Carbon Laser Facial Carbon Laser Facial is an application with laser technology that is effective in the treatment of spots and scars on the skin, narrowing and cleaning of pores. With this peel method, excess oil on the skin is balanced and active acne is dried. With laser carbon peel treatment, you get rid of dead skin and have a more lively and healthy skin appearance. Another important effect is that as a result of the increase in heat created by the laser, the collagen in the skin is triggered and thus tightens the skin. Thecarbon  laser facial process applied with laser technology is a very safe application.

What is Laser Carbon Peel?

The carbon used in this peeling method improves skin health. Activated charcoal (carbon) is formed when normal charcoal is exposed to a high temperature. This substance takes the form of a black fine powder. Thus, tiny cavities appear in the powdered coal. These gaps play an active role in trapping toxins and chemicals. Moreover, they are easily absorbed due to their hollow structure. Activated carbon is obtained from charcoal, but it does not have the same structure as normal charcoal.

Activated carbon has brought a new breath to the cosmetic dermatology sector by turning it into a mask for peeling. Bacteria are removed with activated carbon and the skin is purified from dead skin, resulting in a cleaner and brighter skin appearance. Thanks to laser carbon facial, the skin is deeply cleaned and a smoother and healthier skin appearance is obtained.

For which skin problems is carbon laser facial used?

  • In the elimination of skin scars and spots caused by exposure to excessive sunlight and aging
  • Shrinking pores and making them tighter
  • Regulation and prevention of skin elasticity level
  • In the increase of collagen triggering and proliferation
  • Reduction and treatment of fine wrinkles
  • Regulating skin tone and brightness level
  • Adjusting the oil balance of the skin and absorbing excess oil from the body
  • In the removal of black spots on the skin that do not cause a pleasant appearance
  • It is applied in the drying and prevention of active acne and pimples.

With the laser carbon facial treatment, the skin structure is corrected and a more lively and smooth skin is obtained. With this method, dead cells and tissues are cleaned on the skin surface.

What are the advantages of laser carbon facial application?

  • The skin is renewed without being exposed to any peeling process.
  • Oil and moisture balance in the skin is regulated.
  • This peeling method is one of the most effective techniques applied in the treatment of skin spots and it adjusts the color tone balance of the skin and increases the brightness.
  • Contributes to increase the effectiveness of other skin treatments.
  • This application is also carried out during the summer months.
  • Applicable in all seasons

What are the benefits of carbon laser facial application?

Carbon facial with laser is an application mostly done for the face. Therefore, it has mostly positive effects on the face. With this application, harmful substances such as dirt, dead cells and tissues, dust and oil on the skin are cleaned. The skin, which is cleaned quite effectively, looks brighter and more alive. Activated carbon, which is one of the peeling agents, has a special hollow structure. In this way, the mask easily penetrates the pores on the skin. It plays an important role in cleaning the dirt, oil and other harmful substances in the pores. With this peeling method, which cleans deeply, the expansion of the pores on the face is also prevented.

Activated carbon has a rough structure. In this way, dead cells in the top layer of the skin are easily removed from the body. Thus, a renewed and more lively skin texture emerges from the bottom. The skin looks more fresh, healthy and vibrant.

The use of carbon masks in the laser process balances the oil setting on the skin. It has a degreasing feature in oily skin structure and skin types that are suitable for staining and acne formation.

Thanks to the carbon peeling process, acne formation is reduced and the skin looks healthier and cleaner. This peeling method also relieves problems such as redness and swelling caused by fly and insect bites.

Is laser carbon facial results permanent?

After the application, the effects of the skin cleansing and regeneration process begin to be noticed in about 15 days. The full effect time is seen after all sessions are over. After this procedure, peeling does not occur on the skin. However, there may be a slight pinkish appearance, but this is temporary. Laser carbon facial application is not a painful or painful procedure. The procedure takes effect immediately and the person can easily return to daily life afterwards. This application is not like filling or botox procedures. There is no permanence or temporary effect. Depending on the time progression and hereditary characteristics, this process can be done again.

Is carbon laser  facial a painful procedure?

The procedure is not a painful procedure. Only during the procedure, a slight increase in temperature may occur on the patient’s skin and a slight pins-and-needles sensation may occur due to the laser, but this is temporary.

How many sessions does the carbon peeling application take?

Laser carbon peeling is a very practical application. In this application, it takes only 15-20 minutes for the skin to absorb the carbon liquid. The laser process applied immediately after is completed in 15 minutes. After the procedure, the person can return to his daily life immediately.

After the determination of the treatment method to be applied, the application to be carried out with one week intervals usually lasts 4-5 sessions. However, this number can go up to 10 in spot treatments.

