Electrosurgery For Skin Lesions In short, the burning technique is an electrosurgery treatment method. It is the process of burning and destroying the skin and warts, seborrheic keratosis-like formations on the skin with low current electricity. With this method, damaged and infected tissues are destroyed. Destroyed and dead skin, on the other hand, throws itself out of the body over time. The electrosurgery process takes approximately 5-10 minutes on average. The name of the device used in cauterization treatment is electrocautery. Electrosurgery device converts electrical energy into heat energy. The device burns the place where it comes into contact with heat energy. As a result of burning, the problematic cells die and new ones are replaced over time.

What Is Electrosurgery Process?

Electrosurgery treatment is a method that is frequently used and has positive effects.

Today, cauterization technique is used for the treatment of most skin diseases. In the electrosurgery technique, the patient does not feel any pain or ache, the procedure is quite simple and short-lived. When this is the case, it has been the reason why elderly patients are often preferred because of its comfort. The results obtained in the electrosurgery technique, which is used in the treatment of many diseases, are generally positive.

Which Diseases Is Electrosurgery Used To Treat?

The treatment method with electrosurgery technique is used in the treatment of certain diseases. If we list these diseases;

  • Warts on any part of the body,
  • Genital warts,
  • Sebaceous hyperplasia,
  • Epidermal cysts,
  • Molluscum contagiosum,
  • Pyogenic granuloma,
  • In controlling excessive blood loss during any surgical operation,
  • Vascular moles,
  • seborrheic keratosis
  • Actinic keratosis
  • Calluses
  • Moles (skintag)
  • Granulation tissue due to ingrown nails

The electrosurgery technique, which is used in the treatment of the above-mentioned diseases, is a method with positive results and visible in a short time. This method should be performed by specialist doctors in the right environments.

How is electrosurgery applied?

In order for the electrosurgery application to be correct and effective, it must be done with certain steps. First, the patient is informed about the application. Situations that may arise after the application are explained to the patient. The risks of side effects are obvious and they are unlikely to occur. Despite this, the patient is fully informed. Before the procedure, the place of treatment may ask you to fill out a form. This form will confirm that they have informed you and that you accept the risks that may occur.

The application is made in the following stages;

  • First, the area where the treatment will be applied is cleaned and sterilized.
  • Afterwards, local anesthesia is applied to the area.
  • Depending on the disease being treated, the procedure is performed either in the operating room or in the doctor’s room. If a very small area is to be operated, the procedure can be performed in a very short time without the need for anesthesia or operating room.
  • The device on which the procedure will be performed has a thin needle tip. This hot-tipped instrument is placed on the area to be treated. Afterwards, the cells in the problem area are burned with the help of electrical heat. If the cells are malignant, that is, in a suspicious condition, a sample is taken and sent for pathological examination. According to the result, the patient will be followed up with the treatment and control.
  • The application takes 5-10 minutes on average. Especially in the treatment of warts, the duration of the procedure may vary depending on how many warts are in the body. But the burning time of each wart takes an average of 1 minute.
  • As a final step, the treated area is wrapped with a bandage. The process ends.

Healing Process After Electrosurgery

Recovery time after treatment depends on how the patient goes through this process. If the patient has been given local anesthesia, the patient is kept under control until the effect of the anesthesia wears off. He is then discharged on the same day. After discharge, the patient can return to his normal life immediately. The treated area should remain bandaged throughout the healing period. The bandage should be changed at regular intervals and this area should be kept clean. The treated area should be kept dry. As long as it is not kept dry and clean, the recovery period will be prolonged, however, the expected positive developments will not occur. If your doctor has given you any lotions or medications, you should take care to use them regularly during the healing process. Usually recovery time takes 3-7 days

What are the types of electrosurgery?

There are different types of cautery device for electrosurgery treatment. Which of these varieties will be used may vary depending on the experience of the doctor and the type of disease. Cautery devices are examined under two main groups. These;

Electrocautery Devices

As the name suggests, electrocautery devices are devices that work with electrical energy. Thanks to electrical energy, thermal cautery is performed with this device. The electrocautery device operates at an average temperature of 1200 C.

