Tummy Tuck RecoveryTummy tuck is a very popular plastic surgery procedure nowadays. Studies show that tummy tuck operation is one of the 5 most frequently performed aesthetic surgery operations. Although the tummy tuck operation is very popular, many patients are very curious about what they will experience during the tummy tuck recovery process. In the recovery period after tummy tuck, having information about the recovery period and recovery details will guide and enlighten many patients who think of tummy tuck.

In order for the recovery process to be smooth after the tummy tuck operation, it is very important for the patient to understand and prepare for what needs to be considered after the operation. In this regard, the patient’s doctor and team support the patient. Tummy tuck may be a way to achieve your aesthetic goals that you desire for yourself and will make you happy. In this case, you should be gentle with your body and listen to your doctor’s advice to get through the tummy tuck recovery process without any problems.

What are the Factors Affecting Tummy Tuck Recovery?

The recovery process after tummy tuck operation may be different in all patients. It is not correct to give a clear answer about how long the recovery will take after tummy tuck. As in all aesthetic surgeries, the recovery process after tummy tuck may vary according to various factors due to individual differences of the people.

These factors are as follows:

  • Patient age
  • General health status of the patients (whether they have heart, diabetes, etc. diseases)
  • Type of tummy tuck operation applied to the patient
  • Patient care after tummy tuck

After the tummy tuck operation, within the framework of the above factors, the doctor who performed the operation can inform the patient about the recovery process. For example: if the general health of the patient is good, if there is no additional disease, if the general health condition is good, if she/he is not at an advanced age, the patient with tummy tuck recovery can start her/his work life approximately on the 15th day.

Tummy Tuck RecoveryWhy is the Type of Tummy Tuck Operation Important for Tummy Tuck Recovery?

There are 2 types of tummy tuck operations. These are full tummy tuck and mini tummy tuck operations. It is a more comprehensive operation, “Full Tummy Tuck Surgery”, and it is “Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery”, which is performed only in a small area in the lower abdomen. Which type of tummy tuck operation is suitable for patients is a decision that the doctor will determine according to the degree of abdominal deformity. No matter how extensive the tummy tuck operation is, the recovery process may depend on the patient.

After Tummy Tuck Operation

After the tummy tuck operation, the patient’s abdomen is closed with a surgical dressing. When necessary, thin materials called drains are placed in order to drain the accumulated fluid. The drain placed after the tummy tuck is widely used for the safety of the patient. The purpose of drain placement is to remove the accumulations such as blood and serum inside. In addition, the use of drains is very useful to reduce postoperative edema. During the recovery period after tummy tuck, the patient should lie down and rest with his back slightly bent, especially for the first few days. The patient’s movement and walking in the first 6 hours after tummy tuck surgery accelerates the blood circulation in the legs.

How Many Days Does the Patient Stay in the Hospital After Tummy Tuck?

After the tummy tuck operation, two-night stay in the hospital is sufficient for the patient. This situation may vary according to the specific situation of the patient. After the tummy tuck surgery, someone who will support the patient for the first day or two days is very important when the patient is at home. Because someone who can give painkillers to the patient and support the patient because his/her mobility is limited can be very important. Especially after the tummy tuck operation, when the patient is discharged, she/he should not bend over for a long time, lift heavy weights or stand for a long time. This process takes about a few days. Being careful will make the tummy tuck recovery process easy.

When do you Return to Daily Life in the Tummy Tuck Recovery?

If the patient has small children after tummy tuck surgery, squatting or lifting children is not recommended, especially in the first few weeks. The patient may need support in this regard. In addition, after the tummy tuck surgery, the patient’s driving, cooking or shopping can generally be done two weeks later. If the patient’s job is physically difficult, it is recommended to take leave of approximately 1 month in order not to endanger the tummy tuck recovery process. Also, exercise should be avoided during this time.

When does Edema go Away in the Tummy Tuck Recovery?

In some patients, there may be slight numbness in the suture area for a certain period of time after the tummy tuck operation. This is usually normal and passes over time. After tummy tuck surgery, it can take approximately three months for the edema to completely disappear. However, it may take more time for scars to become less obvious after tummy tuck surgery.

Tummy Tuck RecoveryHow Should the Pressure Garment be Used in Tummy Tuck Recovery?

After the tummy tuck operation, it is very important to use a pressure garment so that the area can be tightened more easily. The doctor recommends the pressure garment that is suitable for the patient. Regular use is very important when using a pressure garment. After the tummy tuck, it is recommended to use the pressure garment for 4 weeks. When the 4-week period is over, the patient should start using the pressure garment only during the daytime. The use of pressure garment can be difficult, especially in the summer months.

6 Things to Pay Attention in Tummy Tuck Recovery?

  • -Heavy movements and sports should be avoided for 4 weeks after the operation.
  • -Attention should be paid to a healthy diet. In particular, fatty, spicy or high-carbohydrate foods should be avoided.
  • -Medicines prescribed by the doctor should be used regularly.
  • -Great attention should be paid to daily fluid intake.
  • -Alcohol should not be used.
  • -Sexual intercourse should be avoided before the tummy tuck recovery period ends.

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