Non Surgical Nose Job

How about changing your nose’s shape without surgery? By using the state-of-the-art technologies as nose fillers, we can create a more aesthetic look on the nose with a non surgical nose job.

Non-surgical nose jobs are made by dermal filler. Hyaluronic acid nose filler injections the hollows and downward look in the nose and helps it to look more aesthetic. Non-surgical nose jobs bring temporary results. For this reason, some patients consider nose filler as the rehearsal of surgical rhinoplasty. 

Nose filler is a method we recommend to patients who have problems with their noses and who do not like the shape of their noses.

What is a Non-Surgical Nose Job (Nose Filler)?

Nose filler is an aesthetic procedure performed with hyaluronic acid without the need for surgery to correct and remove the deformities of the patient’s nose. In filler injections made into the nose; It is applied depending on the structure of the patient’s nose, the patient’s skin type, and the patient’s cartilage and bone. 

Today, especially some patients do not prefer to have nose surgery. In such cases, nose filler is the most applied and preferred procedure. Nose filler is suitable for people with bones on the bridge of the nose and people with a low nose tip. In addition, people with thin nose structure especially prefer nose filler in order to make their nose appear thicker.

What are the Advantages of Nose Filler?

Non Surgical Nose JobNon-surgical nose job aims at practically removing the deformities in the nose. Nose filler is preferred for nose contour, cavities and protrusions in the nose. Non-surgical rhinoplasty also removes the deformities created after rhinoplasty operations. This way, you can get rid of your problems occurring after rhinoplasty, instead of having another operation.

Non-surgical nose filler corrects the nose contour and treats asymmetries in the nose. Crooked nose or problems in the nasal hump are temporarily eliminated with nose filler.

Who is a Good Candidate for Nose Filler?

Nose filler can be effective in correcting some nasal deformities. Nose filler can be applied to all people with good general health. The suitability of nose filler is determined after the doctor’s examination. Nose filler is applied in the following cases:

  • People with a depression in the nasal arch
  • People with mild asymmetry in the nose
  • People with low nasal tip
  • People with tiny indentations in the nose
  • People with collapse on the one side of the nose
  • People with minor deformities after nose surgery

What are the Situations in Which Nose Filler Cannot be Applied?

Nose filler application is a procedure that is applied to many patients and is preferred because it does not require surgery. However, if the patient has different health problems, nose filler may not be applied. However, some patients may have problems that cannot be corrected with nose filler. Nose filler should not be preferred if there are situations such as:

  • Pregnancy
  • Serious chronic conditions
  • Skin diseases
  • Active herpes
  • People who want to have a smaller nose
  • Too much curvature in the nasal arch
  • Breathing problem

How is Nose Filler Applied?

Non Surgical Nose JobFirst of all, the patient who wants to have a nose filler undergoes a detailed doctor’s examination. If the patient is suitable for nose filler, the procedure is decided as a result of the examination. 

Before the nose filler procedure, the problems that the patient complains about the nose are determined. In this direction, the doctor plans which areas to fill, taking into account the patient’s complaints. Before nose filler, local anesthetic cream is applied to the skin in the area to be filled. Numbness is provided in the relevant area. This cream is then cleaned with an antiseptic solution. 

Hyaluronic Acid is used as a nose filler material. Nose filler is applied by injecting the hyaluronic acid filler under the skin. This process takes approximately 15-20 minutes. 

After nose filler, slight redness and slight swelling may occur and this is a normal situation. The patient can quickly return to her/his daily life.

What is a Nose Tip Filler?

Among the nose filler applications, the process called nose tip filler is also available. If the patient’s nose tip is low or if there is a deformity at the tip of the nose when she/he smiles, nose tip filler is appropriate. After, the filler is injected under the skin at the tip of the nose of the patient. In this way, the nose tip of the patient gets a more upturned appearance.

What Should be Considered After Nose Filler?

There are some issues that the patient should pay attention to after the nose filler procedure. For example, it is inconvenient to touch the nose after the nose filler procedure and the patient should definitely not touch her/his nose. During the recovery process, the patient should avoid heavy movements. However, the patient should not do sports that may damage her/his nose. After the nose filler procedure, the patient should not take a hot shower for the first 24 hours. It should not be entered in hot and humid environments such as steam rooms and saunas. 

After the nose filler, the patient should go to the control appointment on the specified date and listen to the doctor’s recommendations. If the patient pays attention to these issues, he/she gets good and effective results.

Does Nose Filler Bring Permanent Results?

Nose filler does not bring permanent results. Permanence of nose filler’s results may vary depending on the patient’s history with fillers and body form. Results of the nose filler naturally disappear within 15 to 18 months.

Recovery of Nose Filler

Because nose filler is not a surgical intervention, no pain or ache is felt after the application. The person can continue his/her everyday life after nose filler application. It is normal to have a slight rash in your nose which disappears within a few hours.

Effect of the nose filler is most visible after 2-3 days. You need to protect your nose against blows and apply make-up carefully during this period.

Is Nose Filler Injection Painful?

The nose filler process is a completely painless application. Before the procedure, anesthetic lotion is applied to the skin to prevent pain. After the nose filler procedure, a small amount of tingling may be felt in the application area. This tingling goes away on its own in a few hours. Pain or discomfort is not felt in filler injections.

How Much does a Non-Surgical Nose Job (Nose Filler) Cost in Istanbul?

Non-surgical nose job (nose filler) prices are more affordable when compared to nasal surgery prices. Features such as the structure of the nose in people and the number of procedures to be applied affect the non-surgical nose job price. Along with all these, the experience of the doctor who will perform the nose filler and the characteristics of the desired nose also affect the non-surgical nose job price. 

One of the most important factors affecting and determining the price of nose filler is the amount of filling material to be used in nose filler. The price of nose filler varies from person to person, because the size of the nose of the person is taken for the desired nose structure and the amount of filler material to be applied is determined accordingly. After the nose filler is done, its permanence may depend on the movements of the person who has the nose filler.

Non-surgical nose job (nose filler) prices vary according to the amount of product to be used. Nose filler price is made per 1 cc. The reason for this is that there is a special open filler for each person, which is not medically possible in terms of hygiene. However, the same price applies to all patients who will be charged the same amount of work. For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact Quartz Poliklinik and get information on Non-Surgical Nose Job (Nose Filler) Prices In İSTANBUL, TURKEY.

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