Ingrown Nail TreatmentWith today’s health technology, ingrown nail treatment can now be done easily with a painless, one-session procedure. Ingrown toenails are an annoying condition that can happen to people of all ages, regardless of gender. As a result of ingrown nails, the feeling of pain increases in the meat around the nail. Infection and nail shape disorders occur. People with ingrown nails can easily treat this problem with a single session. The development of health technology day by day allows such operations to be performed painlessly and in a short time.

What is Ingrown Nail?

Ingrown nail; the nails grow towards the nail bed, creating a pressure and stinging sensation in the flesh. This condition is called ingrown toenails. The stinging of the corners and edges of the nails of the soft flesh part is painful, especially if it occurs on the toes. In most people with the problem, it manifests itself in the big toe. The embedding of the nail in the skin layer also causes the problem of inflammation. If the problem is not treated, serious infections and painful conditions can occur. If inflammation or infection occurs, conditions such as temperature increase, burning, pain, and inflammatory discharge may be seen in the problem area.

Causes of Ingrown Nails

The causes of ingrown nails vary from person to person. If we list the main reasons for the emergence of ingrown nails, which is a problem that can be seen in all ages and genders;

Using the wrong shoes is one of the most effective reasons. Especially women may prefer unhealthy shoes that are not comfortable for the sake of elegance and fashion. If the shoes are uncomfortable and unhealthy, all foot health, especially the nails, is affected.

When cutting nails, most people cut their corners deeply. This situation is also effective in the emergence of the problem of ingrown toenails.

Even if there is a great disproportion between the width of the nail bed and the size of the nail itself, ingrown nails can occur.

Cutting the nails curved or in different shapes to shape them also causes the problem to arise. Toenails should be cut as straight and straight as possible.

It can also occur due to situations such as accident, injury.

Ingrown nail problem can be seen due to nail shape disorders such as pincer nails.

The pressure of the nail towards the edges as a result of nail fungus also causes the problem.

The nail may fall off when it is hit or damaged. Due to such situations, the problem of stinging in the newly emerging nail may manifest itself.

Frequent and unhygienic manicure and pedicure is one of the most common causes of ingrown nails.

What are the Symptoms of Ingrown Nails?

Ingrown nail symptoms are usually visible and easily diagnosed by physical examination. The most common symptoms are:

  • Redness at the edge of the nail,
  • A feeling of stinging in the nails,
  • The feeling of pulling on the nail,
  • Inflammation of the skin around the nail edge and around the nail,
  • In some cases, bleeding around the nail edges,
  • Inflammatory discharge around the nail,
  • Swelling and temperature increase around the nail,
  • Excessive sensitivity in the problem area,

It is recommended to consult a doctor when you notice the above symptoms. Because if left untreated, serious conditions such as infection can occur. In addition, ingrown toenails is a condition that reduces the quality of life due to pain, soreness, redness, and poor appearance. It is important for your health to be examined and treated when you notice the symptoms so that your quality of life does not decrease.

Ingrown Nails in Babies and Children

Ingrown nail problem can also be seen in babies and young children. The biggest reason for this is the congenital problems of the nails due to genetic reasons. Especially the inward structure of the nails causes the problem of ingrown nails in babies and children. In addition, wearing very tight socks and shoes can cause ingrown nails in babies. In order for parents to prevent this problem, babies and children should take regular nail care, cut nails correctly, and stay away from tight shoes.

What Should Be Done to Prevent Ingrown Nails?

We can prevent the occurrence of ingrown nails with a few simple and regular maintenance that we will do in our daily life. To prevent nail ingrown;

You should pay attention to your nail care. A soapy bath with warm water is a pretty good treatment. If you have an ingrown nail problem, add lukewarm water to a large bowl. Then add soap in it. Soak your feet in this water for an average of 20 minutes. While in the water, you can massage your feet without touching the problem area. After taking your feet out of the water, you can apply a moisturizer. Apply odorless pure petroleum jelly to protect the sunken area.

Adding salt to the water will relax and soften the nails.

In order to prevent the occurrence of ingrown nails, you should take care to wear shoes that are healthy and suitable for your foot structure. Especially women need to be more careful in this regard. Because most women wear shoes that are not comfortable and healthy, narrow in the front and uncomfortable for the sake of fashion for hours. This is very effective in the emergence of the problem of ingrown toenails.