There are two different types of electrocautery devices. These are Monopolar and Bipolar devices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cauterization Treatment

There are some questions that people have about cauterization treatment before they have the treatment. We have compiled these questions with their answers. Frequently asked questions and answers about cauterization treatment;

Do you feel pain or pain during the procedure?

No pain or ache is felt in this treatment method. Small lesions are treated without the need for anesthesia. When it is done at a depth where pain can be felt, local anesthesia is definitely applied beforehand.

Is there any bleeding after electrosurgery?

Rarely, some people may experience bleeding after the procedure. But this bleeding is simple and not exaggerated. When bleeding occurs, you can easily stop the bleeding by applying pressure for 10 minutes with a clean and sterile cloth. If the bleeding does not stop, be sure to contact your doctor and report the situation. In order to prevent a risky situation, intervention may be required in cases where the bleeding does not stop. There may be discharge along with bleeding. If this situation is intense and lasts for a long time, you should definitely talk to your doctor.

When to have sexual intercourse afterelectrosurgery?

After the procedure, you are prohibited from having sexual intercourse during the recovery period. You should not have sexual intercourse until the warts in the area, in short, the lesions are completely healed. After about 2 weeks, if there is no risky situation after the control of your doctor, you can have sexual intercourse. After the treatment of cervical wounds, the duration of sexual intercourse is 1 month later. You can have sexual intercourse one month after the treatment, but entering beforehand will put the healing process at risk.

How long does it take to apply electrosurgery treatment?

The average duration of the procedure is about 5 minutes. However, in genital and cervix problems, the procedure time can be up to 10-15 minutes. In particular, the burning time of each wart is 2-5 minutes on average, not to burn the warts. How many warts you have on your body and how many of them will be burned, the time may be extended accordingly.

How long is the recovery period after electrosurgery?

This period varies depending on which area the treatment is applied to. Normal warts or lesions heal within a few days after burning. The healing of cervix and genital lesions may take up to 1 month.

Is there an age limit for treatment?

There is no age limit for treatment. Unless necessary and there is a risky situation, it is not recommended to apply such treatments before puberty. This type of treatment method can be easily applied to individuals with the adolescence period.

Is there a gender difference for treatment?

There is no age or gender discrimination for electrosurgery treatment. The treatment is applied more especially in women. Cauterization method is frequently preferred for the healing of genital warts and cervical wounds in women.

How does the healing process work after cervix wounds are burned?

Electrosurgery For Skin Lesions It is necessary to be careful for the first 15 days after the treatment. It is natural for people to have discharge and bleeding during the first 15 days. During this period, it is recommended that women use sanitary pads. No sexual intercourse in the first month. After the first month, the doctor goes to the control. During and after the recovery period, attention should be paid to genital area hygiene. Medicines given by the doctor should be used correctly and regularly. In addition, it is recommended that you enter a regular and healthy diet in the presence of a nutritionist.

Electrosurgery Treatment Prices

Electrosurgery treatment prices vary depending on which disease the patient has, how many lesions or warts will be burned, doctor’s experience, and clinical equipment. The price can vary considerably, especially in the treatment of genital warts and cervical wounds. Cleaning and burning of cervix wounds should be done by an experienced doctor. The fact that the procedure is performed by an experienced doctor also affects the prices.

According to the rules of the Ministry of Health, it is not correct to give prices for health transactions on the internet pages. The prices for your treatment by experienced doctors with high patient satisfaction may also increase. For more information about Electrosurgery treatment prices and dermatologist examination fees, you can reach us from the information on our contact page and easily make an appointment. After making an appointment, the staff and doctors in our clinic will answer all your questions about Electrosurgery treatment prices. We provide services with our specialists in the treatment of many diseases to make you healthier and feel happier. You can get information about Electrosurgery treatment prices by calling our polyclinic on +902122414624

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