Breast Lift Surgery

breast lift

Oversize breasts or ones which tend to droop create an unaesthetic look. With a breast lift operation, you can lift your drooping breasts up and give them a fit form. Breasts lose their elasticity over time due to gravity, aging or genetic factors. In addition to these, factors such as frequently gaining and losing weight, giving birth and breastfeeding also lead to drooping breasts. It can be seen in not only older women, but also younger women. The most effective and permanent solution for drooping breasts is breast lift operation.

Breasts may lose their esthetic look, tightness and form over time due to such factors as aging, gravity, losing weight or heavy diet programs, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Breast lift operation is the procedure of lifting and reshaping the breast (removing the excess tissue) and repositioning the inframammary fold and nipple. In some cases, this procedure can be combined with breast augmentation operation. Droopy look is fixed, and a tighter and younger appearance is obtained.

How Is Breast Drooping Identified?

To understand whether your breasts droop, you can check your nipples. Position of the nipple on breast that did not droop must be above the folding under the breast. On breasts that just started to droop, this line is right at the level of the fold under the breast. In advanced breast drooping, the nipple is seen below that line. You can have a breast lift operation to lift drooping breasts. Massages, lotions and bras do not show permanent breast lift effects.

Who Is Breast Lift Surgery Suitable?

The most suitable candidates for this operation who are physically healthy, determined regarding their psychological expectations and realistic. In general, most of the patients are 30 and over, but it can also be chosen, if drooping and heavy breast problem is experienced at earlier ages. It is generally applied to the patients who are fine with their breast size, but whose breasts have a droopy look.

Breast lift operation brings varied results; gravity, pregnancy, aging and weight changes may lead to drooping again. For this reason, use of implants in breast lift operations makes the result more permanent.

Does Breast Lift Surgery Need Reduction?

In breast augmentation operation, the breast is reshaped according to the person’s request. If the patient wants smaller breasts, breast reduction operation can also be combined by removing the mammary tissue. In addition to the breast lift operation, silicon prostheses are also used for patients who want to have more uplifted, plumper and attractive breasts. With a breast lift operation, you can also gain plump breasts.

How Is Breast Lift Operation Made?

Before the breast lift operation, patients are examined. During the examination, the patient’s nipple and mammary gland are checked. If the patient’s breasts are slightly saggy, her breasts can be lifted with a silicone prosthesis is placed under the breast. If the person’s breast drooping is advanced, the breast is lifted with a technique like the one used in breast reduction, and the breast is reduced as well. In case of need, the breast can be shaped by using a silicone prosthesis in the breast lift operation.

After Breast Lift Operation Recovery Process

Breast lift operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes 2-4 hours on average. You can feel a slight pain and ache after the operation, and they can be treated with painkillers. Ice compress is applied right after the breast lift operation to accelerate recovery. Then, the patient wears a special corset bra. Drains placed during the operation are removed within 1-2 days. The patient can have a shower after drains are removed. Wearing a sports bra for one month helps person’s breasts to gain their shape faster and accelerates the recovery process. Your breasts may look big in the first days, as they would have edema. You are recommended to wait for 8-10 weeks for the best result. You can get back to your daily routine almost 1 week after the operation. You need to avoid heavy exercises and wear your medical corset for one month.  Scars completely disappear in up to 1 year. Aesthetic breast lift operation is an operation that generally brings good and permanent results, treats the person’s and her spouse’s mental health and gives them joy of living.

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