Crooked Leg OperationCrooked leg is one of women’s nightmares. Although our legs are designed for walking, leg aesthetics is very important to women. Beautiful and perfect look of legs is as valuable as their function. Crooked look in legs and disproportioned posture lead to reduced self-esteem for women. Women who cannot wear what they want lose their self-esteem due to crooked legs. The reason for the crooked look is unbalanced fat distribution or bone curvature. Thanks to crooked leg operation, you can eliminate this problem and gain perfect legs.

What Are the Reasons of Crooked Legs?

The reason for people’s bone curvature may be insufficient sunlight.  Vitamin D deficiency particularly seen in childhood may lead to problems with bone development. People who could not get sufficient sunlight may have bone problems later on. In addition to vitamin D deficiency, excessive fat accumulation and genetic heritage also lead to an unaesthetic look in legs.  In some cases, fat accumulation is observed only in the upper or lower legs. This disproportionate fat accumulation disrupts the overall look of the body.

How Are Crooked Legs Corrected?

Crooked leg operation aims at making two legs equal and making them look perfect. Legs looking crooked due to unequal distribution of fats are corrected by fat transfer. Fat can be taken from the patient’s belly or waist are added to the regions leading to crooked legs, and a symmetric look is created. Because fats removed with the technique Liposuction do not contact air, they preserve their liveliness.  Therefore, it ensures a much more permanent treatment in the injection area. Likewise, with fat transfer, problems where only the upper or lower leg is thick are treated. Disproportionate fat accumulation is balanced.

Advantages of Fat Transfer

Crooked legs can be corrected without any operation, by using the peoples’ own fat only. The greatest advantage of fat removal by Liposuction is to create long-lasting results. Because fats removed are enriched with respect to stem cells, they remain in person’s body for longer. This treatment is applied with micro entries only, There is no incision and therefore, no scar is seen.

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