Protruding Ear Surgery

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Nowadays, protruding ear surgery is one of the most common cosmetic interventions. The purpose of this cosmetic surgery called otoplasty is to solve the asymmetry problem in protruding ears and to make ears look normal. Protruding ear problem is generally due to genetic reasons. Protruding ears is divided into two groups in general. In some the angle between the head and ear is wider than normal, while some people’s ears’ curve is almost flat. Protruding ears are given an aesthetic look with a surgery. Thanks to these surgeries posing no risk, the entire facial beauty is created.

Why Should I Have an Protruding Ear Surgery?

Protruding ear is due to ear positioned more frontward. Ears bent outwards is also one of the most frequently observed problems. These problems generally do not lead to a hearing problem, but put psychological pressure on people. Those who have had protruding year since childhood may have low self-esteem and be excluded from the community. Although women are able to conceal their ears with their hair, the same does not apply to men. For this reason, protruding ear is more prominent in men.

How is Otoplasty Applied?

It is recommended that patients are at least 6 years old to have an otoplasty. 85% of ear development process is completed until age 6. For this reason, people can have an otoplasty before starting primary school.

Otoplasty is generally performed under local anesthesia. However, general anesthesia is recommended for children. An incision is made at behind the protruding ear and thanks to cartilage rasping, the region is made thinner, sutured back and otoplasty is completed. Because the sutures are going to remain behind the ear, those who face you will not see any operation scar.

After the Protruding Ear Esthetic Surgery

After protruding ear operation, patients may be discharged on the same day. A small dressing applied on ears helps the operation site to stay clean. Temporary swelling and rash may occur in the recovery process. Patients get rid of their complaints and their operation scars within one week.

One month after the protruding ear surgery, ears’ size is going to be shaped as desired. Upon complete disappearance of swellings, actual size of the ears will be seen.

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