Forehead Reduction Surgery

forehead narrowingForehead reduction surgery is applied to those who have  too large forehead. People whose have a high hairline or who have baldness in the forehead have a larger forehead than normal. Having a large forehead disrupts people’s facial esthetics and shows their facial lines disproportionate.  Thanks to forehead reduction surgery by using current technologies, people can easily reduce their forehead and make their face look more beautiful and attractive.

Why Do People Have a Large Forehead? 

Large forehead problem not only is genetic, but also may develop due to hair shedding. People with a large forehead avoid tight hair models and try to hide their forehead with their hair. Women who have a large forehead generally use bangs, while men try to hide their forehead with a hat. Do not let your large forehead be your nightmare. To create a permanent solution for the large forehead problem, you can use forehead reduction surgery. This way, hairline is lowered and forehead is reduced. Large forehead problem is eliminated with hair transplantation and person’s facial lines are made prominent.

How is Forehead Reduced with Hair Transplantation?

The most frequently used method for forehead reduction is hair transplantation.By hair transplantation, persons’ hairline is lowered and forehead is reduced. By the way, hair shedding in general, large forehead problem is eliminated with hair transplantation. 2000 to 3000 follicles could be sufficient for forehead reduction. Hairline can be lowered by 1-1.5 cm with hair transplantation. This gives people a more natural and more aesthetic forehead. For people with a too large forehead, hairline can be lowered more, but more follicles could be required.

How Should the Location of the Hairline be Determined?

Natural looking results is very important in forehead reduction. For either natural or esthetic forehead appearance, hair transplantation should be made in a manner fit for the person’s facial shape, size and hair. When determining the location of the hairline, one needs to mind three issues. Divine proportion of the face, patient’s age and baldness. Because if the person is entirely bald, it is required to transplant hair all around, not merely in the forehead.

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