Salmon DNA Vaccine

Salmon DNA Vaccine treats the reduced skin quality and makes you look younger and healthier. Skin quality reduces due to aging and environmental reasons. Reduced skin quality makes the skin look matter and drier. Your skin starts to look older over time. Collagen and elastic fibers break up and hyaluronic acid reduces. Salmon DNA vaccine, on the other hand, helps the skin to look bright, healthy and shiny. Consisting of salmon DNA, these vaccines renew your skin.

Beauty Comes By Salmon DNA Vaccine

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What is the Salmon DNA Vaccine?

Salmon DNA consists of polynucleotide.  This substance is a molecule that supports formation of skin cells and helps skin to rejuvenate.

Salmon DNA vaccine is a patented application created by Bio-Pharmaceutical. Salmon DNA vaccines have proven effects on the skin rejuvenation. These vaccines strengthen the skin and moisturize it. They eliminate the skin dryness problem and make facial wrinkles softer and invisible. Collagen content of the salmon DNA allows the skin to be tighter, and increases its elasticity. Because molecules within the Salmon DNA are entirely natural constituents of the body, it is a completely safe and risk-free treatment.

Salmon DNA VaccineHow are Salmon DNA Vaccines Applied?

Salmon DNA vaccines are injected into the subdermal tissue. They can be not only used alone, but also combined with hyaluronic acid mesotherapy.  These DNA vaccines should be applied in 1-5 sessions with 1-3-week intervals, depending on the recommendation of the specialist physician. After the Salmon DNA application, you can get back to your everyday life. There may be a slight rash in the application site, but this is temporary.

What Does Salmon DNA Vaccine?

Salmon DNA vaccines rejuvenate the skin and make it look younger. If you think your skin looks tired and cannot remove that effect, consider using the salmon DNA. As one of the state-of-the-art technology’s last solutions, the Salmon DNA vaccine rejuvenates the skin and helps it to look healthier and shinier.  You can consider getting salmon DNA vaccines, for looking attractive and lively even without wearing makeup.

With Which Applications Can Salmon DNA Vaccines be Combined?

Salmon DNA vaccines can be used with skin rejuvenation applications. It can be combined with laser application, mesotherapy application and radiofrequency procedures. This way, the younger look in the face will be permanent and the skin will look much younger and shinier.  Salmon DNA application may also be made before botox. In order to accelerate treatment of wrinkles, you can get Botox and salmon DNA injections together. We can also recommend salmon DNA vaccines to those who consider having a filler application. To prevent your filler to get saggy and your skin from getting wrinkles, you can consider filler procedures with salmon DNA vaccines.

Which Problems Can Salmon DNA Vaccines Treat?

Salmon DNA vaccines moisturize the skin. Dry skin types and wrinkles easily tend to get older. Wrinkles are formed more slowly in the moisturized and healthy-looking skin. Protein content within the salmon reduces the skin damage created by the sun and erases the implications of alcohol consumption-smoking from the skin. If you want to remove the matt look on your face and look more dynamic, Salmon DNA vaccines are the right choice for you!

What Are the Effects of Salmon DNA Vaccines?

  • Initiating cell renewal in the skin,
  • Making the skin look younger,
  • Tightening the skin,
  • Moisturizing the skin,
  • Treating skin exfoliation problem,
  • Fit for everyone, as it does not bear any risk,
  • Treating wrinkles,
  • Visibly reducing skin spots,
  • Treating the solar damage in the skin,
  • Increasing collagen production.

How Much Does Salmon DNA Vaccine Cost?

For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website.  Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact our polyclinic and get information on our Salmon DNA vaccine prices.