesthetic Surgery?

After pregnancy or losing too much weight, saggy skin, drooping or cracks can be observed on your body. Body aesthetic surgery operates the deformed regions of the body and helps the body to look tight and Young. Body esthetic surgery treats post-pregnancy skin and tissue drooping. Drooping skin can be seen in those who lost too much weight. Subdermal muscles which lost their elasticity and cannot be tightened with exercises and diet. For this reason, we recommend body aesthetic surgery to those who has deformations in their body.

Body aesthetic surgery is the plastic surgery made after obesity, pregnancy or losing and gaining weight too fast, to treat the deformations on the body. Cracks, drooping and cellulites formed in the body after losing weight are some of the factors which upset people and damage their self-esteem. Skin that loses its elasticity also loses its tightness and gets a loose look on people’s body. Body aesthetic surgery wraps up droopy and deformed skin with a surgical intervention and creates a younger body for the patient. Body esthetic surgery aims at replacing tissues and redistributing them on the muscular tissue.

Which Parts are Involved in Body Aesthetic Surgery?

Body aesthetic surgery involves arm tightening, thigh tightening, breast procedures, abdomen tightening and butt lifting. Depending on the amount of patient’s fats, liposuction may also be applied in the body aesthetic surgery. Plastic operations are made for several parts and it is aimed at creating a tighter body for the patient with a single operation. As a combined procedure, body aesthetic surgery is chosen as its cost is more affordable and its recovery process is faster.

How is Body Aesthetic Surgery Applied?

Firstly, the parts of patient’s body that require plastic surgery and the course of surgery are identified. Body esthetic surgery is performed under general anesthesia. In the first step, liposuction is applied and the patient’s stubborn fats are removed – where required. Then, getting lost skin cut out by surgical methods and droopy skin removes. Cosmetic sutures are applied and plastic body surgery is completed.

If body aesthetic surgery involves breast lifting or breast augmentation operations, plumper and permanent breasts are created for patients by using prosthetic silicones. Body esthetic surgery takes 6-8 hours, depending on the patient’s requests.

Who are Good Candidates for Body Aesthetic Surgery?

  • People who cannot get rid of their postpartum weight
  • People who gained a droopy skin after losing weight
  • People whose body cannot get tighter despite exercising
  • People who want to make their body contours more prominent
  • People who completed an obesity treatment

Post-Body Esthetic Surgery Recovery Process

You are recommended to stay at the hospital for one or two nights. You can have an easier recovery process by resting at home for minimum week. Wearing corsets recommended by the physician helps your body to gain its new shape. You can get back to your business life after the 4th week. Because your pain will concentrate in a single region after having a plastic body surgery, you do not feel much pain. You can easily overcome the recovery process with painkillers.

Advantages of Body Esthetic Surgery

  • More economical
  • Shorter recovery process
  • A single operation, instead of multiple ones
  • A more effective result
  • Less pain