Cosmetic breast surgeries are one of the operations which almost all women wonder about the most. So what are aesthetic breast surgeries? Aesthetic breast surgery is aesthetic interventions made for solving any kind of aesthetic problems such as smallness/bigness of the breasts, unequal, sagging or deformed breasts.

Aesthetic breast surgery make women look more symmetrical in their clothes and feel more attractive. In addition to their aesthetic benefits, aesthetic breast operations make you get rid of your lumbar pain and hygiene problems.

What is Cosmetic Breast Surgery?

Speaking of aesthetic breast surgery, firstly three different categories pop up in one’s mind. These are breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction. Depending on the patient’s complaint with her breasts, who may choose the most suitable operation. If you wish, breast reduction and breast lift operations can be combined and made together.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation is a suitable operation for women who have small breast. In breast augmentation operations, breast is made look bigger and in a better form by using prosthesis silicones.

With a breast augmentation surgery, you can get your body bigger by a few sizes and create a plump upper body looking like an hourglass. The structure, size and placement location of prostheses to be selected for breast augmentation depend on the mutual decision of the patient and physician. The important issue in breast augmentation operations is to obtain a natural look. For this reason, it is very important to create breasts fit for the patient’s body and breast width.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction operations are those recommended for oversize breasts. In breast reduction operations, an incision is made from the nipple towards the under breast, excess breast tissue is removed and the breast skin is sutured back.

Breast reduction operations are generally made for breasts that got saggy and lost their form after giving birth. Sagging problem that occurs at the end of the breastfeeding period is treated with a breast reduction operation which aims at giving the patient smaller and tighter breasts.

It is normal to have a scar after the breast reduction operation and its size varies depending on the patient’s breast size and how smaller she wants to make them.

Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift operations are made for lifting the breasts upwards and making them look upright and in a good form. The difference between breast lift and breast reduction operations is that the breast tissue is not removed, but only the existing look of the breasts is taken up to make the breast look more upright in the former. After this operation, the breast tissue will naturally look smaller. If you complain about sagging breasts only and if you want your breasts to look more upright without making them smaller, a breast lift surgery is suitable for you.

After Breast Surgery Recovery Process

Aesthetic breast surgeriess are performed under general anesthesia, in the hospital environment. You are recommended to stay at the hospital under your physician’s oversight on the first day after the aesthetic breast surgery. It is normal to feel pain for the first few days, and with painkillers, you can take that pain under control.

For a fast recovery after the operation and for your breasts to gain a better form, you need to wear the sports bra recommended by your physician. That sports bra supports the new form of your breasts, without constricting your breasts and risking your operation scars. Your breasts are going to gain their new form after one month.

Edema occurring after the operation is removed from the body within the first three months. You are recommended to drink plenty of water in this process. You will see the most natural and realistic form of your breasts 3 months after the operation.

Do Breast Surgery Leave Scar?

Aesthetic breast surgery leave a slight scar. Depending on the operation method, the size and length of that scar will vary. While a minimal scar is left after the operation made with an incision from the nipple, more prominent ones may be left after those made with an incision from the under breast and underarms. Because scars are hidden in body curves in aesthetic breast surgery, they are not visible from outside. The scars of the aesthetic breast surgery will not be seen, when you wear bikinis.