Pubis Aesthetics Venus Hill Aesthetics

Pubis Aesthetics, also known as Venus Hill Aesthetics, is one of the most preferred operations by women, especially in recent years. This area is also called Mons Pubis. The area known as the Pubis Hill is the area located in the upper part of the genital area, high in the lower part of the groin and covered with hairs. 

Venus Hill is more raised than normal in some women. Because of this situation, women feel discomfort. What women wear; Clothes such as swimsuits and tight pants create a bad look. Because of this situation, women may have psychological problems. Pubis aesthetics can be performed with liposuction. Liposuction is applied to the top of the pubis and the outer lips of the vagina, also known as the labia majora.

What is Mons Pubis?

Mons pubis is the name given to the protruding part on the bone in the lower part of the navel in the female genital area. As women gain weight, this area becomes more prominent. And with the continuation of weight gain, this area in women becomes more evident under the clothes. With the pubis aesthetics, the excess fat in this area is removed and this area is provided to have a flatter appearance. 

Especially increasing obesity, rapid decrease in weight loss, excess mons pubis fat deposits make this region appear dislocated. Since this area has a connection with the outer lip structure of the female genital area, the lubrication here also affects the outer lips. With liposuction, fat removal can also be done on the outer lips. With sudden weight loss, deformation of the mons pubis occurs. When such a situation occurs, surgical operation should be performed. With the liposuction application, the mons pubis fat pad is reduced and a portion of the skin is taken and stretched.

Why is the Mons Pubis Area Large?

The Mons Pubis region, located in the upper part of the genital area of women, appears larger and protruding in some women. Sagging of the mons pubis is more common in women with weight problems. Due to genetic predisposition, Mons Pubis can become fat after normal birth or cesarean section or due to obesity problems. In this case, sagging may occur in this area and no matter how much diet or exercise is done, it is not possible to melt the swelling and fat in the pubis area.

How is Pubis Aesthetics Performed?

Pubis aesthetics; It is performed by liposuction application and horizontal cutting of the skin, reducing the mons pillow. Pubis aesthetics is applied to those who have advanced and excessive folding problems. Before the pubis aesthetics is performed, the condition of the pubis fat and sagging of the mons can be determined before the examination. The degree is determined. The amount of pubis area is determined in such a way that the most accurate result is obtained with the patient standing. In addition, the size and protrusion of the outer lips are also determined. All these determined features are evaluated as a whole in the surgical procedure. The piece to be taken from the pubis protrusion should not be more than a few centimeters. In cases where it is deemed necessary during the surgery, liposuction is performed to improve the postoperative contours and remove excess fat tissue. A horizontal incision is made on the upper edge of the pubis, which is under the patient’s belly button. Then, the underlying muscles are lifted and tightened for a tight pubic area. Then, the excess skin is removed and the pubis lift is tapped. The incision is closed with an aesthetic suture. The main purpose of this surgery is to reduce the excess skin in the groin area, to make pubis lift and to reduce excess fat with liposuction.

How is Pubis Liposuction Done?

The most common problem in the pubis area is swollen and protruding appearance. In this case, what should be done is pubis liposuction. If fat has been removed with classical liposuction, the patient should use a special corset for about 1 month after the operation. And it is recommended to stay away from heavy movements within a month. If the patient does not have a sagging problem in the pubis and lower abdomen, pubis liposuction can be performed on this person. Apart from this situation, lift surgeries are the appropriate method for the patient. 

The patient recovers in approximately 7 days. However, she should do limited physical movements for 1 month. In some cases, a drain can be placed in the patient to collect fluid after the surgery. These placed drains can be removed in approximately a few days. The result of the operation shows its effective appearance approximately 1 and a half months after the operation.

Pubis Aesthetics How is Pubis Lift Surgery Done?

In the pubis lift surgery, there is no scar because the operation line is made from the abdominoplasty incision scar or the fold scar of the lower abdomen. The operation is performed by entering the patient’s upper pubis and advancing to the abdominal fascia. The outer lips and outer areas are thinned so that no dimples are formed in the area thinned by 2 cm with liposuction. If there is lubrication on the outer lips, liposuction is applied to the outer lips. Excess labial fat is removed. The mons pubis is specially hung on the abdominal fascia and the excess skin is removed and the operation is completed with stitches.

What Should be Considered After Pubis Lift Surgery?

After pubis aesthetics, the patient should abstain for at least one week. The patient can return to her normal life 1 or 3 days after the operation. For about a month, edema and swelling may occur in the area where the surgery is performed. After the operation, the patient should go to the control appointments at intervals determined by the doctor.

After Pubis Aesthetics

After pubis aesthetics, there is no swelling in the upper genital area, which causes embarrassment, especially in women. Clothes such as swimsuits, bikinis and tight pants can be worn easily. It does not have a protruding or protruding appearance. The self-confidence of the woman is renewed and it is ensured that she is happier. The woman no longer has the feeling of shame in her sexual intercourse, and because the clitoris part will be more exposed, she may be more open to arousal. Women feel very good after pubis aesthetics.

How Much Does Pubis Aesthetics Cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

As well as pubis aesthetics, the prices of pubis aesthetics are also the most curious subject by patients. Pubis aesthetic prices may vary depending on whether it is performed in pubis reduction, pubis lifting or both surgeries. However, the experience of the doctor is one of the most important factors affecting the prices of pubis aesthetics. You should be examined by our doctor to get the most up-to-date and accurate price information. You can find the most reliable information about Pubis Aesthetics Istanbul, Turkey prices by calling our clinic. It is not legal for centers accredited by the Ministry of Health to indicate prices on their websites. For this reason, you can get information about Pubis Aesthetics Istanbul Prices by calling 0212 241 46 24 and contacting Quartz Clinique.

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