Skin Cancer Symptoms Skin cancer symptoms and treatment are important procedures that should be done without losing time for a healthy life. Skin cancer is a serious type of disease that is especially in the risk group of young people today. Among all known cancer types, skin cancer is the most common type. There are multiple known causes for the occurrence of skin cancer. Skin cancer can occur in most people with the effect of both genetic and environmental factors.

What is Skin Cancer?

The type of treatment and prognosis vary according to the types of skin cancer

The most common types of skin cancer are:

  • Squamous cell carcinoma Basal cell carcinoma Melanoma
  • Merkel cell carcinoma Cutaneous metastases

Among them, the form (similar to moles) that can be seen in young people and can occur with the change of moles is melanoma. The pigments that give color to our skin are called melanin. Melanin pigment is produced by skin cells called melanocytes. These cells are effective in the emergence of melanoma. Skin cancer occurs as a result of uncontrolled growth or proliferation of cells called melanocytes.

Recent studies have shown that melanoma cases are increasing over time. If melanoma is not treated, it results in death in one out of every hundred patients. As in all other diseases, early diagnosis and treatment saves lives so that the cases do not result in death.

The main problem in people with melanoma is the abnormal growth of cells that give color to the skin. Studies in people with the disease have shown that direct and excessive exposure to sunlight plays a major role in the manifestation of the disease. For this reason, experts recommend that we use sunscreens with a high level of protection that are suitable for our skin, especially in summer, since we are directly exposed to sunlight.

Types of Skin Cancer

There are three known types of skin cancer. These;

1) Basal Cell Cancer

Basal cell cancer is named after the basaloid cell growth. It is usually seen in the head and neck. A small ulcer in the middle with bumps with a pearly edge is most typical.

2) Squamous Cell Carcinoma

It is a type of skin cancer that originates from squamous cells. It is frequently observed in the head and neck and after the age of 50.

3) Melanoma Skin Cancer

It is one of the most dangerous types of skin cancer. It occurs as a result of the transformation of cells that produce pigments that give color to the skin. It is common in the trunk in women and in the arms and legs in men. Although it is less likely to occur compared to other types, it is a very risky type of cancer in which younger people are also at risk. It usually occurs in the age group below the age of 40. Because melanoma skin cancer is dangerous, early diagnosis and treatment of the disease can be life-saving.

What Causes Skin Cancer?

There are many genetic and environmental factors in the formation of skin cancer. Causes of skin cancer;

  • Being exposed to direct sunlight for a long time,
  • Having sunburns (especially in childhood)
  • Parent or another member of the family has skin cancer,
  • Working in places where radiation is intense or being exposed to it,
  • Being exposed to harmful rays such as solarium directly and for a long time,
  • Genetic features (light skin color, freckles, red hair, etc.),
  • In general, the number of moles on the body is high,
  • Smoking, alcohol, etc.

It is important to follow the changes in our skin and to undergo regular check-ups to protect our general health.

What Are the Symptoms of Skin Cancer?

If you see one of the symptoms below, you should definitely go to a dermatologist and be examined. Early diagnosis and treatment change the course of the disease positively. If we list the symptoms of skin cancer;

  • The formation of crusted and bleeding lesions on any part of the skin,
  • Asymmetry, growth, crusting, bleeding, hardening, swelling, and other changes in your mole.
  • Non-healing wounds
  • Symptoms in the form of discolored, raised or red bumps on the skin,
  • Increase in moles on your skin, existing moles larger than 5 mm,
  • Different and irregular shapes of newly emerging moles

The above symptoms are the most obvious signs of skin cancer. It is of great importance for our skin health that you check our skin frequently and go to a doctor’s examination without panic when we see one of the above-mentioned symptoms.

What are the Diagnostic Methods in Skin Cancer?

Skin Cancer Symptoms Diagnostic methods of skin cancer are made by dermatological examination and, if necessary, by skin biopsy and pathology results. The dermatologist examines your skin lesion with an instrument called a dermoscope. If he finds it risky, he will remove it completely or take a 3-4 mm biopsy.

Dermatoscopy method is used in the examination.

In this method, a microscope-like device that magnifies the lesions 100 times is used to examine the spots or moles more closely.

In this method, a microscope-like device that magnifies the lesions 100 times is used to examine the spots or moles more closely.

