Stem cell treatment facelift is a type of treatment that aims to regenerate damaged cells and tissues by transplanting stem cells from the patient himself. Stem cells are the origin of all structures in the human body. Self-renewing stem cells are used in the treatment of many diseases. Previously, only stem cells were taken from the bone marrow and the treatment was applied in this way. But now it can also be obtained from peripheral blood and cord blood in the body circulation. At the same time, recently it has been determined that stem cells are obtained from egg and adipose tissue. Stem cell treatment is used especially in the treatment of heart, brain and nerve diseases.

It has been determined that when stem cells are injected into the brain tissue, they activate the cells on the healthy brain tissue and provide a different recovery than other methods. With such features, stem cell treatment is one of the most effective treatment methods to be applied to the healing of more than one disease. Stem cell therapy studies continue unabated.

Why does the skin age? What is skin rejuvenation?

Stem Cell Facelift As you get older, the elasticity level of the skin decreases and fine wrinkles begin to appear. Factors such as excessive exposure to sunlight, loss of collagen, and overexposure to toxic substances cause skin aging. Skin rejuvenation methods are the most important of the applications that remedy such unpleasant situations. The loss of damage and deformations on the skin over time is replaced by skin rejuvenation methods, and it is aimed that the skin has a younger, lively and firmer appearance.

What is a stem cell?

A stem cell is a cell that does not undergo a functionally different structure, that is, it is fully immature and has the potential to mature in order to perform a special task in any organ or tissue in the body. However, the stem cell is a structure that can transform into other cells in the body. Stem cells are examined in two separate parts, either of embryological origin or types created from the adult human body. Adult stem cells can be formed from more than one tissue formed in the human body. The common features with cells of embryological origin are as follows:

  • They can be positioned spontaneously in a suitable growth environment.
  • They have the ability to reproduce.
  • They have the capacity to produce new species that are the continuation of these types by differentiating with cells of other types.
  • They have the power to renew themselves. They can also ensure the sustainability of their cell communities.
  • If a part of the body is damaged, it has the potential to repair the tissue and make it functional again following this damage.

How is  stem cell facelift applied?

For stem cell facelift, a piece of skin equal to a painless lentil is taken by applying anesthesia behind the ear, this piece of skin is kept in a laboratory environment for 3 weeks after special procedures, and fibroblast stem cells are obtained. These stem cells are applied to the skin in the form of injections with the mesotherapy method for facelift affect, that is, with millimetric needles. Usually a single session is applied, it can be done up to 3 sessions with 1 month intervals.

Stem Cell Facelift Is facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cells also a facelift?

Stem cell facelift is an application that improves the skin structure. One of the most important results of this process is to open fine wrinkles and make the face look younger. Thus, it delays aging.

Since it is made from one’s own cells, risks such as tissue rejection and allergy are not expected.

In addition, since the facial rejuvenation process provides an increase in elasticity, it provides a certain amount of stretching by collecting the sagging on the face. However, facelift is a surgical procedure and is a separate procedure.

In which areas can facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cell be applied?

Facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cells is applied in many areas where skin rejuvenation will take place, such as hands, neck, and neck, primarily the face area. In addition, it is also preferred in scar treatments.

What is the use of  stem cell facelift?

  • Stem cells provide the production of collagen directly from fibroblast cells, giving the face brightness, vitality and full`ness.
  • Stem cells prevent the increase in wrinkles. They affect the deep skin layers. Thus, they provide an increase in dermal thickness and density. They provide vitality and brightness by triggering the
  • Stem cells perform repair applications on the skin. They help reduce blemishes and eliminate imbalances in the skin.
  • Stem cells provide rejuvenation.
  • Stem cells can make the skin look smooth. They also help the skin to reach a tighter structure.

Facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cells or PRP?

With PRP application, it is called the process of taking the parts of the blood rich in platelets and growth factors and applying them to the damaged facial area of ​​the patient that needs repair. For this purpose, the blood taken from the patient is given to the face after centrifugation. PRP is an application that usually consists of several sessions. The degree of effectiveness of PRP is more limited than the facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cells.

What is the mechanism of action of facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cells?

Facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cells is an application with a very high mechanism of action. Stem cells adapt to the cells and environments in their area. They complete the missing tissues and cells found here. Stem cells increase the level of elasticity of the skin by supporting the increase of collagen production. They also structure the skin. As a result, a more vibrant and bright skin appearance appears.

