What is Thermage Cpt? | Non-Surgical Facelift | Leyla Arvas, MD

As one of the non-surgical medical procedures, Thermage CPT is a technology that affects the connective tissue by using radiofrequency waves. Thermage offers high standards with respect to the energy, power and safety. Not requiring any surgical intervention, this procedure tightens the skin without surgery or injection and brings you a younger look. After this one-session procedure, the skin looks noticeably younger, and patients get back to their everyday lives.

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Thermage CPT Effect

A rejuvenating and tightening effect is created on dermal and subdermal tissues by using radiofrequency waves (RF). The collagen tissue in the subdermal layers is stimulated and over time, it makes the skin renewed, tightened and rejuvenated, while reducing the sagging. This feeling increasingly continues over time.

Thermage CPT can be effectively and safely applied to several regions of the body including the face, eye, lips, belly, arms, legs and hips. After the procedure, temporary rash, swelling or skin irritation may be observed. No other side effect is seen.

Who is a Good Candidate for Thermage CPT?

Those who have problems not requiring surgical procedures can diminish their limited problems with Thermage and delay their surgical needs. Actually, for the patients who are suitable candidates for surgical procedures but hesitate and do not want to get them, Thermage CPT brings visible benefits, although the patients do not obtain the results that surgery may provide.

A Smoother, Tighter and Younger-Look!

After the Thermage application, you do not need to get protected against sun, as in the all-laser treatments. This application can be made in all seasons. You can get back to your daily routine after the treatment.

The Thermage CPT application lifts the skin, stimulates dermal cells and makes the skin look younger, removes fine lines around the eye and sagging in the eyelid and gives a younger look to the eye.

Youth Coming with Thermage CPT

Facial elasticity reduces over time and our skin starts to sag because of gravity. Those who want to have younger and tighter facial contours may look younger with Thermage CPT without any surgery. Thermage CPT is an anti-aging application. The fit candidates for this application are those who are in their 30s and who just encountered with the sagging in their skin. Because when the sagging in the skin is at an advanced level, it would be impossible to remove them without surgery.

Long Lasting Results

Results of the treatment start to be visible right after the application, and increase and maximize their effects in up to 6 months. The result is seen depending on the condition of the skin and natural aging process, and can be maintained for two and four years. After the Thermage application, your skin will look much brighter and shiny. Thermage CPT is one of the most suitable procedures for those who look for non-surgical skin tightening. Getting the Thermage application once will create a youthful effect on your skin for two to more years.

To see a natural lifting effect in your face, the Thermage treatment is recommended. One of the greatest advantages of the Thermage is that it preserves your mimics, while tightening your skin. Because your skin will start to rejuvenate gradually after getting a Thermage application, no one is going to understand you had an aesthetic procedure.

How Much Does Thermage Application Cost?

For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website.  Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact our polyclinic and get information on our Thermage application prices.

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