Have you ever looked at the mirror and said that “I wish I had perfect body proportions”? If some parts of your body have excess weight and some other parts lack sufficient plumpness, fat injection can be the right choice for you! In fat injection, we take the excess fat in your body and add them to the areas you desire. This way, your body looks better shaped, curvier and plump. Using the person’s own fat, this procedure not only makes patients slimmer, but also gives an attractive plumpness to some areas such as breasts and hips. Permanence of fat injection results varies depending on the application site. While fat injection brings faster results in non-moving areas such as face and breasts, fat injected for leg shaping may melt down fast.

A new era in body contouring:Fat Transfer!

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What Are the Advantages of Fat Injection?

Fat injection is used for shaping the body and face bring a very natural result. Popularity of fat injection that brings natural results particularly in lips and cheeks is increasing day by day. Results of fat injection can look perfect for years without requiring any correction. Because transferred fat is a live tissue, it will continue functioning normally in its new location. Fat injection not only gives plumpness to the injection site, but also supports collagen production and improves the quality of skin there. For this reason, fat injection is used for treating scars as well. Fat transfer leaves a natural feeling in your body. When you have a fat injection for augmenting your breasts or butt, you will have a soft and natural feeling. While a hard and artificial feeling is left with prostheses, a soft feeling as your own tissue is left in fat transfer.

Are the results of fat transfer permanent?

Permanence of fat transfer result increases day by day, thanks to the current technology. When body shaping with fat transfer was first introduced, permanence of fat cells was around 30%. With the developed techniques, we can reach permanence up to 60% now. Thanks to Vaser Liposuction, regional fats can be removed in liquid form. Fats taken out are decompounded and injected into desired areas through thin cannulas.  Thanks to the newest techniques of Vaser Liposuction, we can reach permanence between 60% and 80% now. Permanence of fat transfer results also depend on the injection site. While fats melt down faster in moving areas such as legs and hips, they can stay longer in such areas as lips and breasts.

Fat InjectionFacial Shaping with Fat Transfer

With fat transfer, you can give your face plumpness and youth effect. With the effect of aging, subdermal cells reduce and a stooping face look is observed. Some people, on the other hand, have a more stooping face. Thanks to fat injection, your face can naturally gain plumpness or you can get rid of the stooping in your face. Stooping cheeks, flat jugal bones and flat chin line can be reshaped by fat transfer. Wrinkles around the face and under eye drooping are also given a younger look, thanks to fat injection. Fat transfer helps your face to be plumper and your wrinkles to be less visible. You can use fat fill for augmenting thin lips as well.

Fats required for facial shaping are taken through 3-5 mm incisions. This procedure is generally used for areas with intense fat formations such as tummy, waist and hips. Aspirated fat is transferred to the desired area after centrifuge and separation processes. For a successful fat transfer, it must be applied to the desired area through thin cannulas an in a low quantity. This way, transferred fat’s contact with the tissues around, which it needs to provide with oxygen and nutrients, is ensured.

Body Shaping by Fat Transfer

Are you ready to shape your body with your own fat? With the Lipo Shaping method, you can get rid of your regional fats and create a curvier and more attractive body with these fats of yours. Because your own fat is used in the Lipo Shaping procedure, this application has no side effects. Treatment is applied in two steps to patients who want to have body shaping with fat transfer. In the first step, Vaser Liposuction is applied, and the person’s excess regional fats are taken out. In the following second step, these fats taken in liquid form are transferred to where they are needed. In this stage, the area desired to be filled and the amount of fat required are also very important. If the patient only wants facial shaping, 50cc fat will be enough. For breast augmentation and butt augmentation, 1 liter fat is required on average.

Post-Fat Transfer Recovery Process

Fat transfer procedure is realized under general anesthesia.  Because thin cannulas are used and fats are taken with a very slight pressure, the tissues around are not damaged. Wavy look seen after the conventional liposuction are not observed with Vaser Liposuction. Edema formation in the fat transferred area is normal. Patients who had fat transfer are invited to a follow-up examination and their dressings are removed on the 3rd day following the procedure. Edema and swelling will disappear within 10 days.

Is Fat Transfer Suitable for Me?

If you cannot lose weight with exercising and diet and also dream of curvier body contours, you can have a fat transfer procedure. Fat injection is fit for those who want to change the fat balance in their bodies. One who wants a slimmer waist and plump breasts can have fat transfer procedure. Fat transfer is not a slimming method. For this reason, fat transfer is not applied for slimming purpose. Fat transfer makes the body slimming and look better balanced.

Thanks to fat transfer, body contours are shaped by using person’s own fat. It is mostly used for breast augmentation, butt augmentation and facial fill. Because it is applied with the person’s own fat, it poses no risk of allergy.

Why Should I Have Fat Transfer?

Fat accumulated in some parts of the body are stubborn and are not easily removed from the body. Fat accumulated in tummy, upper legs and butt may make one look bigger than he/she actually is. If you want to get rid of that excess weight with diet and exercising, this process may be quite tiring and long. Instead, you can get rid of your stubborn fats within one day, thanks to the fat transfer application.

Fat transfer is not merely for losing weight. By injecting the excess fat taken from you back into your body, this operation also helps shaping your body. Fats taken from you may be transferred to the desired areas after undergoing a special process. Thus, you can get slimmer and have more attractive contours with a single operation.

How Much Does Fat Injection Cost?

For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website.  Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact our polyclinic and get information on our fat injection prices.