To whom is stem cell facelift applied?

Stem cell therapy can be applied to anyone who expects a rejuvenation effect. It is not recommended to apply until complete recovery in people with active cancer disease or using chemotherapy.

How often is facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cells applied?

It can be repeated once a year.

Does facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cells take effect immediately?

Stem cell therapy is done by fat injection. With the help of adipose tissue, the effect is immediately noticeable. The effect of brightness and freshness on the skin is felt instantly. However, the effect of fibroblast culture and fat stem cells applied in isolation may not be seen immediately. In about 3 weeks, stem cells begin to become active. The full effect begins within 6 months, the effect lasts up to 2 years.

Is stem cell facelift a painful procedure?

Local anesthesia is applied in the treatment of facial rejuvenation with stem cells. Therefore, the feeling of pain and suffering is minimal.

Is facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cells permanent?

Facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cells lasts for 2 years, then new sessions may be needed as the aging process continues again with the effect of time.

Is swelling or bruising seen after facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cells? When to return to daily life?

The most common complications are swelling and bruising at the needle entry holes. Even if such a situation is rarely encountered, these complications can be easily closed with concealers. They disappear on their own within a week. After the application, it is returned to daily life immediately.

Is there an age limit for facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cells?

Facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cells is an application that does not have any serious side effects. Since the patient’s own stem cell is used, there is no age limit in practice.

How long does the effect of stem cell facelift last?

After one year of treatment, it is at most 6 months-2 on the skin. There is a significant effect between years, after which a new session may be needed as the aging process continues.

What are the side effects of facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cells?

Since stem cells taken from the person’s own body are used, there are no side effects.

What are the differences between stem cell facial rejuvenation treatment and filling process?

In stem cell fibroblast treatment, the skin’s own collagen and elastin production is triggered, the results appear later, but it is fully compatible with the person’s own tissue. Filling application is effective immediately, the results appear immediately after the procedure, while stem cells are not used in the lip and under-eye area, lip shaping and removal of under-eye bruises with filling are frequently used successful methods.

What is the recovery period after facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cells?

Patients who receive stemcell facelift can go home on the same day and return to their daily life. This method of treatment does not require hospitalization. Rarely, redness and edema may occur in the first few days after the application. Depending on the severity of the aging process, the recovery period may differ for each patient. Usually, most patients recover completely within 7 to 10 days. There are significant differences in both color and quality in the completely healed skin. According to the comments of most of the patients who applied this treatment, the skin texture and quality remains young and fresh for 12-24 months. Stem cell therapy is a good option for patients who want non-surgical rejuvenation.

What are the advantages of stem cell facelift?

As age increases, deformation occurs in both the face and tissues as seen in the whole body. Thus, facial volume loss occurs, as well as fragmentation and reduction in collagen and elastin fibers. Most of the patients are knocking on the door of the clinics with the complaint that their face is not full and tense as before, and sagging and loosening appear. With stem cell therapy, repair activities in the skin begin and a younger and brighter face appearance is obtained. Then, the fullness of the face is restored with the injection of fat enriched with stem cells. Post-injection effects begin to appear immediately. In addition, stem cell therapy is a type of treatment that can maintain its effects in the long and medium term.

How long does the facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cells take?

It takes 3-4 weeks to isolate the fibroblast stem cells and produce the application fluid from the stem cells, the application is done on the same day.

Is facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cells performed together with local anesthesia?

This type of treatment can be performed using local anesthesia. In the treatment of facial rejuvenation with stem cells, general anesthesia is not required. Local anesthesia of the area to be applied is sufficient to avoid pain.

How many sessions of stem cell facelift should be done?

Stem cell facelift, which provides a visible effect in a single session, is an advantage in this respect compared to other applications. The effect of the first application lasts for several years. If the patient requests, the application can be repeated. Applying stem cell injections to the repeated process will increase the permanence of the application.

How much is facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cells? What are the prices of stem cell facelift?

For facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cells, first of all, the most appropriate treatment method must be determined. Fibrocell stem cell prices are higher than fillers and mesotherapy. Stem cell therapy prices may vary depending on the number of sessions and the person’s skin problems and severity. For this reason, the most appropriate treatment plan should be carried out after a regular examination. It is not legal for centers approved by the Ministry of Health to indicate prices on their websites. You can reach our clinic at 0212 241 46 24 to determine the most suitable treatment method for you and for all your other questions.

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