Cryotherapy method

In this method, a microscope-like device that magnifies the lesions 100 times is used to examine the spots or moles more closely. The part taken by skin biopsy is sent to pathology and a definitive diagnosis is usually made in this way. For the biopsy procedure, a piece is taken from the suspicious area and sent for examination. According to the results of the examination, the treatment process will begin.

What is Skin Tumor and How Is It Diagnosed?

Skin tumor: Lesions that appear anywhere on the skin, are usually raised and have different colors. The tumor is divided into benign and malignant. Benign tumors found in most people can be examples of moles and warts. Malignant ones are skin cancers. The types of skin cancer to be considered are a type of skin cancer called malignant melanoma.

Dermoscopic examination is performed by a dermatologist for the diagnosis of skin tumor. Afterwards, a piece of the problem area is taken and sent for biopsy. According to the biopsy result, it is decided which type of skin cancer it is and which treatment method will be applied.

Skin Cancer Treatment Methods

In skin cancer treatment methods, which treatment will be applied to the patient varies according to the patient’s condition and the extent of the disease. Today, there are certain treatment methods used in the treatment of skin cancer. Although there is more than one different treatment method, the general purpose of treatment is to remove the cancerous cell from the skin. In addition, the most important issue to be considered when applying any of the techniques is that the aesthetic appearance is not deteriorated after the treatment. Some skin cancers appear on visible areas such as the hands, arms, or face. After the treatment methods applied in these areas, the traces remain, which impairs the aesthetic appearance of the people. It is of great importance that the treatment methods are performed by specialist doctors in order to avoid the need for any aesthetic intervention afterwards. Applications applied during the skin cancer treatment period;

  • Microscopic Surgery

With this surgical procedure, all cancerous cells are removed. In the Mohs method, the piece is sent to pathology during the operation and border control is performed on frozen sections. The process continues until the pathologist does not see tumor cells at the border. Therefore, the risk of recurrence after mohs is very low. It can be used in other skin cancer types except melanoma skin cancer. While removing cancerous cells, that is, the tumor, care is taken not to experience loss of function in the problematic area. In order to prevent loss of function and deterioration in aesthetic appearance, this surgical operation must be performed by a specialist doctor.

  • Excisional Surgery

Excisional method, which is another skin cancer surgical method, can be applied to patients with early diagnosis. With this surgical operation, cancerous cells are removed from the problem area.

  • Cryotherapy

It is a method that is generally used in cases of basal cell cancer and similar skin cancers that occur in a small area. Local anesthesia is not required during the operation. Liquid nitrogen is used in the process. With the freezing process, it is aimed to get rid of cancerous cells and cure the disease.

  • Radiotherapy

In this method, it is aimed to treat cancerous cells with X-rays. It is a method used in cancer types that are not operated or have spread to many parts of the tissue. Radiotherapy can also be used in combination with other treatment methods.

What are the Ways of Protection from Skin Cancer?

By paying attention to certain conditions to protect yourself from skin cancer, you will also minimize the risk of contracting the disease. Recommendations for ways to prevent skin cancer;

***The most important early diagnosis method in skin cancer is a 15-minute personal examination of one’s own body every month. When you are naked after the bath, check your existing moles, new formations on your face, neck and whole body, including your back, in the mirror. Consult a dermatologist in case of any changes.

  • Be sure to use a sunscreen with a high level of protection, especially in summer when you are exposed to the sun directly. Prefer to stay in shaded areas as much as possible between 10:00 and 16:00. Direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight is one of the most important causes of skin cancer.
  • Be sure to use protective accessories during the seasons and hours when the sun’s temperature is high. For example, you can protect yourself by wearing a hat, scarf and glasses.
  • Take care to use sunscreen not only in summer but in all seasons.
  • Avoid applications with high rays that change skin color, such as a solarium.
  • Try to check every part of your body regularly. If you experience any redness, mole growth or any other condition, be sure to consult a doctor.

Skin Cancer Treatment Prices

Skin Cancer Symptoms There is no definite information about skin cancer treatment prices. The type of cancer, its stage, the method to be used for treatment, and the experience of the doctor are factors that affect the price.

According to the rules of the Ministry of Health, it is not correct to give prices for health transactions on the internet pages. The prices for your treatment by experienced doctors with high patient satisfaction may also increase. For more information about skin cancer treatment prices, you can reach us from the information on our contact page and easily make an appointment. After making an appointment, the staff and doctors in our clinic will answer all your questions about skin cancer treatment prices.

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