Masseter Muscle Botox

Botox for Masseter Muscle Masseter muscles, that is, chewing muscles in the mouth give a wide,asymmetric or masculine look to the face over time. Wide masseter muscles create a harsh and square look on the chin. Masseter is one of the muscles activated during chewing. It can be called “mandibula angle” or “chin angle”. Masseter Muscle Botox application can be used for loosening these muscles and soften the look on the lower face.

Generally 50 units of botox is used in masseter botox (25 units for each side). When botox is used for loosening facial muscles causing fine lines, the maximum effect is seen within 7-10 days. If botox aesthetics is used for reducing the harsh look of the muscle, you can see the effects after the first 3 months. You can see the effects of masseter botox for 6-8 months.

What is Masseter Muscle Botox?

Masseter is the name of chewing muscles in two sides of the chin. Botox is injected into the chewing muscles (masseter) and leads it to weaken and reduce. The result is a symmetric and younger facial shape. Because masseter botox also relaxes chin muscles and reduce the general tension in the face, it is helpful for stress and teeth clenching problem as well.

What are the Effects of Masseter Muscle Botox?

Chin muscles are extremely strong -particularly in people who grind or clench their teeth- and multitude of these muscles results on the square lower face. Botox can weaken these muscles and give the jawline a slimmer and more oval shape. Nevertheless, botox makes a round shaped or fat face slimmer and more prominent. It reveals cheekbones and makes the chin look slimmer.

How is Masseter Muscle Botox Applied?

Botox is directly injected into the masseter muscle. This procedure takes less than ten minutes. Most people  can bear botox injections even without anesthetic lotion. You can get back to business life after the application. We recommend you to wait for two to three weeks to see the full effect. The effect of botox is visible for almost six months.

How Long Does its Effect Last?

The results can last from four to six months, depending on how fast your body metabolizes botox. Patients should repeat the procedure for every six months to preserve its effects.

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