Nails should be cut straight and kept short.

What are Ingrown Nail Treatment Methods?

Despite all these interventions, if the ingrown nail problem does not go away, then various treatment methods should be tried under the guidance of a doctor. In case of ingrown nails, if there is an infection, your doctor will plan a treatment for the healing of the infection in the first stage of the treatment. Before any intervention, the inflammation in the problem area should be dried and controlled. In some cases, operations such as cutting a part of the nail or pulling the entire nail can be applied depending on the severity of the nail ingrown.

Nail Removal Operation

Ingrown Nail TreatmentAfter the area with the problematic nail is cleaned and then anesthetized, the procedure is started with special tools and scissors under the control of the doctor. A tourniquet is placed on the nail root of the finger where the nail is ingrown. The aim here is to operate comfortably and to ensure that the nail is pulled from the root. Since the toe is completely anesthetized, the patient does not feel pain during the operation. The ingrown part of the nail is removed with its root so that it does not recur. As a last step, acidic solution is applied to the problematic area where ingrown nails are experienced in order not to experience the same problem again, or a cautery device is used to destroy the nail root. It is an electrically heated device used for destruction of the nail root with cautery device. Finally, a bandage is put on the nail by dressing appropriately. In some cases, stitches can be applied if necessary to prevent enlargement of the nail root area and to prevent the nail ingrown problem again. The recovery period after treatment is usually 5-7 days. It is of great importance to listen to the doctor’s advice and not to wear narrow shoes during the healing process, and to use the prescribed medications.

Nail Wire Application

Ingrown Nail TreatmentNail wire application method is used to correct the problem in the nail with ingrown nail problem and to normalize the nail shape. Nail wire application is especially used to repair the defect and abnormal appearance of nail shapes. It also provides a more accurate and shaped extension of the nail. Nail wire logic and braces logic are almost the same. The purpose of both is to ensure that the newly erupted nail and tooth have a correct, shaped and healthy appearance. Attaching the wire to the nail is a very short and painless procedure. There is no contact between the skin on the edge of the nail and the nail wire. It only has contact with the nail tissue. After approximately 10 minutes of operation, the procedure is completed without any pain or ache.

Correct fitting of the nail wire is important. Otherwise, it creates a feeling of discomfort when you wear socks or shoes. It also prevents the shape of the nails from being correct. For these reasons, it should be installed professionally by experienced people. When fitted correctly, it allows you to wear your socks and shoes and do your daily activities without feeling pain.

Advantages of Nail Wire Application

There are some advantages of having wire implantation compared to having surgery. These;

  • Nail removal surgery is painful and takes longer. Attaching a wire is a 10-minute procedure without the need for anesthesia and without pain and ache.
  • It ensures that the nail where the nail is ingrown is corrected and extended in a healthier, shaped way.
  • There is no need for any medication or dressing.
  • It does not disturb any comfort when you wear socks or shoes. It doesn’t bother you.
  • It prevents the ingrown nail problem from reoccurring.
  • It is recommended that diabetic patients prefer this method instead of surgery if they have an ingrown nail problem.
  • If an infection has started in the nail, a wire can be attached to the nail without waiting for the result of the antibiotic treatment.
  • It minimizes the feeling of pain, aches and discomfort, especially in a short time.

Ingrown Nail Treatment Prices

Ingrown nail treatment prices vary depending on the method to be applied to the patient. In addition, factors such as the number of ingrown nails, the level of ingrownness, doctor’s experience and clinical equipment can also affect the price. According to the rules of the Ministry of Health, it is not correct to give prices for health transactions on the internet pages.

In particular, there are differences between nail removal prices and nail wire prices. After determining how many nails will be pulled and how many nails will be wired, the price is calculated after the inspection.

For this reason, it is not possible and accurate to give precise information about prices directly.

To get more information about ingrown toenail treatment prices and examination fees, you can reach us from the information on our contact page and easily make an appointment. After making an appointment, the staff and doctors in our clinic will answer all your questions about ingrown toenail treatment prices. We provide services with our specialists in the treatment of many diseases to make you healthier and feel happier. You can get information about ingrown toenail treatment prices by calling our polyclinic on +902122414624

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