Neck And Double Chin With Thread Lift

thread liftSides of chin and double chin are the parts of our body that start to droop first.  Wrinkles and drooping in the neck and double chin are some of the main factors that make people look older than they actually are. For neck and double chin thread lift, the patient’s wrinkles in his/her neck are removed, excess skin is tightened and a fitter and younger look is created. Neck and double chin thread lift is a very safe and effective aesthetic procedure.

What Are the Reasons for Drooping on Neck and Double Chin?

Drooping on neck and double chin is partly due to genetic factors. In addition to these, such reasons as underdeveloped jawbone, being overweight, neck and double chin dropped due to aging and gravity and loosened skin lead to neck and double chin drooping. Due to these reasons, jawline may gain an entirely flat look and this line starting from around the mouth and ending at the chin look unaesthetic. To eliminate this problem, you may have a neck and double chin thread lift.

For Whom Is Neck and Double chin with Thread Lift Suitable?

Ones with drooped neck and double chin may eliminate this problem with a cosmetic surgery. One’s age or genetic, degree of chin and double chin drooping as well as skin looseness are taken into consideration to choose the most suitable surgery method. The most important purpose of neck and double chin thread lift is to give the chin its most ideal and esthetic level. It is aimed at creating a more aesthetic look by eliminating the excess fat and drooped look in the double chin.

It may be a problem to smoke for those to have a neck and double chin thread lift, while the operation itself may be risky for persons with diabetes. Patients need to undergo some tests and check-up before the operation.

How Is Neck and Double Chin With Thread Lift Applied?

Operation takes an average of two hours, and is applied under sedation. Neck and double chin are lifted up with medical yarns to eliminate the drooping in the neck and bulbous look in the chin. Neck and double chin thread lift is very safe and yarns with high absorption rate are used. No visible scar is left after the surgery with small scars becoming invisible. After the operation, dressing is kept in the neck for around 10 days. This way, post-operative recovery process becomes less risky and safer.

You are going to feel much better and notice your younger appearance two days after the operation. Where needed, you can look younger from head to foot with combined cosmetic surgeries of face lift, tightening or fat fill.

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