Filler injection is one of the most preferred and favorable methods for removing skin lines and wrinkles. Elasticity of our skin diminishes over time because of  aging or genetically and it leads wrinkles and sagging. Rejuvenating cosmetic interventions remove these implications of aging and give us a younger look. The method filler injection is generally used for removing wrinkles, correcting the skin contour deficiencies and augmenting lips. You can use fillers for having a younger fresh and esthetic look on your face.

Filler Methods

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FillerFor Which Purpose Can be Filler Applied?

The purpose of filler application is giving the face a younger symmetric and esthetic look. This medical aesthetic application that becomes effective in a short time helps regaining skin’s elasticity, renewal of the decreased fat layer and erasure of the wrinkles in the skin caused by collagen deficiency. Particularly with aging, the lower part of the face starts to sag. With the effect of such sagging, people look older and paler than they really are. Filler applications to the face make skin look plumper and create a lifting effect in the face. Filler aesthetics also allow skin to treat scars and acnes.

What is Facial Filler Application?

Facial filler application removes the hollowness in skin. With the reduced collagen and fat tissue, hollowing may occur in people’s faces. This makes people older and less healthy. With facial filler application, one can get rid of that unhealthy look within 20-30 minutes only. You can have younger and plumper facial features. Facial filler application enhances cheekbones, removes wrinkles in the fore neck and around the mouth. Facial filler application is also chosen to raise the nose, make eyebrows look upturned and emphasize lips.

Where Can Filler be Applied?

Lip fillers, facial fillers and under eye fillers are used for creating a younger and more dynamic look on people’s face. Facial fillers can be applied to patients’ cheekbone, forehead, tear troughs, nose, chin, lower chin line, eyebrows, acne scars.

How is Filler Applied?

Filler application is an extremely easy procedure which does not require anesthetization. It takes only 30 minutes and you can get back to work and everyday life right after the treatment. At first, the application area is prepared for filler injection. Then, the filler is injected into the points to be filled. Depending on the person’s need, sometimes filler is applied to a single point and filler application is completed by injection into several points at other times. After the procedure, side effects such as bruises and swelling may be observed. However, all these side effects disappear and a relaxed and younger look is gained within a few days.

Is Filler Application Painful?

Filler application is completely pain free. Before the application, anesthetic lotion is applied to your skin locally to make you feel no pain. Then, the filler is injected with a fine-lead needle. After the filler application, it is normal to feel a slight tingling in the application area. This tingling will automatically disappear within a few hours.

Does Filler Application Give Permanent Results?

Permanence of filler application’s results varies depending on the injected substance. The effects of natural looking fillers remain for 12-18 months in general. If you want your filler to look more permanent, we recommend you to get it renewed. 60% of fat-based fillers melt 6 months after the application, while the remaining is permanent for longer. At this stage, fat tissue in your body becomes prominent. When you lose weight, fat tissues in your body will also be lost naturally. Lip fillers’ life is generally 12-18 months. After 12-18 months, the filler in your lips melt down and your lip will relapse.

How Much Do Filler Applications Cost?

For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website.  Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact our polyclinic and get information on our filler application prices.