Neck Thread LiftNowadays, it is possible to get rid of wrinkles in the neck area with the non-surgical neck thread lift.

As women and men get older, usually loosening and sagging problems occur in the neck regions. As a result, wrinkles are observed in the neck regions. With neck thread lift, wrinkles in the neck area are easily eliminated. In the non-surgical neck thread lift application, a younger and tighter appearance is achieved in the neck area with a special thread.

 The skin, especially in the neck area, is thinner and more sensitive than the face. Therefore, wrinkles in the neck area are much easier than the face. The neck region, which does not appear tight and appears wrinkled, can give the person an aesthetically unsightly appearance. If there are wrinkles in the neck area, a young and aesthetic appearance is obtained without surgery with the neck thread lift application.

What is Neck Thread Lift with PDO Thread?

With the neck thread lift, it is very easy to achieve a wrinkle-free and taut look in the neck area!

If the sagging in the neck region is accompanied by the double chin, the neck lines of the person are distorted. The sagging situation in the neck causes a very uncomfortable and undesirable appearance to the patient.

Threads containing polydioxanone and polylactic acid are used in the non-surgical application of neck thread lift. The neck and chin area of the patient is lifted with these threads. The desired tight and tense appearance is created. Threads used in neck thread lift applications are special and this has a self-melting structure. When these threads melt, the tense appearance in the neck area continues. Another feature of these special threads is that they trigger collagen production in the body. Threads used in neck thread lift applications do not harm the patient’s skin. Permanence of neck thread lift application is approximately 1 or 2 years with PDO threads. Neck thread lift application is not a permanent application, but its permanence is much higher compared to alternative medical aesthetic operations.

What is Neck Thread Lift with Spring Thread?

Neck thread lift with Spring Thread is a non-surgical method applied with special threads that are flexible and do not break. With advancing age, people’s tissues also succumb to gravity. Therefore, sagging and wrinkles occur in the skin during the aging process. There are many non-surgical methods for patients who do not take the idea of surgery warmly, especially in order to eliminate sagging in the neck region. Spring Thread method is one of them. This method is applied in face and neck sagging and for eyebrow lifting. It gives effective results. Spring thread is a thread consisting of silicone and PET (polyester). It contains solid silicone; it is permanent and is used in implant surgery. It has special elastic needles integrated into the threads and therefore does not damage the tissue. There is collagen production around the rope, so skin quality increases. The Spring Thread method is suitable for patients between the ages of 35 and 60. It maintains neck tension for years.

Who is a Good Candidate for Neck Thread Lift?

A woman’s or a man’s neck skin sagging is seen on average at the age of 45 or later. The age range for neck thread lift varies between 30 and 65 in general. Sagging of the neck skin; It may occur in the early period due to early menopause, hormonal changes, rapid weight gain, rapid weight loss or due to medications used. Since neck thread lift is a non-surgical application and is not an invasive procedure, it does not have any criteria. A neck thread lift is suitable for all people who are not satisfied with their neck area. Of course, it should be noted that pregnant, lactating mothers, people whose diabetes cannot be controlled and patients undergoing cancer treatment should not have this application. Neck thread lift has no side effects. Doctor examination is the most important criterion before neck thread lift. If the patient has a disease that reduces the immune system, neck thread lift is not recommended.

How is Neck Thread Lift Performed with PDO Threads?

Neck thread lift application is performed with local anesthesia. First, the neck area of the patient is anesthetized with local anesthesia. Then, the threads that will lift the neck area are applied under the skin. In the neck thread lift process with PDO thread, 2 + 2, 3 + 3 pieces of PDO threads are attached to the neck and jowl area, and the skin is tightened.With the threads applied under the skin, the sagging skin becomes tense. As a result, the patient looks much younger than before. 

Small redness may occur after neck thread lift application. Mild swellings can be seen. If the patient pays special attention to the issues warned by the doctor after the application, the recovery is fast and effective. Neck thread lift is applied to each patient individually. The patient is discharged on the same day and there is no incision in the neck thread lift application. It is a non-surgical application. Therefore, the healing process is very fast. Due to the tightening, tension and double chin elimination effects in the neck, people see themselves much younger after the neck thread lift application. Neck thread lift can be applied to patients in four seasons.

Neck Thread LiftHow is Neck Thread Lift Performed with Spring Thread?

It is applied with local anesthesia. The application is made by placing the threads under the skin in the neck area and placing them in the right area. The application takes approximately 60 minutes. On average, 2 or 3 pairs of threads may be sufficient, depending on the degree of sagging in the patient. 

The average effect period is 4 or 5 years. The age of the patient, the structure of the skin and hormones can affect this period. The life of the Spring Thread method is approximately 4 or 5 years longer than other threads. It has a strong tensile force according to other applications.

What Should be Considered After a Neck Thread Lift Application?

-After the neck thread lift application, the patient should not touch the neck area with hot water for a certain period of time. With the doctor’s permission, the shower should take a shower with warm water.

  • In order to avoid complications, the patient should stay away from hot environments such as Turkish baths, steam baths or saunas.
  • The patient should be careful not to lie on her/his side or face while lying down.
  • In order to avoid complications in the neck area, special attention should be paid to impacts.
  • If the patient has pain, she/he should use painkillers prescribed by his doctor.
  • The patient should stay away from exercises that will move the neck area in particular.

What does Neck Thread Lift Cost in Istanbul, TURKEY?

Neck thread lift prices may vary depending on some variables. Therefore, a detailed examination is performed by the doctor to get information about neck thread lift prices Istanbul,TURKEY

In some women and men, additional applications can be made to the double chin area in order to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance. Therefore, the neck thread lift price changes. For the neck thread lift price, a special price is created for the patient and his/her problems. The materials to be used in the surgery, the quality of the clinic, the doctor’s experience in the field and the location of the clinic affect the neck thread lift price. However, it should be noted that while determining the neck thread lift price, the same price will be valid for all patients for the same amount of work to be done. In this way, no patient pays more than another patient for the same amount of work and does not feel bad. 

It is not legal to specify prices on websites for centers accredited by the Ministry of Health. A suitable treatment plan is made in line with the needs and demands of the people, and you can learn the net price after the examination. You can contact Quartz Clinique directly on +90212 241 46 24 to get more information about Neck Thread Lift Prices and Neck Thread Lift Application in Istanbul, Turkey.

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