Forehead Reduction SurgeryForehead reduction surgery is applied to those who have a wide forehead. People who have a high hairline or who have baldness in the forehead have a larger forehead than normal. Having a large forehead disrupts people’s facial esthetics and shows their facial lines are disproportionate. Thanks to forehead reduction surgery by using the current aesthetic approach, people can easily reduce their forehead and make their face look more beautiful and attractive.

What is Forehead Reduction Surgery?

Some women’s and men’s foreheads are wider than normal either genetically or due to hair loss. The forehead structure is very important for men and women. This situation, which is disproportionate in symmetry, is caused by the fact that the hair starts from behind the hairline or hair loss in the forehead area. 

Baldness caused by too much hair shedding causes a wideness in the forehead area. Women who have a wide forehead area use a hair bangs model to hide this situation. However, men with wide foreheads cannot hide their foreheads with a hairstyle. 

The problem in the forehead region causes people to be self-confident in their social lives. In this way, people with problems can have a normal size appearance in the forehead area with forehead reduction surgery. 

Forehead reduction surgery is to create the desired narrowness in the forehead of the person by changing the location of the hairline in the forehead. This surgery is preferred to make the person’s face circumference more petite. In women with wide forehead problems, the hairline is pulled forward by 1 or 1.5 cm with the regional hair transplantation method. 

Today, people with wide foreheads have permanent solutions with forehead reduction surgery instead of getting temporary solutions with a hairstyle.

Why Do People Have a Large Forehead?

Large forehead problems not only are genetic, but also may develop due to hair shedding. People with a large forehead avoid tight hair models and try to hide their forehead with their hair. 

Women who have a large forehead generally use bangs, while men try to hide their forehead with a hat. Do not let your large forehead be your nightmare. To create a permanent solution for the large forehead problem, you can use forehead reduction surgery. This way, the hairline is lowered and the forehead is reduced. Large forehead problems are eliminated with hair transplantation and a person’s facial lines are made prominent.

How is a Forehead Reduction Done?

People with genetically wide forehead prefer hair transplantation in the forehead area. With forehead reduction surgery, the forehead line of the person is lowered towards the face area. In this way, the aesthetic appearance of the person’s face is normalized. 

In hair transplantation, the forehead height is adjusted with this surgery in which the hairline is pulled forward. As a result, the open forehead problem is eliminated and the person’s hairline is corrected. The forehead and new hairline are formed, which are natural and suitable for the patient’s facial features.

Forehead Reduction SurgeryForehead Reduction Surgery for Women

Forehead reduction surgery is a very popular aesthetic operation among women today. Since a high hairline disrupts the general symmetry of the woman’s face, women especially see this surgery as a solution. As a result, women have a more attractive face and a balanced appearance on the face. 

Since women can have high hair density along the hairline, they are very suitable for forehead reduction surgery. But it should be known that this surgery is an operation that has more risks than hair transplantation. If there is no excessive hair loss in women or if there is no hereditary hair loss, forehead reduction surgery is a very good option. People with hair loss may consider having a hair transplant operation for women.

Forehead Reduction Surgery for Men

Forehead reduction surgery may be suitable for very few male patients. The reason for this is the possibility that male patients who will continue to lose hair or who will begin to lose hair may lose their new appearance due to the continuation of hair loss problems after surgery. If the male patient does not have baldness and there is no regression in the hairline, he is a good candidate for forehead reduction surgery.

How is Forehead Reduced with Hair Transplantation?

The most frequently used method for forehead reduction is hair transplantation. By hair transplantation, persons’ hairline is lowered and forehead is reduced. By the way, hair shedding in general, large forehead problem is eliminated with hair transplantation. 2000 to 3000 follicles could be sufficient for forehead reduction. Hairline can be lowered by 1-1.5 cm with hair transplantation. This gives people a more natural and more aesthetic forehead. For people with a too large forehead, hairline can be lowered more, but more follicles could be required.

How Should the Location of the Hairline be Determined?

Natural looking results are very important in forehead reduction. For either natural or esthetic forehead appearance, hair transplantation should be made in a manner fit for the person’s facial shape, size and hair. When determining the location of the hairline, one needs to mind three issues. Divine proportion of the face, patient’s age and baldness. Because if the person is entirely bald, it is required to transplant hair all around, not merely in the forehead.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Forehead Reduction Surgery?

For forehead reduction surgery, patients must meet some criteria. These criteria are as follows:

  • People without genetic disorders.
  • People without health problems.
  • People with low build muscles and wrinkles on their muscles
  • Men and women whose forehead area is visibly too open
  • Men and women whose hairline is too high.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Forehead Reduction Surgery?

The recovery period after forehead reduction surgery is generally known as a short and not difficult period for the patient. Your doctor who performs the surgery places a slightly protective bandage on the treated area after the surgery. The placed bandage is removed the next day after the operation. The sutures of the patient are removed after 3 or 7 days. After the stitches are removed, the patient can easily return to her/his daily life. During the recovery period, the patient should consider the doctor’s recommendations and should not engage in very strenuous activities.

Is Forehead Reduction Surgery Permanent?

The forehead may appear wide due to the beginning of the hairline from the back or due to hair loss where the hairline starts. In addition, the forehead may appear wider than normal due to genetic factors. Forehead reduction surgery is a highly preferred surgery to remove this image of the forehead. And as a result of this surgery, a permanent solution is obtained. By paying attention to the hygiene rules after the operation, the patient prevents the application area from getting infected, and as a result, the recovery takes place in approximately 7 days.

Does the Forehead Reduction Surgery Leave Scars?

During forehead reduction surgery, the doctor makes a surgical incision. Due to this incision, there may be a small temporary scar on the new hairline nerve. After the surgery, a pink colored and sensitive scar can be observed for a certain period of time. This is a very normal situation. During this incision, new hair grows over time, and the resulting scar will be completely invisible. The presence of this scar is directly proportional to the experience of the doctor who performed the surgery and the patient’s attention to the hygiene rules after the surgery. In order to reduce the visibility of the scar formation, the patient should consider the recommendations of his/her doctor after the operation. It should be protected from sunlight; the incision area should be kept moist and away from the risk of infection.

Is Forehead Reduction Surgery Painful?

Forehead reduction surgery is a painless operation since general anesthesia is used for patients and a minimal trans follicular incision is used. If the doctor deems it necessary, the doctor can apply local anesthesia around the forehead of the patient in order to reduce the possible pain. The patient may feel a slight pain around the forehead after the operation. This mild pain can be relieved with pain relievers.

How much does Forehead Reduction Cost?

Forehead reduction surgery is the most difficult process to decide where you will have the surgery before the surgery. It is not an easy process to find an aesthetic clinic that has an experienced staff for this surgery and offers affordable prices. If you have decided for forehead reduction surgery and you are planning, you can contact Quartz Clinique to get information about the whole process. 

Forehead reduction surgery prices may vary depending on the clinic, the doctor’s experience, the nature of the patient, and the technique to be applied. Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. You should be examined by our doctors in our clinic so that we can share information about the Cost Forehead Reduction Surgery. Therefore, please dial +905442684433 to contact our assistant and get information about Forehead Reduction Surgery Price. 

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