Breast Implant RevisionBreast implant revision is a surgical procedure that is performed to replace or remove breast implants that have been previously inserted. 

Today, women want their breast implants to be completely removed or their breast implants to be replaced with new implants because they encounter a possible complication after breast implant surgery or because their aesthetic needs and personal expectations change. In such cases, breast implant revision surgery is performed. 

There may be some complication risks, which may be similar to other surgical operations. Patients should especially know that breast implant revision surgery is more complicated than breast implant surgery.

Why is Breast Implant Revision Surgery Performed?

Breast implant revision surgeries are preferred by women for some reasons. These reasons are especially as follows:

  • Tearing of the breast implant
  • Slipping of breast tissue due to problems in implant position
  • Falling of breast implants on the sides of the chest wall
  • Imbalance in breast volume
  • Having areola asymmetry
  • Changing the size or type of implant
  • Correcting capsular contracture, which is a condition in which the scar tissue around the implant tightens and squeezes the implant
  • Dissatisfaction with the current look
  • Removing of breast implant for personal reasons

5 Top Reasons for Breast Revision Surgery?

  • Small size of implants: Many women today think that very large implants are fake. Many women do not realize that very small implants look very fake. The important thing is to have a breast implant of the appropriate size. The breast implant should not only adapt to the size of the breast, but also to the breast structure and rib cage. Breast implants that are very small can stand straight and separated. In this case, they look artificial, like large implants. Replacing implants with larger and natural implants is an operation with a short recovery time. The patient can return to her daily life within a maximum of 2 days.
  • Big size of the implants: Some women, being uncomfortable with their appearance or not having a breast due to their breast size, think that their implants are too big and want to reduce it. If the patient does not have much sagging, surgery to shrink the implant is an easy procedure. If the patient has sagging breasts, breast lift is necessary for a more beautiful breast shape. If the patient wants to have the breast implant removed completely, it is a very difficult process to create a natural breast shape without an implant. In addition, the results obtained using the small breast implant are very good compared to the breast without the implant.
  • Implants standing apart from each other: It is very common for implants to stand apart from each other. This situation is caused by two reasons. The first reason is that the implants are too small. The second reason is that the implants were placed separately in the surgery performed. An inexperienced doctor may not have enough information to accurately measure the size of the chest wall and breast. Due to this situation, the problem of splitting the implants may arise as a result of choosing an implant of the wrong size. This situation is resolved with an operation that can be easily corrected. The surgery generally takes less than 1 hour.
  • Different implants: It is normal to have a small amount of asymmetry between the two breasts. However, large differences in the location, size and shape of the implant can be a problem. The biggest reason for breast implant revision surgeries in breast asymmetry is that one of the implants is larger than the other. As long as this asymmetry is not caused by capsular contracture, it is an easy procedure. If there is a contracture in the breast, revision surgery can be complicated.
  • Having Capsular Contracture: Revision surgery is generally needed when there is a capsular contracture. In general, the presence of capsular contracture; The saline implant is seen when the implant is on the muscle, the implant is towards the nipple, and the implant is ruptured. Breast implant revision surgeries are complicated. If you feel hardening and tension in your implants or if the shape of your implants is changing, you should consult your doctor. It should not be forgotten that if there is an abscess contracture, the surgery gives successful results with early intervention.

Breast Implant RevisionHow Long After Breast Implant Revision Surgery Can One Return to Daily Life?

After the revision surgery, the patient should not lift heavy and should not do activities that can be tiring. It is possible to return to daily life 3 or 4 days after the operation. If the patient is going to have capsular contracture revision surgery, this time may vary, as this will be a slightly more complicated operation.

Is Breast Implant Revision Surgery a Painful Procedure?

Breast implant revision surgery is not as painful as the original breast augmentation surgery. Many patients can return to their normal lives within 2 days after revision surgery, using only the painkillers recommended by the doctor. This situation is different for patients with capsular contracture. This process can be somewhat painful in patients with capsule contracture.

Will There be Scars After Breast Implant Revision Surgery?

There is no scar in breast implant revision surgery. In most cases, the doctor can perform the surgery from old incisions without making a new incision. However, breast lift cannot be performed in this way. If breast lift surgery is to be performed, there may be new scars. The doctor can show the patient with a photograph what the scars may look like before the surgery.

How Much does Breast Implant Revision Surgery Cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

Breast implant revision surgery price is one of the most researched topics by women. A number of situations change the price of breast implant revision surgery. Factors such as the doctor’s experience, the preferred clinic, the patient’s problem causing the breast implant revision, the combined operations that can be performed with the revision surgery can change the price of the breast implant revision surgery. 

It should not be forgotten that attractive breast structure is very important for every woman. However, it should be noted that while determining the breast implant revision price, the same price will be valid for all patients for the same amount of work to be done. In this way, no patient pays more than another patient for the same amount of work and does not feel bad. 

It is not legal to specify prices on websites for centers accredited by the Ministry of Health. A suitable treatment plan is made in line with the needs and demands of the people, and you can learn the net price after the examination. You can contact Quartz Clinique directly on +90212 241 46 24 to get more information about breast implant revision prices in Istanbul, Turkey.

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