G ShotG-shot filler is applied for women who have difficulty in getting pleasure from sexual intercourse or cannot get pleasure, and thus women are provided with pleasure from sexual intercourse. Sexual desire in women is very important all over the world.

Today, the majority of women say that they do not enjoy sexual intercourse. Another majority of women hide from their spouses/partners that they do not enjoy sexual intercourse. With G spot augmentation or G-shot filler, women’s G spot is clarified and women are provided to enjoy sexual intercourse. G-spot filler is applied to the inner part of the vagina, which is the most sensitive area of women. Therefore, women should apply to doctors who are experts and experienced in their field for G spot filler.

What is G Spot?

The G spot is the sensitive area in the vagina of women that allows them to get sexual pleasure. The G spot is located inside the vagina and anterior to the upper wall. The G spot is stimulated at the time of sexual contact in women and becomes prominent. The reason why the G spot is sensitive is that there are skene glands around it. Skene’s glands have erectile properties like the prostate glands found in men. Skene glands contract during sexual intercourse and produce secretions.

How to Make G Shot Filler?

For the G spot enlargement process, hyaluronic acid filler is injected in the G spot in vagina. With hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in the body of the person, the G spot is filled with hyaluronic acid without the risk of allergy in women. 

With the G-spot enlargement process, sexual pleasure or sexual desire increases and women have an easier orgasm. Local anesthesia is applied to the vagina on a regional basis for G Spot filler. Then, hyaluronic acid filler is injected just above the G spot. After the application is over, the patient can quickly resume her normal life.

What are the Benefits of G Shot?

Today, a great majority of women say that they get pleasure by masturbating, but they cannot get pleasure during sexual intercourse. This problem is called Coital Anorgasmia. This problem is treated with G spot filler in women, and women are provided with pleasure during sexual intercourse. 

G spot filler is especially applied for women who cannot orgasm during sexual intercourse. Women who have G spot fillers get more pleasure during sexual intercourse and have a parallel orgasm with their partner. G spot filler takes effect within 2 or 4 hours after application and the patient gets sexual pleasure. After applying the G shot, about 90% of women state that they have just learned the G spot. It has been observed that even women who have no problems with their sexual life have a more effective sexual life with G shots.

G ShotHow Long After the G Shot to Have Sexual Intercourse?

After G spot filler, women can have sexual intercourse on the same day. The applied filler process is not a surgical procedure. After the G Shot is done, women can easily continue their daily lives.

Is G Spot Filler a Permanent Procedure?

G Shot application is not permanent. The permanence effect of G spot filler is approximately 12 to 18 months. In order for the woman to continue to receive sexual pleasure, it may be appropriate to have Hyaluronic acid filler again at the end of 12 or 18 months.

What is the Age Limit for G Shot?

As in other aesthetic applications, the age limit for G-shot is 18.

Does Vaginal Dryness go Away with G Shot?

Vaginal dryness, which is seen in many women, is a problem that causes both sides to be unhappy in sexual intercourse. There is a solution for vaginal dryness. With the developing vaccine applications and filler applications, the problem of vaginal dryness is solved with very easy methods.

G spot filler or G Shot with its other name is the most successful application that serves this subject. As a result of the G Shot application, people who cannot orgasm during sexual intercourse, get less pleasure and have a dry vagina solve these problems. In G Shot application, since the content of hyaluronic acid produced in the body is applied, the dryness of the vagina is prevented and very effective results are obtained thanks to the effect that gives moisture and flexibility in this substance.

 G spot filler is a non-surgical and easy-to-apply application. First of all, the patient is examined and the problem is determined, and then it is determined which application will be made, how many doses will be applied or how many sessions will be applied. Then the application area is numbed with cream. G spot filler is applied to the numbed area with the help of an injector. The process takes 20 or 30 minutes in total. After an application is made, the effect of the G Shot application is immediately seen on the woman.

How Much does G Shot “G Spot Filler” Cost in Istanbul, Turkey? 

There are many factors that affect the price of G Shot. G Spot filler prices vary from patient to patient, according to the detail of the procedure to be performed, and therefore, each patient’s problem and structure are different Spot filler prices vary according to some factors. The factors that change G Shot price are the brand of filler used by the doctor, the amount of filler to be used on the patient, and most importantly, the experience of the doctor. In order for patients to get clearer information about G Shot prices, they should first be examined and state their problems. 

The experience of the doctor is also the most important factor that determines the price of G Shot. For these reasons, it can be misleading to talk about a clear G Spot Filler price or price range. That’s why it’s important to be examined. In order to get more detailed information about the G shot and to get information about the technique suitable for you, you should be examined by our doctor. 

You can learn your price information in the most accurate way at the end of the examination. For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website. Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact Quartz Clinique and get information on G Shot Prices In İSTANBUL, TURKEY.

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