Under Eye Dark Circle TreatmentThe appearance of the under-eye skin darker than its normal state, is called detention bruises or under eye dark circle. dark circles around eyes, which are a very common skin problem, may occur due to increased pigmentation in skin and the thin structure of the under-eye skin.

Under eye dark circle, which are seen in all age ranges, are a more common problem, especially in women. It can make the person look more tired and sick. For this reason, bruises under detention are a skin problem that many people are uncomfortable with.

How do under eye dark circle occur?

Factors such as getting enough sleep, paying attention to keeping the head elevated while sleeping, adequate fluid consumption, avoiding excessive sunlight minimize the formation of black circles under the eyes.

People with additional diseases such as allergies and anemia should follow a treatment that will solve this problem. In addition, using high pillows, a sodium-poor diet and cold compresses applied to the eyelids may be good for people who wake up with undereye puffiness in the morning. The reasons for the formation of under eye black circles are as follows:

  • The collapse of the under eye fat pads due to melting or downward displacement.
  • Structural dark color around the eyes (usually in dark-skinned people)
  • Enlarged blood vessels under the eye creating a bluish-purple appearance
  • Conditions such as increased capillary vessels under the eyes, allergic reactions or darkening due to the sun
  • Apart from this, the following precautions should be observed to minimize under eye dark circle.

bags under eyes causes

There are many reasons for the formation of bruises under the eyes. However, the most common causes are the increase in skin color, the thinness of the skin over the eye muscle, and the sagging skin and tear trough become evident.

dark circles under eyes causes for many reasons. These reasons are firstly determined by the physician and tunder eye treatment is planned accordingly.

  • Insomnia: Factors such as being overly tired, not getting enough sleep or, on the contrary, sleeping more than normal, trigger the formation of under eye dark circle. Insomnia, which causes a dull and pale appearance on the skin, affects the appearance of dark tissues and blood vessels under the skin. Insomnia can also cause fluid accumulation in the eyes and therefore swelling in these areas.
  • Age Factor: Another reason for dark circles under eye is old age. As the person ages, the skin becomes thinner and loses its former elasticity. There is a decrease in the amount of subcutaneous adipose tissue and collagen, which regulates skin elasticity. As a result, it dark circles under eyes causes.
  • Eyestrain: Looking at computer, television, phone and tablet screens that come into contact with the eyes too much can cause serious eye strain and under eye dark circle. After prolonged tension, the blood vessels around the eyes expand, as a result, under eye dark circles occur.
  • Allergic reactions: Some allergic reactions also trigger bruises under the eyes. At the same time, dry eyes cause an increase in dark circles under eye. In addition, constantly scratching the eye and its surroundings due to itching due to allergies also triggers under eye dar circles. At the same time, the cracking in the blood vessels also increases the under eye dark circles.
  • Dehydration: When enough fluid does not enter the body, the fluid balance that the body needs is disturbed. This is called dehydration. Dehydration is also one of the common causes of under eye dark circle. When sufficient amount of water does not enter the body, a dull and pale appearance occurs under eyes. The collapses that occur are caused by the closeness of the bone around the eyes to the skin. Drinking extra water does not improve the appearance of under eyes, drinking enough water is enough. In those with under eye bags, a diet high in salt increases under eye edema.
  • Excessive sun exposure: Excessive sun exposure causes the pigment called melanin, which gives color to the skin, to overproduce. Exposure to too much sunlight causes the skin around the eyes to darken.
  • Genetic factors: The incidence of this condition is quite high in people with a family history of under eye dark circles.
  • Malnutrition: Following a good nutrition routine is essential for all people. Since the skin and blood of a person who is not fed properly, does not receive the necessary nutrients, discoloration and bruises may occur under the eyes.
  • Medications: The use of certain medications can cause bruises under eyes by dilating blood vessels.
  • Pregnancy and menstrual period: During the periods when women are pregnant or menstruating, the skin color may become pale, which can increase the visibility of under-eye bruises.
  • Smoking: The amount of oxygen in the skin of a smoker is less than that of non-smokers.

What are the risk factors for under eye dark circle?

