Thread Lift

Thread lift application is one of the most popular skin lift applications. With the developing technology, there are great developments in the field of non-surgical face lift today. Thread lift is highly preferred, especially for people who do not want to have surgery.

What is Permanent Thread Lift?

Face lift operation with permanent thread is performed under local anesthesia. In this way, the face area is anesthetized. First of all, the areas on the patient’s face that are desired to be lifted upwards are determined. It may be desirable to lift the forehead, cheek or jaw line on the patient’s face. The direction of the permanent threads is determined in which direction the patient’s face should be lifted, and a small incision is made in the scalp of the patient and the threads are placed in the appropriate areas according to the need. The operation is performed under sterile conditions by a specialist doctor in the clinic or hospital. Another name of this application is French Face Lift. With the permanent face lift, the dimples and wrinkles on the face are removed. The patient looks younger.

What are the Contents of Permanent Threads?

The content of permanent threads is completely natural and can be absorbed by the skin. In the content of permanent threads; The double-sided cones, which are composed of 82%-18% Lactic/Glycolid structure, are made of a material containing 100% polylactic acid. Its permanent threads and the bidirectional cones on it are bio-absorbable. These substances are certified and safely applied in the surgical field.

Is Permanent Thread Lift a Safe Operation?

Permanent threads have been approved by the US Food Administration FDA after undergoing strict health control. The structure of permanent threads consists of natural material. It gives very good results in people, especially against the loss of volume on the face. Permanent thread lift is suitable for all skin types. They have passed clinical studies and allergy reaction tests and have a 100% safe and non-allergenic content.

People who want to have thread lift with thread ask, “Will the threads break in stretching with thread?” they ask. Threads used for thread lift do not break. Medical threads, which have been used for more than 50 years, are guaranteed against breaking. These threads are suitable for the person’s facial expressions and facial muscles. Over time, they take the form of dermal tissue and provide a natural appearance. The effect of thread tensioning lasts for 3 years on average.

What is PDO Thread Lift?

The “Thread lift” application is also known as “V lift” because it creates a V-shaped aesthetic appearance from the jawline of the person to the face. Threads used in thread lift application consist of PDO-Polydioxanone substance. 2 or 3 months after these threads are applied to the tissue, they lose their tension by 50%. PDO threads completely disappear from the tissue after 6 or 8 months, with the feature of completely transforming into water and carbonic acid. It is defined as self-disappearing threads. On the other hand, with the biological effect, the newly formed support tissue is permanent for 18 or 24 months. With Thread lift, the areas that are sagging on the face or that need to be tightened are targeted. PDO threads dissolve completely over time and are completely eliminated from the body. With this application, permanent results are obtained for up to 3 years.

What is PDO Thread?

In the thread lift application made with PDO thread, threads made of polydioxanone are used. The sagging skin tissue is lifted and tightened. PDO threads are placed in the deep layers of the skin and thus; It achieves goals such as lift the skin, stimulating collagen to improve fine lines and providing elasticity, cellular renewal with neovascularization, and tightening the skin by cooling the fat tissue. Thread lift is the most preferred and used method among face lift techniques. The advantage of this method is that the patient can easily return to her/his daily life in a short time without surgery and the risk of complications is very low. Thread lift application with PDO threads is a reversible method.

Thread Lift How is PDO Thread Lift Applied?

Thread lift is generally applied to patients over 30 years of age who have sagging of the midface, sagging of the chin, sagging neck, loss of volume and drooping eyebrows. Before the application, the area to be applied is determined and marking is made. Regional anesthesia is applied to the area where the application will be made (the part where the threads will enter and exit) and the skin is cleaned. Then the application is started. The threads to be placed in the application area of the person are placed in the connective tissue, which is approximately 4-5 mm below the skin. Then the stretching process is completed. The operation is terminated by cutting the threads. Before starting the application, the patient does not feel pain and pain during the operation, since local anesthesia is applied to the area where the application will be made. The application takes approximately 23-35 minutes in total. The most important feature that the threads used should have is that they are biologically compatible with human tissue and dissolve under the skin on their own. The threads melt and stimulate the body’s collagen production. In this way, the skin quality of the person increases. The threads used during the application are “polydioxanone (PDO)” and they melt under the skin for approximately 10-12 weeks.

In which Areas can the Thread Lift Application be Applied?

Thread lift application with PDO thread is a versatile process that can treat all parts of the face.

  • Under eye area
  • Eyebrows
  • Wrinkles around the eyes
  • Cheeks
  • Nasolabial region
  • Naso jugal region
  • Mouth area
  • Jawline
  • Lower jaw
  • Neck area

In which Areas are Permanent Threads Applied, Apart from Facelift?

Along with the facelift process with permanent threads: 

  • Neck lift, 
  • Almond eye, 
  • Eyebrow lift, 
  • Face Lift,

In people with wide, heavy and drooping necks, neck lift can be performed in combination with liposuction.

What Should be Considered After the Thread Lift Application?

  • After the thread lift application, the patient can return to her/his daily life immediately.
  • The patient should not lie face down for the period specified by the doctor.
  • For about 1 month, she/he should stay away from movements that contain excessive mimics and should not do it.
  • The antibiotic cream that the doctor has prescribed should be applied to the thread application areas twice a day for 5 or 7 days.
  • For about 1 month, the patient should not do sports and should be protected from the sun.
  • Massage should definitely be avoided on the facial area where the thread is applied.

Does Thread Lift Application have Any Side Effects?

After the application, side effects such as swelling, edema formation, skin irregularity and concavity can be seen temporarily, but these effects disappear within 3 or 5 days.

When Does the Thread Lift Effect Occur?

The structuring effect of the application on the volume and the face is revealed immediately, but the PDO threads placed under the skin during the application dissolve on their own over time. Regarding the metabolism of the person, the application can be repeated at certain intervals according to the person

How Much does Thread Lift Application Cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

Thread lift application is the most used treatment method today and Thread Lift application may vary according to some factors. The price to be determined for the thread lift application may vary according to the patient’s facial structure and shape, the structure of the patient’s sagging areas, the patient’s problem and the materials to be used in the application. Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. In order to learn about the prices for Thread Lift in Istanbul, Turkey and to get detailed information, you must first be examined. After the examination, the appropriate technique will be determined for you. You can contact us directly at 0212 241 46 24 to get an examination appointment or to learn about Quartz Clinique’s Thread Lift Prices Istanbul, Turkey in general and to get information about Thread Lift.