Mini Face Lift

Mini face lift is the cosmetic procedure which can be applied to those with low and medium level of skin drooping. This intervention that makes facial lines tighter can be made to people at any age groups. Depending on the preference and need, patients may also have procedures of under eye bag removal, eyebrow lift and fat injection into cheekbone, along with mini face lift. Mini facelift which brings pretty effective results when combined with the other operations gives people a young and fresh facial expression.

Who are good candidates for mini face lift?

Mini face lift can be applied to prevent drooping +25 aged people. Age factor, sun, diet, skin quality and smoking play an important role to skin drooping. Collagen tissues in our skin reduce by time. Defeated by gravity, facial lines gain an older and tired look over time. To prevent such a look, you can have a mini facelift. Intense drooping is not treated with a mini face lift, but only minimal  touches are made. A more natural result is created, compared to full face lift. Mini facelift is generally preferred by women between ages approximately between 30 and 60.

How is mini face lift operation made?

Mini facelift can be made under local anesthesia, but if it is combined with the other aesthetic procedures, all procedures are combined under general anesthesia. In mini face lift, an incision from right in front of the earlobe to the scalp is made and it can be concealed inside of the ear. The length of this incision vary from 5 to 7 cm. Through this incision, fat and soft tissues which moved downwards are moved back up and fixed in their new location with sutures.

From the incision made for this operation, the skin is tightened up and by pulling sideward, a natural and young look is created for the person. If the person needs, excess skin is cut out and skin is wrapped up. Because only a certain skin tissue is removed in a mini facelift, patient’s natural expression is not disrupted. Nerves are not cut during the operation, so no loss of feeling is observed afterwards. The operation generally takes an average of 2.5 hours.

Advantages of Mini Face Lift 

Mini face lift is completed within a shorter period than the classical facelift. The recovery process will be faster. Bruises and edema seen after the operation disappear within a short time, and the patient can rapidly return back to normal life.

Because mini facelift is applied to younger patients than classical face lift, the skin will recover very fast after the surgery.

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