Under eye dark circles are a skin problem that affects almost everyone. However, it is most commonly observed in the following people:

  • Those with a genetic predisposition: If some people have dark circles in their family history, the same situation can be seen in the person.
  • Non-white ethnic groups
  • Apart from these, various intestinal diseases, vitamin and mineral deficiency, working long night shifts, use of various drugs and kidney disorders are some of the risk factor

How is the treatment of under eye dark circle applied?

There are many medical options available to reduce and prevent the appearance of dark circles. The most commonly used are as follows:

  • Application of chemical peeling or lightening creams to reduce the rate of pigmentation on the skin
  • Methods such as laser, mesotherapy for under eye discoloration
  • Under eye tear through filler is the most effective method for bruising due to depression. The filling material is injected into the sunken area to eliminate the collapse, so that the person gets a more vigorous appearance.
  • Aesthetic procedures applied to the eyelids to remove excess oil from the eye bags.
  • Placing fat or synthetic implants under eyes with surgical technique.

Before deciding on the type of treatment, a doctor’s examination should be made and the treatment option should be decided together with the doctor.

How are the black circles under eyes ?

Factors such as getting enough sleep, paying attention to keeping the head elevated while sleeping, adequate fluid consumption, avoiding excessive sunlight minimize the formation of black circles under the eyes.

People with additional diseases such as allergies and anemia should follow a treatment that will solve this problem. In addition, using high pillows, a sodium-poor diet and cold compresses applied to the eyelids may be good for people who wake up with undereye puffiness in the morning.

What is good for black circles under eyes?

There are some special situations to deal with dark circles under eyes. These:

  • Applying a cold compress: It can benefit people with under eye bags and edema. Applying cold compress ice to the under eyes helps to narrow the enlarged blood vessels by reducing swelling. It is enough to apply this application for about 15-20 minutes, ice should not be placed directly, this may cause ice burns, it should be wrapped in a cloth and contacted.
  • Increasing sleep time: If insomnia or excessive sleep increases the formation of bruises and swelling, having an adequate sleep pattern significantly reduces the formation of bruises under the eyes. Sleep disturbance causes the skin to look paler and unhealthy. Sleeping at least 7-8 hours a day will be good for dark circles under the eyes.
  • Raising the head while sleeping: It can be beneficial for people who wake up with puffiness under the eyes in the morning. During sleep, fluid collects under the eyes and accordingly bloating occurs. To prevent this, it is useful to raise the head with the help of a few pillows.

Why do dark circles under eyes increase in old age?

Aging is the most natural and common cause of black circles under eyes. As we age, the skin becomes looser. As a result, wrinkles increase. Then the muscles and tissues around the eyes also weaken. Thus, a saggy skin appearance is formed. As a result, the fat surrounding the eye area drains out.

What are the medical and surgical treatment options for black circles under eyes?

It should be applied by physicians who are experts in the field of medical and surgical treatments to reduce the dark circles that occur under detention. Medical treatment options are listed below:

  • Under eye tear through filler: With this process, the point where the detention area and the cheek meet is softened and filled with filling material. Injection is applied during the procedure. Results are effective for up to one year.
  • Laser skin resurfacing: With this application, wrinkles are mostly targeted. With the help of laser therapy, new collagen growth is performed on the skin and the pigment is reduced. The results vary according to the skin type of the person and the rate of sun exposure.
  • Chemical peeling: It is aimed to reduce pigmentation and form new cells.
  • Mesotherapy: If there is a bruise due to pigmentation under the eye, if the physician recommends, brightening mesotherapy can be applied under the eye.
  • Surgical treatment options for under eye dark circles are generally eyelid lifting and restructuring of the fat in the eye area. It should be carried out with a team of experts in the field.

What are the best treatment for bags under eyes?

  • Good sleep pattern
  • A healthy diet
  • Protection from excessive sunlight
  • The options listed above will reduce the formation of bruises undereyes.
  • If there is no underlying physiological cause, bruises and depressions under the eyes are based on hereditary reasons and the patient complains about this situation, aesthetic intervention may be required. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to be examined by a specialist physician and to decide on the most appropriate treatment.

How much is under eye treatment? Under eye black circle treatment prices

Pricing varies according to the skin type of the person, the severity of under eye dark circle treatment and the preferred. It is not legal for centers approved by the Ministry of Health to indicate prices on their websites. You can reach our clinic by calling +90212 241 46 24 to find out the most suitable treatment method for you and for all your other questions.

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