After the application, immediate effects can be seen on the skin.

Is laser carbon facial have risks? What are the side effects?

Carbon laser facial with laser application is an FDA approved application. It can be used easily even on sensitive skin. It is a process that allows the skin to renew itself with a low peeling effect. It has high patient satisfaction. The spectra laser used in the application minimizes the side effects of the application by making micro-second shots.

Rarely, itching and swelling in the application area may occur after the procedure. However, these complications are temporary and short-lived. Since it is a medical procedure, it must be performed under the supervision of a specialist doctor.

How is carbon laser facial treatment applied?

Before the application, the skin is cleaned under appropriate hygienic conditions. A thin layer of carbon mask is applied to the entire face area, especially the forehead, nose and cheeks. This mask is gently distributed over the face with the help of hand or a soft-tipped brush. When the mask contains carbon, care should be taken not to get it into the eyes. The mask is left to dry for 15 minutes. Then the face is gently washed with lukewarm water. Finally, moisturizer is applied to the dried face. Carbon mask can cause dryness on the skin. Therefore, it is important to apply a moisturizer.

This application can be applied 1-2 times a week in normal skin types and less frequently in dry skin types.

How is laser carbon facial applied?

Carbon Laser Facial Before starting the procedure, the skin is cleaned with the help of a solution. A black peeling cream is applied to the cleaned skin surface. It is a very important step that the carbon particles contained in the cream are highly absorbed by the skin. For this reason, in order for the skin to absorb the cream and for the cream to affect all the pores, the cream should be kept on the application area for 15-20 minutes until it dries.

Then, shots are made on the cream with Q-switched Nd YAG laser technology. In these shots, it is aimed to explode all the carbon in the skin and to cause a low level of damage to the skin.

With this applied energy, the collagen production of the skin is increased and the elastin fibers that increase skin elasticity are recovered, become shorter, and thus the skin becomes more dense.

Thanks to the shots made with this laser technology, the carbon particles taken into the skin and absorbed by the skin explode. In the meantime, a superficial peeling process occurs on the upper layer of the skin with the heat released.

Who can carbon  laser facial applied?

All men and women who have had acne and acne problems during adolescence and have turned these problems into scars in later ages, people who want to have any skin problem treated permanently and who do not look younger and healthier can have this procedure done with peace of mind. Apart from these, it is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women. With carbon facial, your skin becomes more beautiful and gains a lively appearance.

How does the carbon laser facial work? How long is the effect?

In this process, laser and carbon are combined together to create a common interaction. In this way, a successful result is obtained. By treating the subcutaneous tissue with carbon, skin problems are eliminated. The laser heals the skin by creating deformation on the skin with the heat it emits. The laser, which goes under the skin, pushes the carbon under the skin with its speed. Thus, carbon starts the treatment both on the skin and under the skin. In this way, the skin gains a younger appearance.

As with most cosmetic procedures, the effectiveness of this procedure is not permanent. After the procedure, skin cleaning and care should be done very well. On the skin that is not cleaned well, the oil rate may increase again and the pores may enlarge. And so new spots may appear. Wrinkles may become more prominent. It is beneficial to repeat it at least once every 6 months, depending on the skin structure and problems of the person.

Is the recovery process long after carbon laser facial?

The healing process is one of the most curious subjects in almost all applications. This application does not require anesthesia. There is no recovery process. There is no waiting period.

The patient can easily return to his daily life and social activities after the procedure. One of the advantages of this application is that it is suitable for all skin types and is a practical and fast process. It has become very popular lately because it is an effortless and easy method. For people who want to have the application regularly and frequently, the session intervals are usually determined as 2 weeks.

What should be considered after carbon facial?

It is not recommended to take an extremely hot shower on the day of the procedure. In addition, intense heat environments such as Turkish baths, saunas, solariums and direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided as much as possible.

There is no visible peeling of the skin after the procedure. A little pinkness may occur on the face, but this is temporary. Immediately after the procedure, the person can easily return to his work and social life. Sunscreen lotions and creams must be applied. Take a shower with lukewarm water instead of a hot shower. Any procedure that is harmful to the skin and may cause discomfort should be avoided. This application can also be applied together with other effective methods. Thus, its effect is increased.

How much is laser carbon facial? Laser carbon facial prices

Laser carbon facial prices vary due to factors such as which treatment method will be used, the area to be treated, the width of the area to be treated, and the number of application sessions. It is not legal for centers approved by the Ministry of Health to specify prices on their websites. To find out the most suitable treatment method for you and all your other questions, you can reach our clinic by calling +90212 241 46 24 and learn the prices of Laser Carbon Facial.

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