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Women need a full butt for making their bodies look more attractive and curvier.  Thanks to the Brazilian butt lift inspired by Brazilian women’s butt, you can get attractive changes on your butt. Applied by fat removal from the patient’s own body and injection to butt, the BBL procedure brings the most natural and aesthetic results. The person’s own fat combines for the butt, and helps it to get fuller in the most natural manner.  If you are looking for a more natural result, instead of filling your butt with silicone prostheses, you can choose to lift your butt with Brazilian butt lift (BBL)

How Much Fat Can be Injected to the Butt

In the Brazilian butt lift procedure, firstly the physician examines the patient. The specialist physician designs how much fat needed to add to the patient’s butt, how much to lift it and the sites to inject fat into.

Fat can be taken from the patient’s waist, thighs or abdomen are injected into the butt through incisions. In the butt lift procedure applied with the BBL technique, incisions are about 2-3 mm. These incisions are hidden within the curves of the butt, so the scars are minimally visible after the operation. Butt procedure is applied under general anesthesia and the patient is discharged one day after the operation.

Which Aesthetic Problems Can be Eliminated by Brazilian Butt Lift?

-Droopy butt

-Small butt

-Unequal butt cheeks

-Oversize butt

-Big hips

Brazilian Butt LiftWhat is waiting for me after the operation?

For keeping your butt’s, the new shape for longer, it is recommended to wear a protective corset after the operation. We recommend you to wear the corset recommended by your physician for 3 to 6 weeks. Wearing the corset will protect the operation site and make the effects of the operation permanent.

After the Brazilian butt lift operation, recovery process is completed within 10 days. It may take 3 to 6 months for the swelling to reduce and for the butt to gain its new shape. Within this process, you should avoid heavy physical exercises and not lie on your back too much.

What Are the Effects of the BBL operation?

The most important advantage of the BBL is to lift your butt and make your body look fitter.  A lifted butt helps you look taller and makes your thighs and waist look slimmer.

Thanks to the butt lift procedure, your butt looks round, your body contours look curvy and your body gains a sandglass shape. After having the BBL operation, your clothes will look better on you and your butt will look attractive and sexy as Latin American women’s.

Gain Curvier Body Lines by Brazilian Butt Lift

BBL technique is the procedure of lifting the butt with the transfer of the fats taken from the person’s own body. In the butt lift made with this technique, fat is taken from the patient’s abdomen and thighs with the liposuction method. The reason for choosing these areas is that they are where fats are stored the most and that these fats melt down difficulty. This way, permanence of the fat to be transferred to the butt is ensured.

Regional fat removed by liposuction are kept in a container in a sterile environment. This special tin box prevents the fat from getting dirty and this reduces the risk of infection. The container also prevents the air from interacting with the fat. Exposure to air reduces the fat’s life.

The fat is taken into big syringes, after it is kept in a box. The fat is allowed to separate from the liquid. The liquid is not absorbed by the body. The liquid is discharged and then, the fat is transferred into small syringes.  A special cannula is connected to the injector tip for injecting the fat. A smaller syringe allows more sensitive injection of fat. This way, fat transfer is completed. Thanks to the butt lift procedure, your we

How Much Does Butt Lift Procedure Cost?

For Ministry of Health-accredited centers, it is not legal to specify prices on their website.  Therefore, please dial 0212 241 46 24 to contact our polyclinic and get information on our butt lift procedure prices.

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