Mesotherapy Cellulite Treatment

Recently, mesotherapy for cellulite treatment is one of the most common solutions for cellulites. One of women’s biggest nightmares is cellulitis. Cellulites may give the body a fatty, unhealthy and anesthetic look. If you have cellulitis on your body, then you experienced how hard it is to get rid of them. Unfortunately, making exercising, drinking plenty of water or using lotions for cellulites do not bring 100% solutions. Thanks to the current technologies in aesthetics, it is not possible to get rid of cellulites and the unaesthetic look brought along by those. For Mesotherapy Cellulite Treatment, you can get mesotherapy application and have a younger and tighter body.

How is Mesotherapy Cellulites Treatment Done?

Mesotherapy is a treatment designed for rejuvenation, tightening up, tone equalizing and treating wrinkles. In addition to these, mesotherapy benefits include reducing cellulites, supporting the weight losing process and removing cracks. Mesotherapy wraps up the saggy skin after weight losing and tightens the skin.

The Mesotherapy Cellulite Treatment is obtained by injecting amino acids, pharmaceuticals and vitamins, in addition to natural extracts, into the mid-layers of the skin. This mixture leads to accelerated regional metabolism and therefore, to losing regional weight, skin tightness and significant reduction of cellulites. 

For Which Purpose is Mesotherapy Cellulite Treatment applied?

Mesotherapy can be used for the face and body, as well as for hand and neck rejuvenation. Unlike liposuction, mesotherapy treats cellulitis as well.

Mesotherapy is directly injected into the areas with cellulites. This shows that the procedure is target-oriented. As a result, a cellulite-free and smooth skin with an equal tone is created and fat accumulations are removed from the body.

How is Mesotherapy Mesotherapy Cellulite Treatment applied?

The special formula containing some natural extracts, amino acids, pharmaceuticals and vitamins are injected into the subdermal tissue. The solution revives the cells, renders the cells more active and stimulates more collagen and elastin production.
When mesotherapy is injected into areas with cellulites, its formula increases the regional metabolic pace, prevents fat accumulation, which leads to breakdown of fat cells. Injections are applied to areas with intense fats and cellulites such as thighs, upper legs, upper arms and neck. Mesotherapy is recommended to patients above age 20, and to obtain the most effective results, you should get 4-6 sessions. There must be a 15-day interval between each session.

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